What is an executive golf course

What Is An Executive Golf Course? What Are Its Benefits? (All You Need to Know)

There’s a 9 hole golf course. Then there’s an 18 hole golf course. Then comes the par-3 golf course as well. But what is an executive golf course? If you don’t know the answer, you’re not the only one. Trust me.

Because the executive type of golf courses are very uncommon. It’s only natural for most of us to not know what they really are. And what makes them special. That is if there’s anything special or unique about them.

For those who don’t have time, the quick definition is a shorter golf course. In comparison to their regular 18-hole counterparts. So you don’t get the normal distance of the latter in the former.

As for those who have time and lots of curiosity, it’s time to dive deeper…

What Is An Executive Golf Course?


Golf courses shorter when compared to standard courses are known as executive golf courses. Needless to say, the par of such golf courses is lower. Because the course, more often than not, consists of greater par-3 holes. More than what you’d normally find in a typical or standard golf course.

An executive golf course doesn’t just include higher par-3 holes. But it also contains par-5 and par-4 holes.

These types of golf courses are like standalone operations. Although there are many that are built as a part of a larger golf club. Another very common place to find an executive golf course is the practice facility. Do you know the kind that goes along with the driving range?

What Is An Executive Golf Course? Features & Comparisons

Shorter Hole Lengths = Less Time


A round of golf is all about one very important factor. And that is time. So avid golfers who don’t have the luxury of time to complete a single game on a standard course. These golfers choose to play on an executive golf course. Saving time while also satisfying their desires to play golf.

An executive golf course, for the most part, consists of 18 or 9 holes, length-wise. The hole lengths are shorter. This means the time taken to finish a round of golf is also shorter. In fact, it’s significantly shorter.

Executive types of golf courses are also the most suitable for beginners and junior golfers. All thanks to their short holes. Or for a golfer who wants to play golf but doesn’t want to struggle with the turf length. Or with the time demands of a regular golf course.

Executive Golf Courses vs. Standard Golf Courses


Now let’s compare the executive kind with a typical golf course. Needless to say, many aspects separate the two. But the major difference is the hole lengths and overall par.

When taking the complete distance between these two different types of courses into account. You can easily compare the length of the holes.

An executive golf course doesn’t have any limitations about sizes and shapes. But, generally speaking, such courses have a length of around or below 5,200 with 18 holes. And half of that i.e. 2,600 for 9 holes.

As for standard golf courses, the length, on an average, is about 6,700. This is for 18 holes. So, as is evident, the difference is huge. And that’s what makes a single round of golf more demanding and longer.

Yet another notable difference consists of the number that achieves par between regular and executive golf courses. Allow me to explain below.

For typical golf courses, an average par of 71-72 is normal for an 18-hole round of golf. As for executive golf courses, the average is in the low range of 60s. But why is that? Because the executive kind contains fewer par-5s and greater par-3s. This is what makes such courses shorter. Along with less time-demanding.

Executive Golf Courses vs. Par-3 Golf Courses


Let me assure you that par-3 golf courses are not the same as executive golf courses. Many golfers mistake both to be the same. When, in fact, that’s not the case.

The thing about an executive golf course is that it stems from the same idea as par-3. However, the former includes par-4s. And sometimes, even par-5s are added for more fun and enjoyment.

As for the par-3 kind of a golf course, it contains only par-3 holes, nothing else. The major drawback here is that par-3 courses don’t pave the way for hitting your driver. Not once even!

But with executive golf courses, they offer longer holes. At least a few of them are longer. And they do so while also welcoming convenience and speed.

What Is An Executive Golf Course - What’s So Special or Unique About It?


I’m sure you’re not so enthusiastic about bumping into company executives at the golf course. After all, that’s not such a desirable benefit for playing on an executive course. The major advantage here is the less time required for completing a round of golf.

Normally, an average golfer takes around 5 hours for playing 18 holes on a typical golf course. So how about completing the same round in half the time? Sounds like a sweet deal if you’re hard-pressed for time. But, needless to say, the time also depends on the golf course size, crowd, etc.

Another significant benefit of playing on executive golf courses is that they’re the best for beginners. New golfers, more often than not, are a bit hesitant. And also lack confidence when playing on any regulation course. For reasons such as the crowd, time-consuming effort, and higher cost.

But with executive golf courses, there’s the shorter length of the holes plus lower cost. This seems like the perfect combination for new golfers. Who also don’t find it annoying, difficult, or time-consuming to play and learn the game of golf. Meaning such executive versions are ideal for practicing and honing golfing skills.

Many executive golf courses are located in densely populated regions or cities. And if that’s the case, then they’re often a part of the putting green or driving range. So you can polish your golf swinging technique at that range. And then put it into action what you learn during a real round of golf. So you can have your cake and eat it too.

Wrapping It Up

It’s a simple and sweet deal, isn’t it? An executive golf course allows you to complete a round of golf faster. Plus, it makes way for cheaper golfing games yet more enjoyable ones. If this doesn’t convince you, then I don’t know what might.

Agreed that executive types of golf courses are not as wide as their standard counterparts. Nevertheless, they’re perfect for golfers who prefer short courses. Such as beginners. Or those who don’t have too much time to spend on the golf course.

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