What To Do With Old Golf Balls?

What To Do With Old Golf Balls?

We have all reached the point of having a couple of golf balls we need to deal with. Golf balls can be used for a long period, but eventually, you will buy newer models that look fresh and have no worn sections. The main question remains; what to do with old golf balls and should you simply just throw them away?

One of the biggest issues with golf balls is that they are not biodegradable and this means that even if you throw them away, they could cause significant damage to the environment. The best thing you do is find unique ways to recycle old golf balls and see if there are other unique methods you can use to utilize them.

If you have a bucket full of old golf balls you want to throw away, we would ask you to wait. This article aims to show you some unique ways that you can utilize old golf balls in the form of crafts and even decorations. We will look at some of the most innovative ways that people can recycle their old golf balls and reuse them:

Top 7 Things You Can Do With Old Golf Balls

While not all golf balls are expensive, some of them can be very expensive. If you have spent a lot of money on something, you want to make sure that you get something back. Using some of these innovative techniques will enable you to do something more productive with your golf balls and save the environment:

1.      Giving Them Away

If you don’t want any compensation for your old golf balls, you can simply give them away. Many of your friends might just be starting their golf journey and to save them a couple of bucks, you could decide to give away some of the older golf balls. The only time we would not recommend giving them away is if they are excessively worn out.

2.      Selling Old Golf Balls

Those looking to get a return on their investment might want to sell their old golf ball. Selling your golf balls can help you fund some of your newer gear and even your green fees. You might be lucky in finding driving ranges that will buy these old golf balls. Driving ranges can clean the golf balls and rent them out to players visiting the driving range.

You should note that not all old golf balls have the same value. Depending on the wear and the quality of the golf ball, you might need to have each of them evaluated. Keep in mind that selling clean golf balls will yield you much better income than selling golf balls that look like they have been in the water hazard for a few years.

3.      Use Them As Practice Golf Balls

Any good golfer will have a few golf balls for game day and other golf balls they use when practicing. You might damage or even lose some of your expensive golf balls when you practice with them. You can easily clean and reuse these older golf balls for your practice games. Many beginners should use old golf balls when starting to ensure they don’t put too much wear on the newer golf balls.

4.      Set Up A Few Decorations

If you have a creative streak in you, old golf balls could come to your aid and offer you the opportunity to use this creative talent. There are plenty of ways that you can get creative with old golf balls. Many people choose to dress them up and paint them. Once done, they could turn out to be some of the best Christmas decorations.

Old golf balls can also be used to avoid water logging in your potted plants. The grooves in the golf balls mean they will have some ventilation. Additionally, the rounded shape will leave plenty of gaps for water to pass through. This can help to prevent waterlogging in your potted plants and ensure you have ventilation.

5.      Use Them For Massage Therapy

The shape and hardness of a golf ball make it one of the best options you can use for massages. The durability means you won’t squeeze them and they can apply the right amount of pressure. While they might be small, you can use them for massaging underneath your feet and get a great massage while you are using old golf balls.

6.      Use Them As A Meat Tenderizer

A golf ball is one of the hardest balls on the market today. While this could limit some of the uses you have for an old golf ball, it could open up new avenues for you to use the golf balls effectively. You can use an older golf ball as a meat tenderizer and simply roll it over the meat. With enough pressure, it should tenderize the meat.

We should mention that you have to make sure the golf balls are thoroughly cleaned before you use them for this. A clean golf ball will ensure that you don’t spread any harmful bacteria to your meat. Soaking the golf ball in some form of a cleaning agent is often one of your best bets.

7.      Donate Them To Charity

While this might seem like regurgitating the point of giving them away, charities have so many uses for golf balls. Aside from helping amateur players improve their game and learn the ropes, they can be used for crafts and arts. Many of these charities always want some way to improve their arts and crafts. Old golf balls could be a perfect way.


Old golf balls might seem like they are in your way. However, you can use some ingenuity and creativity to enhance the way that you use these older golf balls. It is much easier to use old golf balls for something new and exhilarating than to throw them away. Let us know in the comment section which unique uses you have found for old golf balls.

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