What Is A Golf Umbrella?

What Is A Golf Umbrella?

Many golfers ( especially those in Cali and Florida ) could benefit from a golf umbrella. On average we spend 3-5 hours playing golf on any given day. That is a lot of possible sun damage to your skin. These umbrellas could help block the sun and uv rays. You don’t have to use them only for wind or rain folks

A golf umbrella is purpose built to stand up to environmental changes that standard umbrellas cannot. Most golf umbrellas have double canopies which helps during strong windstorms and downpours. This allows the player to protect him/her self as well as their golf clubs and bags from damage from the sun, wind or rain.

Depending on how many people are in your group, only a couple umbrellas are needed for the teams. If you are playing singles then you will need to bring your own. Most golfers who have them tend to have more than one. Ask them which they liked the best and don’t forget to observe what other golfers are using brand and size wise when on the links.


Do Golfers Use Umbrellas?

I never used an umbrella when on the links until we had a crazy downpour. My buddy had an extra nike 62 umbrella that he let me use for the day. While it was much larger than I was used it, it really did help keep me dry as well as my clubs and bag. From then on, why would you not bring one with you when you are golfing?

Most golfers who play at least once a month should start to carry a golf umbrella with them. If you barely play then you really do not need to buy an umbrella unless you tend to have rain or wind where you live.

We have plenty of rain and enough wind to want a couple umbrellas with us when we play lol. Besides having an enclosed golf cart, an umbrella or a very large tree is the next best option. Just don’t forget to secure it to something or someone before you get to watch it blow away across the golf course.


What’s The Difference Between An Umbrella And A Golf Umbrella?

Most golf umbrellas are built to withstand stronger winds and a ton of rain. Regular umbrellas are built for light use whereas golfing umbrellas are built for continuous use.

A golf umbrella is built stronger than a regular umbrella. Most golf umbrellas have double canopies to allow the ability to withstand stronger wind speeds and heavy downpours of rain compared to average umbrellas.

I actually have a golf umbrella in both of my vehicles. It actually has nothing to do with golf for those two. We get random rain and strong winds all the time out here and a heavy duty umbrella doesn’t buckle like normal umbrellas do for me.

The larger diameter of coverage compared to a basic umbrella is a huge bonus as well. You can get 60”+ sized canopies to cover you, your golf bag and the surrounding area. If there is wind, you can easily mount it sideways to block the wind and most golf umbrellas are purpose built to withstand high winds and rain.


Which Brands Of Golf Umbrellas Are Best?

You can go with a cheap golf umbrella from amazon or eBay. There are plenty of brands to choose from including “name brand” and the many generic options found on amazon and other online golf shops.

  • eez-y folding golf umbrella
  • nike golf umbrella
  • titleist golf umbrella
  • ping golf umbrella
  • callaway golf umbrella
  • taylormade golf umbrella

Most golf companies also make golf umbrellas. If there is a brand that you currently like then by all means buy a golf umbrella from that company. I have used mainly cheapos from amazon myself but I wouldn’t mind testing out a few nike and titleist versions.


Do You Need A Golf Umbrella?

Need is a strong word to be honest. I think there are many other golf accessories that are worth buying before getting a golf umbrella. If you already have a decent bag, set of clubs, golf shoes and a nice fitting golf glove then by all means snag one up.

If you plan to play golf where it rains a lot or tends to have strong winds then it is 100% recommended for you to get a golf umbrella. For new players, you do not need a golf umbrella but it definitely helps with sun protection and is recommended.

If you have older players or young kids playing with you then having sun protection is a must. Being able to get the elderly and younger players out of the sun between holes is a great option. Who really wants to get a sunburn playing golf? I am going to say no one!


What Should I Look For In A Golf Umbrella?

I would stick with double canopy umbrellas especially since they are not that much more expensive than single canopy golf umbrellas. Another suggestion is to try to stick with brand name golf umbrellas unless cost is a huge decider for you.

