Why Don’t Golfers Wear Two Gloves?

Why Don’t Golfers Wear Two Gloves?

Golf professionals and enthusiasts are often looking for ways to improve their game. One of the things they do is wear a golf glove to help them with the golf swing. Generally, a golfer only wears one glove. The glove is mostly worn on the top or “lead” hand.

If it is the right-handed player, they would wear the glove on the left hand, and a left-handed player would wear it on the right hand. There is a reason why golfers only wear one glove but there are some instances where gloves on both hands might be preferred.

The Purpose of the Golf Glove

Golf gloves are not required but are recommended at all levels. Golfers might choose to remove the gloves for certain shots. For example, if the golfer is playing a short-iron shot or putt shot, they might want to not wear the glove. It also depends on personal preferences. Several successful professional golfers do not wear any gloves.

The primary purpose of the golf glove is to provide a better grip during the golf swing. The golfer does not want to club to slip or turn unintentionally during the swing or at the point of impact with the golf ball. The glove is designed to be tackier than the skin, providing better friction for a steady grip of the club.

The second purpose of the golf glove is the prevention of blisters and callous on the hands. The repeated movement of the golf swing can cause the same areas of the hand to get regular wear and tear. Some golfers also tape their hands for protection from blisters and callouses.

In hot and humid conditions, the glove becomes more important for a proper grip. In cold conditions, the golf glove keeps the hand warm and dry. There are weather-specific gloves available that are designed to suit different types of weather conditions.

Why Just One Glove?

During a golf swing, power is generated by the entire body. The legs, glutes, chest, biceps, and several other muscles are used for a proper golf swing. The mechanism of the golf swing puts different types of pressure and stress on the hands. Most golfers tend to grip the club much tighter with the lead or top hand, as that is the hand that guides the ball through the full swing.

The role of the bottom hand is to support the top hand through the right path and to ensure the clubface rotates to a square position on impact. If bottom hands can play a more significant role if the shot requires more finesse and less power. Golfers that naturally have a lighter grip can benefit more from a golf glove compared to golfers who tend to hold the club tight.

If the golfer loses grip of the bottom hand, they might still be able to complete the shot, but if the top hand grip is lost, it would be difficult to complete a proper swing. For most types of golf shots. The grip of the top hand can be more important than the grip of the bottom hand. Therefore, most golfers tend to use a glove on the top or lead hand.

Why Not Wear Gloves on Both Hands?

If gloves provide better grip, then why not just wear gloves on both hands? For most golfers, the bottom hand provides a “feel” for the golf ball. The feel is like feedback for the golfer. With a glove on the bottom hand, they are not able to get a proper feel of the ball. They can adjust the shot much better if they can get his feedback from the swing.

The blisters and callouses are also more common on the top hand, providing another good reason to wear a glove on the hand. It might also be more convenient to have one glove if you need to regularly take it on and off.

What Occasions Require Gloves on Both Hands?

If you are a golfer that has a very light grip of the top hand or tends to use more of the bottom hand, you should try to wear two gloves and check if your swing gets better.

A good occasion to wear two gloves is during cold weather when both your hands can be more susceptible to blisters or callouses. The glove might also help keep the hands warm for optimum performance. During cold weather, wearing gloves on both hands can allow the hands to feel more connected.

If you have sustained an injury of the knuckle, wrist, or fingers, the glove on both hands helps provide more support to the joints and soft tissues of the hands.

Whether it is wearing one glove, two gloves, or no gloves at all, it will all come down to what works for you. You can leave a comment if you have any questions about using golf gloves to improve your game.

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