What Is GIR In Golf?

What Is GIR In Golf?

No matter how skilled you are, the term “Green In Regulation” or GIR is something you might have come across on the golf course. The term is often used in golf by players to measure how consistently they reach the green and allow themselves the opportunity to go for either a birdie or par if they miss the birdie shot.

The stat is used by many commentators and scorekeepers to help players calculate some of their skills and often where they need to improve their game. While it does not mean anything in terms of score, it is one of the best methods to ensure that you are consistent when playing and have the opportunity for scoring good scores.

What Is GIR In Golf?

The GIR is often calculated by using the par score of a hole. Once you have determined how many shots you need to make par, you can subtract two shots to find out what you need to hit to get on the green in regulation. On a par 3, this would be one shot and with the more common par 4, you will need a maximum of two shots.

If you make it on the green in regulation, you have the opportunity to putt for birdie. However, many players will not be close enough to ensure a birdie and this means that two puts are often required to save par. Trying to hit the green in regulation will allow you to play at a par level for the most part.

Keep in mind that you can hit a green under regulation. While this is often uncommon with a par 4 and impossible with the par 3, many professional golfers will be on the green for a par 5 in two shots. It will take plenty of practice and consistency to make this possible, lining you up for a potential Eagle putt and going 2-under.

What Can We Learn From GIR

As mentioned, GIR does not mean anything in the big spectrum of things. However, it is an essential tool to help you improve your game. You can backtrack and find out where you went off course to hit a green in regulation. Whilst practicing, this could be one of the aspects that you direct more of your focus towards improving.

Professional players tend to be more consistent with this and a player like Tiger Woods had a GIR of 75.15% during the 2000 season. However, most pros will often have a GIR of around 60% when playing at a professional level.

As a beginner, you want to aim to hit as many greens in regulation and while this might not always be possible, you will be making the putting game much easier for yourself. You will often have two attempts at making a par, which could significantly improve your overall handicap.


GIR might seem like a funny term for many players, but much like FIR (Fairway In Regulation), it can be a helpful statistic that will see you improve your overall game. We would love to see your GIR percentage in the comment section below and how you aim to improve it.

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