What Is the 19th Hole In Golf?

What Is the 19th Hole In Golf?

When it comes to golf, most experts are familiar with the 19th hole on a golf course. It is often the hole that gets many men into trouble with their wives. However, beginners might not be familiar with the 19th hole. Most golf courses are marketed with 18 holes that the player can play, and one round is 18 holes.

As a beginner, there are a few slang terms that you need to get used to when mingling with the pros. The 19th hole is one of these terms and you need to make sure you are familiar with it. Here is what it means to play the 19th hole:

What Is The 19th Hole In Golf?

While many people think the term 19th hole is another bonus round, it is in fact a restaurant, bar, or pub that is often referred to as the clubhouse. It is not uncommon to enjoy a few drinks or have some lunch once you have completed all 18 holes. The 19th hole is the perfect location to have these drinks close to the course.


When it comes to location, the 19th hole is commonly located close to the final hole. Once players finish their round, it is only a few meters away. You will also find that many people supporting might watch the game here. The 19th hole is a great spot for supporters to enjoy a few beverages while watching the game.

The Other Meaning

Aside from referring to your favorite drinking spot after a round, the 19th hole could also refer to a playoff between two players. The goal of the playoff is to separate two players who are tied for the win. Game organizers will select one of the holes on the course and the players will shoot out to see who gets the best score.

While this can also be seen as the 19th hole, it is not always considered such. In most professional tours and competitions, it is referred to as the tie-breaker in the hopes of establishing a clear winner.

The 19th Hole In Pop Culture

The 19th hole has gained massive recognition for a spot of drinking. In popular culture, there is a running joke that if the wife of a player is calling, the answer should be that the player is at the 19th hole. While this is considered a lie, it is not something that players use often anymore and most people now know about the drinking hole.

Instead of using it as a lie, many players might take their families with them and have them enjoy a meal or a couple of drinks at the restaurant while the person is busy playing one round.


The 19th hole was once one of the biggest jokes and slang terms used to describe the bar or restaurant. While many people still use it, it cannot be used with the same purpose of setting up a lie. Let us know in the comment section what you think of the 19th hole in golf.

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