What Is A Single Plane Golf Swing?

What Is A Single Plane Golf Swing?

The great thing about golf is that every person can have a different technique. There are a few basic things you need to keep in mind when it comes to playing golf, but your swing should be comfortable and consistent. One of the most common swings is the single plane golf swing that many players use to have consistency.

As an amateur golfer, the single plane golf swing is something to add to your arsenal. If you are uncomfortable with your current technique, you can integrate this swing and it should make you more consistent. However, it can also take plenty of time to master and make sure you are successful with playing it.

Understanding The Single Plane Golf Swing

A single plane golf swing can be defined as a golf swing that has a backswing and a downswing through the same plane. If you were standing next to the player, you should see no deviation in the line from the backswing to the downswing. It is visually something that could make sense to ensure you have a more controlled swing.

Compared to the two-plane golf swing, you will find that the two-plane golf swing might have a slightly different angle or be slightly higher when it comes to contact. The single plane swing should have contact at about the same place that that swing was started. Fortunately, both of these will work for players depending on their style.

Why Golfers Choose The Single Plane Golf Swing

With the single plane golf swing being one of the more consistent swing styles, it is believed that to increase the repetition of swings more effectively, the single plane golf swing is often the best choice. The motion remains similar and without any deviation in the downswing from the backswing, you have more consistency as well.

The main goal of the single plane swing is to eliminate as many of the variables that could throw your swing off. It is often best for amateurs to start with the single-plane golf swing to ensure they have more consistency. The swing can be used for every club you are playing with, which should make it much easier to complete.


During your golfing journey, you should experiment with different swing techniques to find the one best suited for your needs. You don’t want to be making plenty of compensations and overcomplicate things too much. You should consider the single plane golf swing as one of the ideal options for you to get started.

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