What Is Ball Striking In Golf?

What Is Ball Striking In Golf?

Ball Striking is a common term you often hear players and commentators talk about. It is a term that is often used to describe a full swing in golf from a player’s perspective and often indicates a good shot or connection on the golf ball, Perfecting your ball striking capabilities can be challenging but serves to help you with your game.

Regardless of the club, you choose to play the shot, you often hear players refer to the person as having good ball-striking capabilities. This simply means that the player excels at the full swing aspect of the game and can play greater shots. They also have a perfect connection to the golf ball, which improves their game.

To help you come to grips with ball striking and all the surrounding components of ball striking, we have created this article. The article aims to give you as much information as possible to understand ball striking. You will often hear about the term from commentators when they refer to good shots in the form of stats.

In-Depth Look At Ball Striking In Golf

As you might have noticed, there are specific shots in golf that are important. The general motion of your shot from the swing to the impact determines what happens to the golf ball. Ball striking refers to a golfer being on top of their technique and striking the ball as they should. Their impact is often on point as well.

A good ball striker can also be someone that excels at making the ball do whatever they want the ball to do. This can refer to a possible draw or fade shot, in which the golf ball takes on a different approach and angle. While it might come across as a possible slice, the shot is played on purpose to make life easier for the follow-up shot.

To become a good ball striker, it is all about consistency. Playing a good shot that often comes from a lucky connection does not make you a solid ball striker. You should focus on making a clear connection with the golf ball time after time. For many players, this can be daunting and it often takes years of practice to master a golf shot.

The Ball Striking Statistic

One of the most important stats that players often look at is the ball-striking statistic. It is the perfect indication of how accurate a player is and can be used to estimate a possible score for a player. Even the PGA Tour includes the ball striking statistic when they rumble through the skills and possible stats of a golfer.

The stat is often worked out by combining their driving ranges with their ability to hit the greens. You might have heard of the term GIR (Greens In Regulation). If a player can consistently land the ball on the green within the right number of shots and they have the skills to effectively drive off the tee, they will have good ball-striking capabilities.

While this is a basic indication of the stat, there are a few additional things to keep in mind and you will have to do some research to get all the information on how ball-striking is calculated. The great thing is that you can also use the formula to your advantage and you could improve your ball striking capabilities when playing.


Ball striking is one of the most important parts of golf. Once you can master this skill, you should notice a big improvement in your overall gameplay. We would recommend taking as much time as you can to improve this statistic. You will eventually reap the benefits from this and see your scores drop on the golf course.

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