Why Do Golf Announcers Whisper?

Why Do Golf Announcers Whisper?

The funny thing about this question is that even those who have never golfed before know that the one rule is to “be quiet” during a golfing match. Even when I was a kid and golf was on the t.v. The one thing I always remembered was how quiet the golf announcers were.

Another thing I remember as well is how boring golf is to watch. Golf is a game meant to be played and I suggest you get out and swing at a few golf balls. Once you get into the game though, nothing about it is boring. It is just better to get out there and try it versus watching a game or two and thinking it isn’t for you.

The majority of golf announcers who whisper during a golf tournament do it due to being in ear shot of the golfer. Most golfing commentators provide hole by hole commentary by being on the ground at each hole. Being that close to the actual players means that their voice must be quiet especially when a golfer is about to take their turn.

One of the last things a golfer needs to do is to get startled during their swing. There are times where people might cough or clap but for the majority most people ( especially golf announcers who are commentating ) know that while someone is about to take a swing that we should do our best to keep noise to a minimum.

I still like the Happy Gilmore approach and making golf a bit more fun. This is obviously something that would have to be for specific crowds BUT how fun would that be. If you are going to play you have to do the full Happy Gilmore lead up before taking a swing. I see many divots being made but also a ton of really fun memories.


Why Do Some Golf Announcers Whisper?

If you have ever watched a really old episode of a golf match then you know this “be quiet” situation in golf is here to stay. This makes me want to try and find old vhs golf videos and see what sort of gems I can pull out of them. I miss the oldtimers and the old golf lingo that they loved to use. It reminds me of vintage soccer announcers.

Not all golf announcers have to be quiet or whisper. Most people believe that all golf announcers have to whisper but that is not entirely true. The only golf announcers who have to whisper are the “on the field” commentators who are close to the actual players. Many announcers are in booths or alternate locations and giving a play by play due to live streaming video playback.

This is actually a fun thing to do especially when a golfing buddy of yours makes a bad shot ( duff or flub shot ). Grab your club and hold it like a mic and offer some very quiet trash talk. This does depend on who you are playing with because SOME might not like the joke and others could actually become offended. I do declare… lol


Where Do Golf Announcers Sit?

On their butts, wait yeah that’s right. In all seriousness though, it really depends on what they are trying to cover. There are normally announcers on specific holes or actually on each and every hole on the course during the match.

Golf announcers who are giving play by play commentary are seated close to the hole. There are many commentators who cover multiple holes by moving with the golfers as they complete each hole. Other announcers will actually be located in an alternate location where the production is actually being directed from.

I went to a pga tournament a few years ago and it was really amazing to watch how organized the golf announcers were. For some reason I was expecting the regular local news guy but instead everyone was very professional and took their jobs very serious. I guess I just keep waiting for a wild side of golf and for the most part it is just a solid sport that we all love so dang much.


How Do Golf Announcers Know What Club?

Golf announcers have learned over the years how to call the clubs, the ball used as well as possible club swing based on experience. There are of course a ton of helpers that they get including from the actual golf caddies themselves.

Golf announcers get their golf club queues from each of the golfers caddies prior to them taking a swing. Caddies give specific hand signals to announce specific clubs like 4 fingers for a 4 iron for example.

There is usually a commentator or other official close to the golfers who will relay club choice for the announcers to be able to give the play by play. Most of us want to know the type of club and ball choice for each player and any other important data specific to each of the golfers.

I tend to focus a lot on what the pros use. Why wouldn’t I want to use a certain driver that most of the pros use? Now the great thing is, getting quality golf balls is an affordable option versus trying to afford a high end set of golf clubs.

Each year I try and work on testing out different clubs. I bet most long term golfing announcers can spot a specific iron or wood from a mile away. Experience really does matter and I think it is far more important that trying to come up with funny or off the cuff comments.

What do you enjoy when watching or listening to a golf match? There are some co-hosts who have a blast together and you can actually see some charisma amongst them. Some can be dry BUT I still feel that golf is starting to modernize and catch up with the times.


How Do Caddies Signal Club Selection?

There are plenty of common hand signals that caddies give when trying to tell others which club is being used. Caddies do this for a few reasons but one of the main ones is so that the announcer will be able to relay which club the current golfer is using.

Caddies use hand signals to announce which club their player is using for a specific round. They will hold up 4 fingers for a 4 iron, 5 fingers for a 5 iron and a closed fist for a wedge for example.

These hand signals are universal in most countries and languages. This allows players of all nationalities to be able to communicate which club is being used at any one time. As simplistic as it is, I can’t think of a better method that is so widely understood.


Who Is The Best Golf Announcer?

Now this is a contested topic. I know there are plenty of really amazing old timers who have their favorites who many new golfers have no clue of. One thing that we should all do is go down golfs memory lane and watch old tourney footage.


  1. Jim Nantz
  2. Dottie Pepper
  3. Verne Lundquist
  4. Judy Rankin
  5. Dan Hicks
  6. Steve Sands
  7. Mike Tirico
  8. Scott Van Pelt
  9. Terry Gannon
  10. Jimmy Roberts
  11. Tom Rinaldi
  12. Ken Venturi
  13. Ewen Murray
  14. Bruce Critchley
  15. Bob Weeks

Who is your favorite golf commentator? Or do you have a pick who isn’t on the air anymore? By all means let us know which one(s) you think really put a positive spin on our amazing sport. One that isn’t on here but should be is dorf. Are you too young to remember dorf? Make sure and do a google search or even better a quick youtube search and see the amazing golf skills of that man LOL.

From the top 15 golf announcers above, my top pick is going to have to be #12 Ken Venturi. Is there an announcer who isn’t on this list but should be? Feel free and toss a comment and let us know. We love to hear from you guys and gals and your personal opinions when it comes to golf comments.

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