What Percentage of Golfers Can Break 70/80/90/100?

What Percentage of Golfers Can Break 70/80/90/100?

What Percentage Of Golfers Can Break 100?

We all strive to be able to break 100, 90 or even 80 right? You should remember however that there are only 45% to 47% of golfers who can break 100. I thought the percentage of golfers breaking 100 was going to be higher. At least it makes me feel better about myself.

In 2022, there is an estimated 46% of golfers who can break 100 on a regulation 18 hole golf course. For golfers who can break 100 repeatedly, they would be considered above average golfers.

Getting under 100 is easier than you might think. If you are new to golf then here are a couple tips to really change up your game and get your score lower. Maybe you will break 100 or who knows maybe you will be a natural golfer and break 90 all day.

  • Step 1 – Focus on the number 99 throughout your entire game. When you look at the majority of courses this will average out to around 27-28 over par.
  • Step 2 – Get your short game dialed in by focusing on getting 9 bogeys and 9 double bogeys.
  • Step 3 – Boom there you are, breaking 100 in no time flat.

It is more than doable for the average golfer to get under 100 once you realize and average out your shot count. On average you need to sink that ball in 5-6 shots overall when you are estimating breaking 100 on an 18-hole golf course.


What Percentage Of Golfers Can Break 95?

If you are averaging a 95 or under 95 then you would be running right around a handicap of 23. This is a great spot to be in as far as scoring goes. You will find yourself winning against your buddies especially since there are only an estimated 33% of golfers who can get into golfing under 95.

Currently there are only an estimated 33% of golf players who can break 95 on a regulation 18 hole golf course. If you find yourself in this percentile, consider yourself a better than average golfer.

Have you been able to consistently break 95? If so, what do you think helped you get your game to this level so far? Feel free and let us know because we love hearing from our readers and learning from their strategies and tips as well.


What Percentage Of Golfers Can Break 90?

Now we are getting into the above average golfers for sure. I can’t break 90 consistently but have done it a couple times. I will always assume I got lucky BUT there are years where things just seem to click together and my game does feel above average.

While there are 33% of golfers who can break 95, this number drastically drops down to 26% of golfers who can break 90 in an 18-hole regulation game of golf.

For those of you who are in the under 90 club. How long have you been able to repeat that score? I do know that some like to keep that score once they achieved in ONCE lol… 

Do you update your stats based off of your current skillset and scores OR do you tend to bring up your best shots and games when you talk about golf?


What Percentage Of Golfers Can Break 80?

The percentages of golfers who can break 80 drops DRAMATICALLY compared to breaking 85 or breaking 90. This level of game play is approaching semi pro and professional golfers level. You would of course have to be consistent in your game to keep that average.

Right now in 2022 there are only 3% of golfers who can break 80. This is 3% of all worldwide players which shows just how small the field of players in the under 80 club.

So are you apart of the 3% I know I am not BUT I will always keep shooting for getting my numbers lower and lower. I don’t think I have ever even played with an under 80 golfer now that I think about it.

With literally 2 percent to 3 percent of the entire population of golfers that can achieve an under 80 game, I do know that IF… wait WHEN I get under 80 it will be a very big day in my golfing “career”.


What Percentage Of Golfers Can Break 70?

I know breaking 70 is not in my future. Practice is one thing but so is my back HAHA. As I get older my long game is lacking but my short game is getting much better. Take a negative and turn it into a positive.

This number has fluctuated over the years but the latest estimates are as follows. There are an estimated 1% or less of golfers who can break 70. These golfers tend to be professional golfers or semi-pros. There are average golfers who can hit under 70 but normally not consistently.

Man if I had a level of game that would have me getting under 70, I would hope I was recording it. I doubt that it would be repeated-able for me LOL. Who knows though, there is always the next game to focus on and keep working on my short game.

If I can turn my normal two putts into a single, I know I can drop numbers left and right.

Focus, focus, focus…


What Percentage Of Golfers Can Break 60?

Alright, we are approaching god-like numbers here folks. I don’t know of anyone who is knocking out games under 60. I would like to learn from these types of players though. I can’t even imagine what their training routine looks like each week or rather daily.

There have only been 12 rounds shot professionally where golfers broke 60. Of these 12 total under 60 scores. 59 under par for 11 of the players and a 58 for Jim Furyk which is the only 58 in golfing history.

Jim Furyk getting to a 58 though? Man I can’t even imagine what was running through his mind when that game was unfolding. The nerves might have gotten to me BUT when you are at that level of gamesmanship, I wouldn’t put anything passed what we can accomplish.

What do you think, could you break 60 in golf? This reminds me of old fishing stories I used to hear from my grandpa though. I know it does happen BUT from what I can tell it really is under 20 or so players who have even done it.

Now there are some who have claimed to have done it but now with all our advanced recording options, no one can say they broke 100 without us being able to see proof or stats of it actually happening.

There are a ton of actual gps options for us golfers and I suggest you snag one up. It will allow you to start getting your shot distances dialed in. The data that we can play with to improve our golf game in 2022 is getting very advanced and I love it.


Overall Conclusion On Golfers Breaking Par

Well I know I can break 100 in golf but breaking 95, 80, 70 and especially 60 is beyond my skillset. I bet you might be able to get your game under 100 and even 95-90 with just a bit of practice

There are actually polls that state exactly that according to the national golf foundation which states.

  • Golfers that take 1 to 5 golf lessons will raise the percentage of golfers being able to break 90 all the way up to 28%
  • Golfers that take 6 to 10 golf lessons will raise the percentage of golfers being able to break 90 all the way up to 55%

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