What Is An Ostrich In Golf?

What Is An Ostrich In Golf?

An ostrich in golf stands for a 5 under par in golf. If you are lucky enough to get a 5 under then please make sure and get 3rd party confirmation so it can be recorded. There are currently no known ostriches in golf to date.

An ostrich in golf stands for a player who scores a five under par on any golf course. Getting an ostrich in a professional golf tournament has yet to be recorded.

If you have heard rumors of someone getting an ostrich, please let us know by sending us over a link to the article so we can read it over. As each year comes and goes, there are so many golf score records being broken all the time.


Has Anyone Gotten An Ostrich In Golf?

I have scoured the internet looking for a name or date of someone in golf history to have gotten an ostrich in any golf game whether amateur or professional.

There have been zero recorded golfers that have received an ostrich in any public or private game in recorded history.

This is NOT an easy under par to get and IF you ever do you will have the golfing world at your fingertips.


What Is A Phoenix In Golf?

A phoenix in golf is when a player is able to get a 6 under par. I haven’t seen anyone ever getting a phoenix but when it does happen I hope there is footage of it so we can watch.

Getting a six under par is as rare as the term itself which is the phoenix in golf. You will need to get a 6 under par to score a phoenix and has not happened in any golf game to date.

Can you think of any course where an under 5 or under 6 could even be possible? Feel free and toss us over a comment and let us know.


Why Do Par Golf Terms Use Bird Names?

The bird terms were created back in the late 1800s. A “bird” or “birdie” was a term that meant “cool” back in the day. This makes sense when you hear men referring to women back then as birds. If you were able to have a great game they called it a “bird of a game” or a “bird of a shot”.

Golf under par and over par terms use bird names due to the term meaning great or excellent. If a golfer hit a great shot or got the ball in the hole under par then it was referred to as a “bird of a shot”.

From the birdie term it then went onto bigger and better birds to describe better than birdie shots. Soon we have ended up explain impossible under pars as mythical birds and creatures like the phoenix for example.


Under And Over Par Terms and Meanings

I have decided to break down all of the under par and over par golf terms for you. There are some that have been created due to lore or online assumptions BUT for the most part this list is 100% complete.

If new golf courses allow lower scores than this list will definitely get modified. Feel free to let us know if you use other golf lingo to describe a specific under/over par definition. I do know that nicknames for shots and scores can definitely depend on location.


What Does 7 Under Par Stand For In Golf?

There haven’t been any golf terms for a 7 under simply due to it being impossible to ever get a 7 under. I suppose if there was a golf course that is created in a way that these sort of scores are possible COULD happen in the future but nothing like that exists at the moment.


A seven under par stands for a Harpy Eagle

This isn’t official just yet but if you are looking for an even cooler bird related golf term to describe under and over pars then the Harpy Eagle is the perfect choice. It has been known as the most powerful mythical bird in the world.


What Does 6 Under Par Stand For In Golf?

Six under par stands for a phoenix in golf terms. This has not been recorded in any golf records to date but as golf courses expand and change, there might be a phoenix in our future.


What Does 5 Under Par Stand For In Golf?

Five Under Par stands for an Ostrich in golf terms. No one has ever gotten a 5 under par on any current courses to date.


What Does 4 Under Par Stand For In Golf?

Four under par stands for a condor in golf terms. There have been a few golf pros who have hit 4 under and got the condor. The most recent was back in 2020 in Oakland where Keven Pon had an amazing day playing at the Lake Chabot golf course.


What Does 3 Under Par Stand For In Golf?

Three under par stands for a double eagle or albatross in golf terms. Getting 3 under is more than doable for above average players.


What Does 2 Under Par Stand For In Golf?

Two under par stands for an eagle in golf terms. Once you get to 2 under par, you know your golf game is getting better. This would be a great time to get in on a few local tourneys.


What Does 1 Under Par Stand For In Golf?

One under par stands for a birdie or vulture in golf terms. Plenty of amateur golfers have gotten a birdie on many golf courses around the globe.


What Does 1 Over Par Stand For In Golf?

One over par stands for a bogey in golf terms. This is a great golf score especially when you are playing against harder players.


What Does 2 Over Par Stand For In Golf?

Two over par stands for a double bogey or buzzard in golf terms. I haven’t heard anyone locally ever refer to a 2 over as a buzzard BUT I think I am going to bring it back around the links next time I go.


What Does 3 Over Par Stand For In Golf?

Three over par stands for a triple bogey or grouse in golf terms. Getting a grouse ( 3 over par ) is where my golf game tends to stay. I am getting better but I would love to work towards a 2 over and under if possible.


What Does 4 Over Par Stand For In Golf?

Four over par stands for a quadruple bogey or turkey in golf terms. Now is the time to work more on accuracy versus distance. Give yourself a few buckets of balls at the driving range and start sniping to practice dropping the ball where you were actually aiming for.


What Does 5 Over Par Stand For In Golf?

Five over par stands for a quintuple bogey in golf terms. My buddy gets 5 over all the time LOL. I don’t rub it in his face because he used to get much higher scores. That is the best part of playing golf with friends, win lose or draw it is always a great time.


What Does 6 Over Par Stand For In Golf?

Six over par stands for a sextuple bogey in golf terms. When you are in the 6+ pars you need to work on your long game more. I always suggest that people spend more time on the driving ranges versus the golf courses especially when they are brand new to playing golf.


What Does 7 Over Par Stand For In Golf?

Seven over par stands for a septuple bogey in golf terms. These are rookie numbers brothers and sisters. You should find yourself a local golf coach or a golfing friend who tends to get lower scores the majority of the time and ask them for suggestions to lowering your score.


What Does 8 Over Par Stand For In Golf?

Eight over par stands for an octuple bogey. Well this could just be a fluke game but the last thing you should ever do is give up. Keep practicing your stance, your grip and your golf clubs swing follow through. Over time you will end up getting lower scores so keep working at that perfect golf game.

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