What Is A 6-6-6 Tournament In Golf?

What Is A 6-6-6 Tournament In Golf?

If you are out playing with friends and you are looking for a bit more of a challenge that deviates slightly from the traditional game, the 6-6-6 tournament might be something you could be interested in. The 6-6-6 tournament is not something you would find at a professional level, but many players set it up in casual games.

The goal of the 6-6-6 tournament is to bring some variety to the game. It is relatively easy to understand and you only need to understand that the format of the game changes every 6 holes. It boils down to playing three different games in one round. The format is designed to challenge players on a different level.

In general, the 6-6-6 tournament makes use of teams. You will have two teams of 2 players each that play the tournament and due to the various inclinations, the game will slightly vary. For some people, it improves the quality of the game. This article aims to help you better understand how the 6-6-6 tournament works:

Different Golfing Formats

Instead of simply playing straight golf to determine who gets the ball into all the holes in the least amount of shots, it is more casual. Formats like best ball, alternate shot, and scramble are some of the most common adaptations of the game. These are some of the most common formats to be used in a 6-6-6 golf tournament:

Alternate Shot

Alternate shot is a casual format of golf played by teams. You will have two players on each team and the aim is to alternate between the different shots. Player one will hit the ball off the tee. The second player on the same team will then hit the ball wherever it lands off the tee. Once played, the first player will have a turn to play the third shot.

With alternate shots, a team only plays with one golf ball and the alternate between each other when it comes to playing the shots. The game is continually alternated until the ball is in the hole. After size rounds, the game can change and you might move on to a different format for the game.


Scramble is one of the team games that does not have as many complications. Both players will hit the ball off the tee. Once the ball has landed, the second shot is played from the best position of the two. The game continues with both players hitting from the same spot each time. It is also a great way for rookies to improve their game and see some changes in their shots.

Best Ball

Best ball is probably the most common format used when playing as teams. Each player will play their own game and try to put up the best score. You don’t have to rely on your partner to assist you when making any mistakes. With best ball, both players try to get the ball in the hole in the least shots possible.

Once completed, the score is calculated by taking the best player’s score. You will continue with each hole and your team score will be calculated by using the score of the best player. For instance, if you hit a bogey and your teammate hits a birdie, the bogey will be discarded and the birdie added to the score.

How Does The 6-6-6 Format Tie Into These Variations?

Now that you have seen the different variations of golf, you might also be wondering how the 6-6-6 format will tie into the game. To better understand, we need to look at a summary of how a 6-6-6 game would be played when you have a complete team and you are looking for a different variation of the golf game:

Changing The Game

The main goal is to keep the game interested and the 6-6-6 refers to making changes every six holes. This means that you might start the first six holes playing a traditional game of golf and have the score of your team calculated. Additionally, you could start with alternate shots and you will play alternating shots on the first 6 holes of the game.

Once you have completed the first six holes, you will be moving on to the next 6 holes. For these holes, the game changes and you might have to play best ball. Keep in mind that the final score will continue from the first 6 holes. The subsequent six holes will only improve or worsen the score you have from the first six.

Finally, you will notice that the golf course has 6 more holes to be played. These 6 holes will be slightly different and you might need to play a game of scramble. Keep in mind that the score from the first 12 holes will still be on the card. It is a great way to improve teamwork and see how you can work together with other players.

Why The 6-6-6 Tournament Is Beneficial?

As a top player, you might be wondering why you would ever want to play the 6-6-6 tournament. In essence, it is one of the top methods of making sure you don’t get bored with the game and you test different aspects of your game. By testing different aspects, you will become better at all golf formats.

Additionally, we have found that players can learn plenty of tips and tricks when paired with more experienced players. Since you will have a teammate, you have someone giving your advice and showing you where to improve with your game. It is always best to pair an expert with a novice to improve the overall skills of both.


The 6-6-6 golf tournament might not be something that everyone enjoys. However, a casual player looking to have some fun can use this to their advantage. Keep in mind that the format is not permitted at a professional level. However, you can notice small changes and improvements in your game by making use of the format. We would recommend it for casual players.

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