What Percentage Of Golfers Can Drive 300 Yards?

What Percentage Of Golfers Can Drive 300 Yards?

According to combined data from 2021 golf statistics the percentage of golfers who can drive 300 yards has decreased since the 2020 results. Currently there is an estimated 2% of golfers who can drive 300+ yards.

2021 Average Driver Distance Percentages

  • 2% over 300 yards
  • 8% 275 – 299 yards
  • 14% 250 – 274 yards
  • 22% 225 – 249 yards
  • 35% 200 – 224 yards
  • 19% less than 200 yards

It used to be that there was an estimated 4 to 5 percent of all golfers who were able to hit a golf ball 300+ yards. For some reason those numbers are coming down. I think it has gone down mainly due to better technology which removes “exaggerated” tall tales lol.

Now it could also mean that there are more people playing golf. I can see the pandemic boosting the numbers of players which would indeed lower the percentage of 300 yard golf players. If there is an influx of brand new players then the overall average will end up much lower.

This will be easy to figure out when the 2022 golf driver distance percentages come out. While the numbers have gone down about 50% compared to the previous years, one thing hasn’t changed and that is the advancement in golf technology.

There are plenty of professional golfers who can drive 300+ yards on average but even among the pros that percentage is still pretty low.


How Hard Is It To Hit 300-Yard Drive?

Actually getting a 300 plus yard drive is very rare. So rare to us average players that we will odds are never achieve it and even when we do we probably had an amazing tailwind helping our ball fly a bit further.

For an amateur golfer it is next to impossible to ever hit a 300-yard drive. For current 2022 PGA Tour Pros, many average a driving distance of 280 to 320 yards. For current 2022 LPGA Tour Pros, many average a driving distance of 230 to 270 yards.

Most golfers who play on the weekends or in small local golf tourneys can drive 200 yards but even that can be difficult for many. There are plenty of golfers who are still trying to get their driving distances above 200.

That is the best part about this sport. All skill levels and ability levels are accepted. It is a very inclusive hobby that I think far more people need to get into. In 2022, I have seen plenty of new faces on my local golf courses which is always a benefit.

So the question is, have you ever driven a golf ball over 300? If so, any suggestions to help others get to that miracle of a number? I have seen plenty get a lucky shot ever now and again at the driving range but multiple in a row is something I still want to see in person.


Can The Average Person Drive 300 Yards?

An average person could drive 300 yards but it would be a very lucky shot. Currently with only 2-4 percent of ALL golfers in the world being able to drive 300 yards, it will take a lot of practice and a ton of luck.

An average weekend golfer cannot drive a golf ball over 300 yards. There are only 2% of active golfers in the world who are capable of achieving 300 yard drives in golf.

What you need to do is head to the driving range and see what your max driving distance averages out to. I am going to do this exact thing next week and want to see where I landed overall. I know on a good day I can knock it a solid 220+ but it really is hit and miss with me lol.

I love the hobby but that is exactly what it is, a really amazing hobby that I can take serious but love to have fun with the game all at the same time. Do you find yourself taking your golf game a bit too seriously sometimes?

Almost reminds me of a funny versions of that snickers commercial asking if someone is hangry LOL. I think they should totally do one of those with a few golf announcers. I think that would be a perfect viral golf video.


How Far Does Average Golfer Hit Driver?

Regular golfers can actually drive golf balls much further than you might think. A large majority can easily reach 200 plus yards. This is a much longer distance than I thought it was going to be. It at least makes me realize that I am right there in the middle.

Most average golfers can hit their golf ball an estimated distance of 190 to 205 yards. 97% of golfers will never achieve a 300 yard drive according to current 2022 golf data.

One thing you need to remember though is to keep track of your distances during game play and the different between that and when you are practicing at the driving range. I have noticed that I tend to really swing my clubs much harder at the range versus during game play.

I am going to try and play in my next match as if I was at the range just having fun and see if I can increase my driving distance. For some reason I feel this is actually an easy fix that will make my long distance game get a little better over time.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel that you can hit your ball further at the range versus on the course? I need to do more research and can’t wait to share the data once it comes in.


Driver Distances Based On Handicap Averages


handicap – average

0 – 260 yards

5 – 232 yards

10 – 227 yards

15 – 206 yards

20 – 192 yards

25 – 171 yards

So if you had a handicap of 15 for example the average for that handicap would be a driving distance of around 206 yards. If you have a 0 handicap then knocking a golf ball passed 202+ yards should be no problem for you in the least.

My handicap tends to fluctuate, kind of like winter weight HAHA. What did you shoot last year? I know we all are wanting to lower our handicap BUT what do you feel is going to be achievable for you this year?


Is A 250 Yard Drive Good?

When I was a little younger, getting to 250 was more than doable for me. I think this number can be hit by plenty of golfers and many can duplicate this distance consistently. Getting your long game above 250 is a solid start for sure.

Only 24% of golfers can drive a golf ball 250 yards or further. Out of the millions of players around the world an estimated 76% who cannot drive a golf ball passed 250 yards.

What this means is that if you are capable if getting your ball passed 250 consistently then you should look into some amateur golf tournaments or even driving contests and see how you place. If you decide to do this don’t forget to message us and let us know how it went for you.

As things continue to open up, I have seen so many golf tourneys open up around the states. I can’t even imagine how many tournaments are about to start up this summer.


So What’s The Conclusion?

The majority of us can’t hit 250+, sounds crazy but that is where the current data has led us. Next time I head out with my buds I am going to bring my rangefinder and start getting estimates.

There are over 76% of golfers who cannot drive a golf ball further than 250 yards. That means that there are only an estimated 24% of active golfers who can hit a ball passed 250 yards.

What this means is that we get to go out and play more golf. We can get better and even if we hit a lull in our golf game, who really cares? Golf is such a fun game to play, whether I hit 200, 250 or that illusive 300 yard golf ball drive.

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