What Is A 3 Finger Golf Shot?

Playing golf is all about having a relaxed swing that you are comfortable with. Having comfort with your shots will enable you to improve accuracy and reduce some of the strain. A common problem many golfers have is by gripping the golf club too intensely, which often leads to bad shots and tension when playing.

The three-finger golf shot is an adaptation to the traditional golf shot and it is often referred to as a drill. While you won’t be playing all your shots with three fingers, you can use it as a drill to improve the relaxation in your swing. You will also notice that your swing comes on much better and you won’t overly grip the club.

To reduce the use of the large muscles when playing the shot, you can focus on using the three-finger golf shot drill. The drill will enable you to have more freedom of movement and reduce the use of these larger muscles when playing.

How To Practice The Three Finger Golf Shot

Next time you visit the driving range or practice some of your shots on the golf course, you might want to try the three-finger golf shot. The following steps will take you through the process of how to perform it. In the long term, you could see a more relaxed swing style that also brings on some more comfort:

1.      Tee Up The Ball

The first step is simple. You will need to set up the golf ball on the tee. There are no adaptations to this step and you can simply put it up in the same way you would traditionally.

2.      Grip The Club With Three Fingers

While you might be used to gripping the club with all your fingers, you will only be using three. As you traditionally grip the golf club, you can remove your pinky finger and you should have three fingers on the club from your left hand. It might feel a bit uncomfortable at first.

3.      Reduce Tension In Your Grip

Next, you would want to reduce the overall tension you have in your grip as much as you can. The club should be loose in your left hand, which means that it lies comfortably in your hands.

4.      Practice Swings

Before playing a shot, you should take some practice swings. These swings will allow you to get used to the new grip you have on the club. Your hands, shoulders, and arms should be relaxed and it should be one smooth motion of movement.

5.      Play A Few Shots

Once you are done with practice swings, you should play a few shots. One of the first things you will notice is that you don’t use your bigger muscles in the upper body as often. The more you play these shots, the more speed you will generate without using these larger muscles and improve your overall swing style.


Not everyone will need to do this drill to improve their game. However, you will certainly notice how much better your shots feel. You will notice the quality of your game improve and eventually add some range to your shots as well.

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