What Is Scrambling In Golf?

What Is Scrambling In Golf?

Making mistakes on the golf course can dearly cost you if you are not careful. The smallest mistakes can set you back a few shots and you might need to play for recovery. Nowadays, recovering from some of these mistakes is also logged in the statistics brackets. Scrambling is one of the methods that players use to get back in the game.

The term scrambling is loosely defined as a player missing the green in regulation. This means that if it is a par 3, players might often miss the green off the tee. However, players will chip the ball and still make the put to remain on par. This term is often referred to as scrambling. It can signify a player scrambling to get back into the game.

Scrambling is not something you should be aiming for. However, being better at this statistic will also have a knock-on effect on things like your “up and down” score. The better a player can make up and down shots, the more consistent they are with recovery. Being capable of scrambling can be a huge benefit to any player.

Why Is The Scrambling Statistic Useful?

Since it does not have a solid bearing on the game, you might be wondering what makes the scrambling statistic useful and if it is useful in any way. The statistic does not help you win the game but does indicate how often you can make par when you still miss the green in regulation.

Golf is all about knowing your strong points and weak points and playing to some of these strengths. If you notice that you are not the best when it comes to making the green in regulation, you can focus on practicing for the scrambling statistic. Even though you don’t make the green in regulation, with scrambling, you will still be close to the leaders.

By improving your scrambling statistics, you will spend a lot of time chipping to the green. Once you improve and master this skill, you can likely hit more shots from the chipping position. Occasionally, you might even have one of the balls go into the hole to hole out. These shots can make a significant difference in your game.

How To Improve Scrambling Statistics

Next, you would want to focus on how you can improve your scrambling statistics. For some players, it might be a bit easier than for others to do. We have found a few useful tips that could help you to improve your scrambling statistics. Keep in mind that you should practice getting on the green in regulation to be safe.

1.      Purposely Aim Next To The Green

Whilst practicing, you should move some of your focus to aim next to the green instead of for it. Once you land next to the green, you will be able to practice these chip shots. While occasionally, you might be playing from the surrounding fairway, chances are that you will likely find yourself playing from the rough most of the time.

2.      Aim To Land Close To The Hole

One of the biggest mistakes that many players make in the short game is going for broke too often. Yes, you should try to hit the ball in the hole as soon as possible, but it is not always a realistic endeavor. Occasionally, you might need to land as close to the hole as possible for an easy chip shot. You can land as close to the hole as possible and ensure that you don’t have a massive put awaiting.

3.      Focus On Longer Puts In Training

The idea might be to aim for the hole and land as close as possible. However, those without a feel for the clubs might not be fortunate enough to have this level of accuracy in their arsenal. If you notice that you consistently miss the hole and you land a couple of feet from the stick, you might want to focus on your longer puts.

4.      Focus On Chipping Accuracy

Finally, you will notice that your game improves significantly, as you master the scrambling techniques. However, you will want to move to something more advanced and this means holing out the ball from the chip shot. Once you learn to read the greens, you will be able to improve your game and readily focus on your chipping accuracy.


Scrambling can be a lifesaver in golf if you are not used to hitting the green in regulation. However, you don’t want to rely on it too much and your main focus should be hitting the green in regulation. However, there is no harm in brushing up on your scrambling game to ensure that you can recover when needed.

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