What To Wear To Top Golf (Top Golf Dress Code)?

What To Wear To Top Golf (Top Golf Dress Code)?

With golf being such a popular sport, it is no secret that many of the players will create some form of a spin-off. Top Golf is the latest trend with players having plenty of fun just standing on the range and playing their best shots. However, golf often has a dress code and many players are wondering what to wear to Gop Golf.

Top Golf is an interesting sport and while you will be playing similar shots to golf, it is a casual and fun way to spend some time with your friends. It can be very private and you will want to be dressed in the proper attire. However, there is no official dress code when it comes to Top Golf and players often choose something comfortable.

If you are unsure about what to wear for your Top Golf trip, you have come to the right place. We aim to look at some of the dress options that you might want to consider and which clothing can be comfortable for playing. We will look at the dress code that most casual players have started to make the norm when playing Top Golf.

What Is Top Golf?

Top Golf is an indoor form of golf played in a small area that looks like a driving range. The main purpose of the game is to play some of the smaller games and get the highest score. However, you should also focus on having fun with some of your friends. The main goal of the game is to relax and have as much fun as possible.

The main game you will be playing is also called “Top Golf”. Instead of aiming at a small hole on the other side of the lake and having to navigate bunkers, you have large targets. These targets are scattered around the range and you will need to hit them. You get points for the target you hit and the distance it is.

In terms of skill level, Top Golf caters to everyone and no matter what level you find yourself at, you will have some fun. While advanced players will inevitably excel, the novelty of the game can often ensure they have plenty of fun when they are just starting. For beginners, it is a great way to practice your technique on some of the shots and make sure you are comfortable playing. Some of these skills can transfer over to a professional game.

What Dress Code Should You Adhere To When Playing Top Golf?

Ultimately, there is no specific dress code when it comes to Top Golf. However, you always want to make sure that you wear the right clothing for the situation you are encountering. Instead of dressing for the game, you might want to consider dressing for the event you are attending or the special occasion you enjoy:

Winter Months

In the winter months, you will want to go for something warmer. You might even want comfortable golf pants and shoes to keep you warm. A fashionable shirt or even jacket should be ideal to keep you warm while you are playing. The main thing you want to do is to be as comfortable as you can and not find yourself freezing.

Summer Months

The summer months can be slightly different and you want to stick to athletic wear. Even if you are going on a date, you want to be as comfortable as you possibly can to ensure that you can have some fun with your friends. Athletic wear will not hamper your movement and make sure that your game is on point.

Top Golf Recruitment Event

Occasionally, you might want to visit a top golf recruitment event, especially if you are planning to be more professional about the game. These events can be hard to join and you should aim to dress appropriately. You want to make sure you are wearing the most comfortable possible, but also remain fashionable to impress others.

Top Golf Shoes

The only part of the game that will require you to wear some form of a dress code is when it comes to footwear. One of the main policies is that no shoes mean no service. No matter which shoes you wear, it is important that you wear some kind of shoe that will give you freedom of movement and ensure you have comfort.


Topgolf is a fun game that will allow you to relax. However, the competitive nature of the game means that you can have some fun with your friends when playing the game. If you are playing Topgolf, you don’t need to adhere to a specific dress code. However, you always want to look your best. Let us know in the comment section what you commonly wear when playing Topgolf.

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