What Is A Sand Save In Golf?

What Is A Sand Save In Golf?

No matter which course you play, you will inevitably run into one of the bunkers. Bunkers, also called sand traps are located in strategic positions to make reaching certain parts of the golf course like the green harder. As a player, you will eventually run into one of these sand traps and it is important that you can play out of it.

The sand save is a term that is often used when players are in the sand. Sand save is often referred to when a player can hit the ball out of the sand trap in one shot. Additionally, they should also put the ball in the hole with the next shot. If they can keep under par or at least on par, they will have completed sand save.

How to Play A Sand Save?

Depending on the hole, the sand save can be one of the hardest shots to play. However, it might often be easy if the sand trap is on the fringe of the green. There are plenty of things like the slope and the gradient of the trap you need to account for. Playing sand save might improve your score and assist you in getting out of tricky situations.

Bunkers are commonly located near the green on the golf course. While there are other bunkers strung around the course, the greenside bunker is the most common for players to hit. Once they land in one of the bunkers, they need an up and down shot. Up and down means hitting the ball from the bunker and placing it close to the hole to be holed the next shot.

Another term for a sand save is a sandy. Many players will refer to it as a “sandy birdie” or “sandy eagle when playing. It only means they have completed the sand save while remaining under the par score of the hole. It takes some practice to fully master the sand save and even professionals could have a hard time doing so.

Sand Save Percentage

As mentioned, the sand save is one of the hardest combinations of shots you can play. It takes plenty of practice and understanding of the dynamics of the sand and the green. While the sand save percentage of top golfers should be around 50%, there are still many of them who have a hard time hitting this level. The sand save percentage will often be indicated on their profile and commentators love referring to these stats.


Improving your sand save percentage is vital when ensuring you improve your score. Not everyone will have the skills to perform the sand save, but practice makes perfect. You need to play from various bunkers and angles, to ensure you find the correct angles and understand the slopes. We would love to see some of your tips for improving the sand save.

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