Youth Left Handed Golf Clubs – How to Choose the Best?

It’s true that finding youth left handed golf clubs can be tricky. Since it is such a limited category, it can be intimidating to find left-handed golf clubs. So it’s vital to track down the options that are most suitable for you.

This article, which talks about finding youth left handed golf clubs, sets the best example for you. Learn more about finding left-handed golf clubs. And how to master using a left-handed golf club for beginners.

If you’re left-handed and you think you’re the only one. Let me tell you that’s a good thing. It can be a great blessing to be a leftie in a world of righties. And when it comes to finding a left-handed golf club, things can get quite intimidating.

So Here’s What You Should Know


Brands like Callaway, Nike, and Mizuno make both left and right-handed golf clubs. Although, left-handed golf clubs are less in demand than right-handed ones. But that does not mean you won’t find what’s most suitable for you.

Youth left-handed golf clubs are not more expensive than right-handed ones You can either buy a pre-custom left-handed golf club. Or have one customized, personally, just for you.

The measurements you will need is the distance between your left wrist to the ground. Moving on, age, weight, and height are also important factors of consideration. These are basic factors that determine the right golf club for any golfer - right-handed or left-handed.

The advanced set of factors of consideration that improve your chances is your skillset. Speed of swing, handicap, and the existing club measurements. Once you have all these details narrowed-down, you can buy or make an accurate golf club.

Do You Need to Buy A Custom-Made Golf Club?


It is more expensive to make a custom made golf club for left-handed players. That is why many beginners look for brands that showcase a variety of golf clubs pre-made.

As a leftie, you have to put in extra effort to find the needle from the haystack. This could mean buying used golf clubs that cost less than brand-new clubs. You can fare well if you buy youth left handed golf clubs in a set.

They’ll last longer and you can work your way through each golf club momentarily. So that when it’s time to get rid of them for a fraction of their original price, you won’t feel so bad. You will have exhausted the abilities of each and every golf club in the set.

Though there is no significant difference between a left-hand and right-hand golf club. Just imagine a right-handed golf club’s feature getting mirrored to suit the needs of a left-handed youth golfer.

The only difference, if any, is in cost and size. The rest of the design features are the same - but only mirrored to suit the other hand’s swing.

What You Need to Know Before Buying


So we’ve established that left-handed golf clubs are not that different from right-handed ones. The difference is in the angle of swing because you’ll be hitting from a new angle. That’s all.

Having said that, there is something you should consider. Only the best youth left handed golf clubs pass this test. And if you want to use a golf club that’s built specifically for you, you’ll have to know what those tests are.

What corresponds to your skill level?

You should always buy a set of golf clubs that compliment your performance. Your tempo, handicap, and swing speed. This is how you will find a golf club that is best for you.

If you’re a beginner, you need a golf club that improves your golf score. Adding more distance to your swing is important. You’ll also be experimenting a lot with your golf swing. So flexibility and stability are other important factors of consideration.

For intermediate and advanced players, consistency and power are most important. The potential to hit farther and maintain a good golf score. Once you’ve developed your distance and tempo, you need to create the perfect opportunities. And for that, a stiff and dynamic golf club is necessary.

Single club vs golf club set?

If you’re a beginner, you have more ground to cover. So it makes sense to buy a golf club set rather than individual golf clubs. The latter is an expensive option when you know you'll be playing from different angles - especially since you’re left-handed.

Advanced players know their playing tempo is more even and foolproof. So sticking to an individual golf club rather than a golf set is perfect. Advanced players can estimate the quality of each golf club separately.

Based on your experience, a well-received golf club is longer lasting than a golf set for beginners.

What is the right grip for you?

A left-handed or right-handed golf club does not influence the grip differently. You can buy a left-handed golf club with the right level of thickness. And it will still be as good and professional as a right-handed golf club with the same thickness. 

The grip thickness is something not many consider when buying a new golf club. It can drastically alter your swing. And for left-handed swingers, make or break your technique.

If the grip of the shaft is too thin, it will lead to broader shots. You’ll end up using more of your hand gesture during the downswing than is needed.

If the grip is too thick, the opposite will happen. The excessive thickness will restrict your hand movement. Resulting in a strong but too tight shot. This will ruin the vibration and noise of the ball at impact. Limiting distance, curbing speed, and weakening your shot.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are thinking of playing for the first time as a young left-handed rookie. Or you’re a seasoned player looking for something more tailored to your skill level. This is the only article you’ll need to read for buying the best youth left handed golf clubs.

To find your perfect choice, after this article, is a little less intimidating. With my shared tips, you can now find a left-handed golf club that’s just as good as any standard one. Allowing you to focus on finding the right grip, size, and feel.

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