Why Do My Golf Cart Batteries Die So Fast

Why Do My Golf Cart Batteries Die So Fast?

A majority of people use electronic golf carts these days. They are great if you do not have to play golf on a professional level and need to travel less. Since it is also machinery like any other vehicle, it can be less functional at times when the parts are not working well. One of the major components includes a battery. Generally, they are durable and last for several years. However, over time, their efficiency reduces as they age. You must have been facing this issue and might be even wondering if you bought your battery from a reliable source.

Multiple reasons lead to the early damage to the battery of golf carts. These are less water than required for conductor plates, drained cells, overcharging, prolonged riding until the battery has no power, and harsh weather conditions.

In this post, I have listed all the main and common causes that lead to the fast depletion of this electric component. In addition, their remedies are also mentioned so that you get to solve the problem yourself in case you find it simple or when you cannot seek help from a motor mechanic.

5 Causes Of Fast Battery Damage And Their Remedies:-


If your battery is dying unexpectedly while it appears in great condition, chances are that you are giving it more time to charge than needed. A lot of people connect it to the charger and forget about removing it especially when busy. It can adversely affect the fuel cells which start getting damaged gradually.

How to fix this problem? You simply do not overcharge the battery. Fortunately, many charger models are available on the market that will turn off the supply of current when the battery is fully charged. I recommend purchasing one. On the other hand, if you are not preferring this option, you should keep your focus on the charging process while carrying out other tasks. Here, setting an alarm is extremely helpful.

Dead Battery Cells:

Cells are a significant part of the battery. When they stop working completely, they will just cover the space without serving any function. The main causes that lead to this problem are overusing without monitoring the battery and overcharging.

If you have been keeping these cells, there is a possibility that your battery will die sooner. Therefore, you should remove them and buy new ones as soon as you have time.

Using The Golf Cart Till Zero Battery Charge:

It is a general idea that one should keep using an electronic until it has zero charging. However, it is not advised to do this when you are driving a golf cart. It is harmful to the batteries, including lead-acid cells that are most widely utilized. It depletes the battery and makes you change it after a few months of use.

If you want to keep enjoying the rides without any unpleasant experiences, you should increase the half-life of the battery by avoiding this mistake. For lead-acid batteries, charging becomes low after 50% and they will deplete if not charged on time.

Less Water In Battery:

Readers might be aware of the fact that batteries also have some quantity of water. Despite this thing, most golfers do not know that they need to check on the water levels regularly. Due to this reason, the batteries die immediately after getting overheated. The amount of water decreases especially if a player is overworking the cart. Since it releases excess heat, the water begins to evaporate and its level lowers. People frequently observe it happening in summers.

To prevent further overheating and damage, you should add distilled water into the container for water storage. Do not spill it or overfill since it can touch the terminals and open another world of problems. Frequent maintenance of water balance is necessary and I suggest observing it at least once in 7 days during summers.

Cold Weather:

It can be a surprising fact for you that most electronics die quicker during winters as compared to the warm season. Likewise, this weather is not much good for golf cart batteries and they die quickly. In case you do not notice the charging level decreasing, then there is a high potential that the battery will discharge to a dangerous degree and will get permanently damaged.

No, you should not stop playing golf in winter. It is just that you will have to make effort. To slow down the discharging, you should run the golf cart almost every other day and charge it when the level is low. Please note that doing this activity can only be beneficial in decreasing the chances of damage. I highly recommend parking the vehicle in a garage or car shop where the environment is warm.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Carts:-

When should you replace golf cart batteries?

There is a particular time mentioned for every battery that indicates its best performance till a certain period. After that, one should change a golf cart battery. Moreover, if you are noticing increased charging time than before, chances are that it is aging. Then, burning another one is recommended.

Can you use regular car batteries in a golf cart?

Yes, a person can use car batteries in a golf cart for time being. Usually, the regular car batteries need 12 volts. Connecting either three or four of these compartments can fulfill the requirement of 36 volts that a cart motor needs.

How long do golf cart batteries last?

The running time of batteries varies from one brand to another. Mostly, they last for 4-7 years with proper maintenance. Some models also last for 10 years and function best till this limit.

Final Thoughts:-

I hope that this post has provided you with sufficient information that you are seeking. Though it may seem tiring to keep checking on your cart battery, it proves helpful in the future when you save time, effort, and money. I have mentioned the frequently occurring problems with this part along with convenient troubleshooting methods to keep it healthy. Good luck with your next ride﹗

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