What Is A Gimme In Golf?

What Is A Gimme In Golf?

While you might never have heard of a “gimme” in professional tournaments, in many casual games you could often come across people referring to a “gimme” in golf. The term refers to a shot that is so easy to play and would have been easily put that players often give the player the shot without them having to play it.

The term “gimme” is derived from the full term “give me”. It refers to one player giving the shot to the other player due to it being a certain hole. You will notice that it is not permissible in professional golf, especially stroke play or match play.

Understanding what a “gimme” is in casual golf is something that you can often use to your advantage. While it will not change the outcome of the game or even have a significant effect on the game, it is something that could save you some time. The purpose of this article is to help you understand the “gimme” and allow you to decide if you want to use it in your game.

When Is A “Gimme” Used In Golf?

If you watch professional golfing competitions, you won’t ever see a “gimme” awarded. Even though the commentators might mention an easy putt as being a “gimme”, the player will still need to attempt the shot and hole it for it to count. It also means that many of these easy puts can often be missed when players make mistakes.

Casual Golf

The most common place you will find players using the “gimme” is in a game of casual golf. Since the rules can often be bent to fit your specific narrative of the game, you can add things like the “gimme” to the game. If a player has a ball lying next to the hole and you can be sure they will put the golf ball, it is often referred to as a “gimme”.

The player will be credited with holing the ball and one-shot will be added to their score without them having to actually play the shot. Keep in mind that for a “gimme” to be awarded and count, all the players should agree to the “gimme”. Players might still miss, even when they are next to the hole.

To Save Time In Local Games

While it might not be used in stroke play or match play rules, the “gimme” is also used in casual matches to save some time. If you are battling with potential weather issues that could come in and affect your game, the “gimme” could speed up the game and enable players to move on to the next hole much faster.

However, you need to make sure that everyone is on the same page and the “gimme” should only be allowed if all the players agree to the rules.


Even though the “gimme” is something that you will rarely use if you have ambitions of being professional, you always want to get your ball as close to the tee as possible. If someone offers you a “gimme” you will score one shot. We would love to see some of your comments or any situations where you have been awarded a “gimme”.

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