Which Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA?

Which Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA?

There are actually a decent amount of US Made Golf Clubs in 2022. With the various supply chain ups and downs, this number could actually go up. That is actually one thing that I have seen recently, a huge rise in American made products especially within the golf industry itself.

  • Adams
  • Sub 70
  • Hogan
  • Titliest
  • TaylorMade
  • BombTech
  • Callaway
  • Ping
  • Cleveland
  • Cobra
  • Tour Edge
  • Wilson Staff

In the above list there are 100% Made In America golf club manufacturers as well as those who have components made in other countries and then assembled in the USA. As the global market adjusts to the various lockdown closures ending, there will be a large surge in American Made golf clubs being made in house.

There are many companies who know that another shutdown could be possible in the future and are doing their best to “future proof” their business. If there is a reason for our ports to shutdown it could prevent these companies from being able to stay in business.

Most larger golf companies are looking into expanding their North American production facilities and reduce their global manufacturing where they see it making sense.


What Irons Are Made In The USA?

There are some amazing irons being made in 2022 and many of them are made right here in the good ol’ United States of America. Among the brands below, many have 100% made in usa irons as well as less expensive options that are a blend of other countries manufacturing and US manufacturing and assembly.

  • Titleist
  • Ping
  • TaylorMade
  • Adams
  • Tour Edge
  • Callaway
  • Wilson
  • Cobra
  • BombTech
  • Ben Hogan
  • Cleveland

If you live in a city with a decent golf shop the best thing to do is to put a few of the different “brands in your hands” and see which one feels best. Feel free and test it out especially if they have a golf simulator available for you to test clubs and balls out with.

Are Titleist Golf Clubs Made In USA?

Titleist was started back in 1932 and the first golf balls were made in 1935 by this American company. They are headquartered in New Haven, Massachusetts.

Titleist Golf Clubs are made in the USA in Carlsbad, California. The company itself has their headquarters out of New Haven, Massachusetts where the titlelist golf balls are made.

If you are looking for a solid brand you should give the titleist clubs a shot. They feel so dang nice in your hand and worth checking out.


Where Are TaylorMade Golf Clubs Manufactured?

I actually thought everything from TaylorMade was manufactured here in the US. Well I was wrong and from my research it looks like there are plenty of us golfers making this mistake. They make great clubs either way but it still needs to be stated.

TaylorMade golf clubs and taylormade golf balls are made at their Carlsbad factory in California. The taylormade shafts and heads are however made in china and then assembled at their California factory.

Many golf club companies are splitting up the manufacturing in hopes of speeding up any lag that could be caused from infrastructure and shipping logistical issues. I still hope that at least these larger companies do their best to keep their companies right here in the states.


Are TaylorMade Clubs Made In China?

Technically they are not made in China however there are certain parts of their clubs that are manufactured there.

TaylorMade Clubs are not made in china but the heads and shafts are. TaylorMade has their factory in Carlsbad, California where the chinese heads and shafts are installed.

Feel free and test taylormade vs titleist when it comes to quality, fit and feel. I find both brands are worth investing in personally. If I had to choose one it would probably be titlelist but I have a TM driver that I will never give up.


Are Cleveland Golf Clubs Made In USA?

The cleveland company started back in 1979 and was called the “cleveland classics”. They made replicas of classic golf clubs to get their company off the ground. It Is a pretty decent story to read up on but that will be done on another article.

Cleveland clubs are made in the US at their Huntington Beach factory in California. There are a small amount of clubs that are made in China but that number is low compared to the large amount of american made clubs that cleveland makes.

Priced better than other brands that I like, the cleveland clubs are a great option for any golfer tbh. The golf club sets are worth investing in if you are looking for a great all around brand.

My buddy has an over sized set of cleveland clubs that he always plays. I haven’t tested those out yet but I am going to try and give them a shot the next time we go out for a scramble.


Where Are BombTech Clubs Made?

The bombtech golf company is pretty new when you compare it to long established manufacturers in the golfing industry. They popped up in 2012 and starting creating their custom golf clubs which all are USGA legal.

BombTech golf clubs are all hand assembled at their Williston, Vermont factory. They are proud that all of their golf clubs are made in the USA.

This is not the cheapest option but to be honest who gets into golf hoping for cheap options LOL. Obviously I would suggest you try out a few swings with the bombtechs before you pull the trigger and buy them. Great clubs!

Their customer service rocks as well. Feel free and contact their customer service and ask a couple questions about their manufacturing process.


Where Are Adams Clubs Made?

Adams was acquired by TaylorMade back in 2012. The adams website is still up and they are still producing clubs. Their selection is not as large as it used to be back when they were making clubs in their plano, texas facility.

Adams Clubs are made in the usa by the taylormade company who acquired them back in 2012. The custom adams clubs are purpose built for professional players and beginners alike.

In 2021, there was a lot of activity on the adams website itself. I actually just checked it out today and the list of clubs and accessories has definitely expanded since their acquisition. I haven’t noticed a big change in quality or user reviews since they were bought out.

Have you had adams clubs before and after taylormade took it over? If you did what are your thoughts on the older versus newer models?


Where Are Callaway Products Made?

They have been working on their backend distribution and manufacturing recently. They are currently testing out a factory in Mexico as well as moving their Carlsbad plant to Texas. I see Callaway doing big things in 2022 from what I see. Almost makes me want to invest in their companies stock ( ELY ).

Callaway is a global company that has manufacturing in the United States for the American and Latin American buyers. They also have manufacturing in Asia for global distribution to speed up shipping and handling issues.

I don’t need everything I buy to be made in america but it is nice to support as many of the companies that I possibly can. I would be fine buying a callaway club no matter which continent it was made on however.


Where Are Wilson Staff Clubs Made?

Wilson golf clubs are designed and manufactured at their facility in Tullahoma, Tennessee. The one thing I really like about wilson is the price of their clubs. You can literally spend 1/4 to 1/2 the price of other golf club sets when priced online.

The wilson staff clubs are made in the United States. They have a facility in Tullahoma which is in Tennessee. There are some components that are made from other countries but the majority of the wilson club is american made.

You can also check locally as well as local facebook groups for used golf club sets from wilson for an even better entry price point. Anything that can help others get into golf the better.


Do You Need American Made Golf Clubs?

You don’t NEED to buy us made anything to be honest. I enjoy supporting american made and smaller mom and pop companies when it comes to golf brands. It isn’t easy to get into making golf clubs and golf balls but when there are some smaller companies I definitely try and test them out.

Do your best to not get into the Ford vs Chevy argument and unable to use any other brand. With golf, you need to try a few different companies because they really are user dependent. Each person wears golf shoes, golf gloves and holds golf clubs differently. Change is good!

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