What Does E Mean In Golf?

What Does E Mean In Golf?

If you have ever turned on the television and switched to golf, you might have seen the “E” symbol next to the name of a golfer. The “E” is a basic symbol, which means “even par” on the golf course. Even par can be achieved by playing the same number of shots as the par rating on a golf course or equaling the round score.

Par is one of the important scores you need to know about when it comes to golf. It is the exact number of strokes that a golfer should need to complete a hole. The term can refer to the single hole the player is playing or the entire round that is currently underway. However, the score will often be much higher for the entire round.

As a golfer, “even par” should always be one of your main focal points. You want to make sure that you can comfortably play to even par on a golf course. Your handicap is also determined by your score in relation to par on the golf course. This short article will show you some more information about what par is and how it works.

What Does It Mean When A Golfer Plays Even Par?

Before you start a round of golf, you will always be informed of the par score for the round. This can vary and it ranges between 69 and sometimes 73. This number refers to the total number of shots that are needed to complete an entire round of 18 holes.  If you can match the required number of shots you need to play, you can be a scratch player.

As a pro golfer, your goal would always be to play fewer shots than the par score on a hole. Once you consistently play fewer shots than you need, you will be at the top level and you will be eligible for professional competitions. The traditional handicap levels will not cut it when it comes to the professional levels.

Examples Of Par

If you are new to the game and you are unaware of the standard scores on a golf course, the following should be helpful. Once you enter a golf course, you will need to focus on these different types of holes and try to play fewer holes than required. Here are some of the main examples of par that you could need to play:

Par 3 Hole

  • A score of three is par
  • A score of 2 is 1 under par (Birdie)
  • A score of 4 is 1 over par (Bogey)

Par 4 Hole

  • A score of four is par
  • A score of 3 is 1 under par (Birdie)
  • A score of 5 is 1 over par (Bogey)

Par 5 Hole

  • A score of five is par
  • A score of 4 is 1 under par (Birdie)
  • A score of 6 is 1 over par (Bogey)

Eventually, all of these scores will tie together and give you the score for the complete round. If the even-par number is 72 for the round, and you play 90, you will be around 18 shots over par. Keep in mind that you might see many players also refer to even par as level par at the same time.


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must have a basic understanding of the scoring system in golf. Keep in mind that due to the various games, you might find different leagues that have other scoring systems. However, you always want to make sure that you aim for even par as a beginner to improve your game.


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