Wilson Harmonized Wedge Review

Wilson Harmonized Wedge Review

With so many wedges out there on the market, knowing if the one you are interested in is good enough to help your game is pretty important.

In this instance, we are focusing on just one single wedge, and that’s the Wilson Harmonized wedge. Now, Wilson are known for producing quality clubs without breaking the bank, so the question here is whether this model meets the mark, and if it still represents value for money.

The Club

  • Comes with a unique sole grind making it easier to open up the club face.

  • Comes with three different loft degrees.

  • Has a classic sweeping shape to the design with an anti-glare finish.

  • The wedge is known to be highly forgiving.

Wilson Sporting Goods Harmonized Golf Lob Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, Wedge, 60-degrees

At first glance, this wedge is going to strike you as having this classic design that is a real blast from the past, but that’s pretty cool. 

The club itself comes in at a standard length for a wedge, and that means it measures 36”. However, if you want a club with various flex options, then this is not for you. Instead, Wilson keep it simple with a standard steel wedge flex, but that should suffice for most players.

But with this club, it’s the sole grind that helps push this wedge from being pretty poor into actually being pretty good for the price. 

The aim here is that the sole grind lets you really open up that club face when you are searching for the shot with a higher loft requirement. This change in angle should then make it easier to get the ball up off the deck without too many problems.

Wilson Harmonized Wedge

Of course, you do need the club to help you out here as well, and the grooves on the face are deep enough to allow you to really grab that ball and generate enough spin to get you out of trouble.

The grooves on this wedge are actually pretty aggressive in their approach, and the same goes for the bounce angles. 

Also, the COG and weighting has been moved to the perfect spot, and that gives the wedge some amazing balance to the club. That alone makes a huge difference to your ability to take control over your shot even though you are limited in how the club helps you in the shot making department.

Overall, this club is built for some very specific things, and that’s being forgiving and making it easier to hit the ball. It achieves both of those aims without too many problems.

Wilson Harmonized Wedge

The Pros

  • The club has a decent amount of feel to the shot.

  • It is well balanced in your hand making you feel as if you have control.

  • The club has a huge sweet spot and is very forgiving.

  • The anti-glare effect makes a surprising difference.

  • The wedge represents real value for money.

The Cons

  • If you are looking at playing around with lots of spin, then this club won’t work.

  • It keeps technology to a minimum, but then that’s not always a bad thing.

Who is the Club Aimed at?

This wedge is primarily aimed at high handicap players, or those working their way down to those middle handicap figures. 

This is pretty obvious when you see how the club is designed to be as versatile as possible while also being highly forgiving with those mishits. 

Wilson Harmonized Wedge

How Will it Help Your Game?

This wedge has the ability to help your game in a number of ways, but let’s stress that we are talking about players with a high handicap. 

This wedge is clearly aimed at helping you with your short game in and around the green. The loft angle should make a difference with getting you out of trouble, but the sole grind will also help you out as you can focus less on the face and more on the shot.

But it’s those two key points in versatility and forgiveness that really stand out.

When you are still struggling to understand your swing and shot selection, you don’t need to also then factor in the idea of dealing with spin or having to cope with precise shots into the pin. Instead, you are merely looking at trying to get as close to the flag with as little fuss as possible.

The Wilson Harmonized wedge is going to help you out with that. The sweet spot is opened up thanks to the positioning of the weight in the face, and when you also add in the sole grind feature, then this is one club that is clearly on your side.

By even knowing that this wedge helps with those mishits, you are going to see a major difference in how you go about selecting your shots, and it’s all thanks to this club.

How it Won’t Help Your Game

This is easy to explain. 

If your game is more advanced to the point where you are playing around with your shot selection and possibilities, then the way in which this club is so forgiving is a bad thing. 

By focusing on being forgiving, it means you lose out in other ways, and additional spin and shot selection are those areas. 

But that’s why this wedge is better for players that aren’t yet at that stage in their game. It effectively forces you into sticking to the basics, but if that’s not what your game is about, then this wedge would not be a good addition to your bag.

Overall Conclusion

There’s no doubt that this club has a place in the market, and if you have a high handicap and looking for a budget wedge that can help your game, then this is the perfect club for you.

It may not have all the fancy stuff you see with tour level wedges, but then you don’t need that when still trying to master the basics of the game. Thankfully, this wedge by Wilson covers those basics, and it does it exceptionally well indeed.

Do yourself a favor and look beyond the price point. This wedge acts and feels like one that would be expected to cost a lot more money. 

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