Wilson Smart-Core Golf Ball review

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball Review

Having a better understanding of what a golf ball is capable of doing for your game is more important than most people realize. The problem here is the simple fact that so many different golf balls do exist on the market.

In this instance, we will focus our attention on just one, and that’s the Wilson Smart Core ball.

Now, Wilson is known for producing some pretty impressive golf balls, so it’s going to be interesting to see if this one meets those lofty expectations.

Wilson Smart-Core Golf Ball

The Ball

  • Comes with compression rating of 85

  • Ball is designed to focus on distance

  • Has a durable ionomer cover

  • Offers great feel around the green

  • Has a high playability factor

The first thing to mention with this ball is the compression rating. Sitting at 85, this is moving into the medium compression level, and that does mean you should have optimum distance and control with this particular ball.

It does also mean the ball is predominantly aimed at a slightly above average player with a normal swing speed. That is where this balance between control and distance becomes even more important, and this ball will certainly deliver on that point.

But that’s not the best thing about this ball, and it’s all to do with what is going on with the core.

You see, Wilson has been able to incorporate two different things into this ball. It can produce more spin and control when it comes to those short shots in and around the green, while it manages to eliminate the spin for your drives or even you long iron shots.

That means you can get the best of both worlds when it comes to this ball, and that is something that is pretty impressive.

The ball also comes with a highly durable ionomer cover, and the resilience that comes with the ball is something that will shine through as your round progresses. It should also mean you see no real dip in how the ball reacts as you move closer to completing your round.

Wilson Smart-Core Golf Ball

Other Features

The ball comes with 432 dimples, and that has the impact of being able to reduce the amount of drag that comes with your shots. It should also have the result of getting more height on the ball, so if that has been an issue, then this ball could very well resolve that problem.

More on the Smart Core Technology

But as this smart core is at the absolute heart of this ball, it’s best we look at it more closely.

The aim here is that the core reacts depending on the swing speed. It makes sense that as we go for more power, our swing speed increases to generate that energy. The opposite then happens when playing our approach shots along with being around the green.

What then happens with this ball is pretty interesting.

When greater swing speed is in play, the level of spin is reduced in the ball. Likewise, the complete opposite happens when you drop that swing speed for those shots with a bit more finesse.

The fact that the ball reacts and changes the level of spin that is automatically produced is amazing. It undoubtedly gives you greater control over your shots in ways that you would have never thought possible with a golf ball.

This is actually an intelligent golf ball, and that is something you cannot overlook.

Wilson Smart-Core Golf Ball

How Does it Play?

This ball is going to be best for people looking for a ball that has a slightly softer feel in and around the green. Remember, it does work for people with an average swing speed, and if that sounds like you, then this could be the perfect ball.

It’s also going to provide you with the ability to get some more spin with your green shots. This could transform how you approach the pin knowing that the ball is going to grip onto the green giving you more control over your shots.

This ball also plays pretty true to your shot. It does have a tendency to react in the manner you had hoped, and that gives you confidence when it comes to making those shots.

There’s also no doubt that this ball is going to add some distance to your shots. That’s all thanks to the reduced drag in the ball caused by those dimples. It will add a few yards, and when you have a slower swing speed, those extra yards will make all the difference.

The Pros

  • The ball reduces drag, so better distances

  • The smart core changes spin all on its own

  • The ball works best for people with an average swing speed

  • The ball can be hit true

  • It is highly durable

The Cons

  • If you have a fast swing speed, this ball won’t work well for you

  • If you have a very slow swing speed, it’s the wrong ball

Who is it For?

This ball is aimed at a specific type of player. You are looking at people with an average swing speed where there is some need to add some distance to your shot.

The ball does offer a greater sense of control over you shots, and the reduced spin on long iron or drives will help you to improve your accuracy. So, if those are areas where you have been struggling, then this could be the perfect answer.

Overall Conclusion

This ball is very impressive, and it’s all thanks to the smart core technology that is incorporated into the ball. 

There is no doubt that this ball is capable of altering the level of spin depending on your swing speed, and that is pretty mind-blowing. It just shows what is actually possible with a golf ball, and it goes beyond just being something to hit. 

This ball performs exceptionally well, and there are no hidden surprises when it comes to what it can do. If you have an average swing speed and looking for some versatility with your shots, then this ball could be the perfect solution for you.

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