When looking to purchase a golf umbrella there are a few things you must consider. The larger the diameter of the umbrella the better coverage you and your gear will have. Get a double canopy golf umbrella in high wind or above average rain in your area.

Go to your local shop and see what they got. Open and close a few different umbrellas and see which one feels best in your hand. There are also big differences in the weight of the different brands to consider as well.

Once we get a decent amount of them to test, we will make sure to weigh them and see if the specs on the manufacturers websites are correct. Holding a big umbrella long term is NOT something that you will want to do ( trust me ). Find the one that you would be more than capable of holding up for at least  10-20 minute break.


What Size Golf Umbrella Is Best?

As long as you are able to hold it up then the larger the better. The larger the diameter of umbrella, the larger the coverage you will get from it. When you are playing in a golf tournament for example. There are times where you might have to wait before you are able to tee off.

The largest sized golf umbrella that you can comfortable hold is the best choice for you. Get a double canopy golf umbrella for windy and rainy golf locations.

What size umbrella do you use? Are you using a nike golf 62 or another brand? We would love to know what you have ended up going with so feel free and hit us up anytime.


Why Is A Golf Umbrella So Big?

Golf umbrellas are large because they are there to not only cover the player but also all of his or her gear when going from hole to hole on the course.

Most golf umbrellas have a 60” or larger diameter double canopies which helps them deal with strong winds and rain downpours far better than regular umbrellas.

Be careful with these large ones though, with enough wind and them not strapped down to something or mounted they can take off on you. I have seen a few over the years taking flight after someone forgot to close it up. Pretty fun to watch but could actually get dangerous depending on how high the winds are or where it ends up landing.


Is A Double Canopy Umbrella Better Than A Single Canopy Umbrella?

If you are wanting to buy a golfing umbrella then the only type that I would recommend is a double canopy version.

A double canopy umbrella is built to allow strong winds to blow up and through the 2 canopies versus getting trapped under a regular single canopy umbrella. Single canopy umbrellas under windy conditions tend to buckle and end up folding “inside out”.

Seriously though, get yourself a double canopy and IF they make a triple canopy then opt for that one instead (-;


Where Do You Put A Golf Umbrella?

When I have my golf cart I have a umbrella holder that I attach it to. If I am going with my golf push cart then I actually attach it to that.

Most golf carts and golf bags have a strap or pocket that is purpose built for you to put your golf umbrella in. If your bag doesn’t accommodate an umbrella it is still easy to attach a carabiner to your bag and attach your umbrella to that.

It really doesn’t matter where you put it, just make sure not to leave it behind at a previous hole like I did back in 2019. Someone actually took it LOL, o well maybe they needed it more than I did.


Where Is The Umbrella Holder On A Golf Bag?

If you have a new golf bag then it will most likely have an umbrella holder or pocket specific to holding umbrellas. Most golf bags have enough compartments that finding the right spot for your umbrella won’t be that difficult.

Most umbrella holders on golf bags are located on the side of the bag itself. This can allow it to be strapped, mounted or put in one of many compartments on the golf bag itself.

One of my old bags I actually used paracord and made a quick little strap and attached it that way. It worked great until I upgraded to a newer bag. You really could make a strap or holder for your umbrella and I suggest doing that versus lugging it around by hand all day.


What Umbrella Does Tiger Woods Use?

I do find it funny that so many people still wonder what tiger woods uses when it comes to golf. For the most part he tends to stick with specific golf brands and it makes perfect sense. If you get sponsored then that is the brand you are going to sport.

Tiger Woods uses a Nike Golf 62 Golf Umbrella which has a 62” diameter canopy. A large size and a solidly built umbrella for sure.

He isn’t wrong to choose this model though, it has a ton of solid reviews online and I haven’t heard anything bad about it from locals. Have you tried the nike golf umbrellas out? What were your thoughts on them?

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