What Does Out Of Position Mean In Golf?

What Does Out Of Position Mean In Golf?

Out of position can be a complex statement in the golfing world and since everything is time-sensitive, the first group to tee off for the day must set the pace. There are often plenty of fines to go around for players being out of position or being the reason for an unduly delay in the game that keeps everyone back.

Being out of position does not affect your score, but there are fines associated with the issues. Golfing organizers try to have a tournament run as smoothly as possible, but even with goof tee-off times, you will find that the game gets slower the farther you get into it. This is even more possible when some weaker players play bad shots that hold the group back.

What Does Out Of Position Mean In Golf

To help you understand the term, we will look at some of the ways you can be out of position in golf. While some of these cannot be avoided, your goal as a player should be to play at a good pace and make sure you move with the pack. While the fines might not be hefty, you don’t want to occur the wrath of organizers and other players:

Behind On Time

Since each group has a certain time to tee off, you must stay within the allotted time for each hole. If you lag behind and you don’t make the holes in the allotted time, you might be considered out of position. You might also be holding up some of the other players from the group behind, forcing them out of position.

Open Par 3

If you get to a par 3 and the hole is completely open with no one playing as part of any group, you are also considered out of position. However, you might be ahead of schedule and this will give you the time to rest and have the other players catch up to you. Holes are generally filled with constant playing.

Cleared Hole Before Group Tees Off

If you reach a hole and players are still playing, you are on time. However, if the hole has cleared and not every player in your group has teed off, your group will be out of position. This issue can often arise for a par 5 and sometimes the par 4. The main goal is to have a consistent stream of playing at all times.


Being out of position is not always your fault and you want to keep with the pace of your group. However, the group should keep a general pace in relation to other groups to make sure everyone has a fair chance. Let us know in the comment section if you have ever been out of position and if you agree with being fined.

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