What Do The Numbers On Golf Balls Mean?

What Do The Numbers On Golf Balls Mean?

If you have ever picked up a golf ball, you might have noticed the numbers on the ball. For some golf balls, you will only find one single-digit number located close to the logo. These numbers might be baffling to some players who do not understand them. Some might even think they make a significant difference.

Back in the day, only a handful of different golf balls were made and these were numbered. The main purpose of the number was to help players identify their golf balls when mixed with the others. Each player would play with a different numbered golf ball. This made them much easier to distinguish.

What Do The Numbers Mean On Golf Balls?

As mentioned, one of the primary reasons for the number was to make them easier to identify. However, many modern manufacturers make golf balls easier to distinguish by brand and color. Keep in mind that most golf balls were similar in terms of design and structure. Here are a few other reasons for numbers:

Custom Numbers

Aside from the standard 1-4 on golf balls, many players prefer custom numbers that relate to what they consider lucky. As a player, you can ask the manufacturer to add these random lucky numbers to your golf ball to make it more identifiable. However, they don’t necessarily mean anything specific when it comes to the ball.

Compression Numbers

Compression on a golf ball refers to how hard or soft the ball tends to be off the club. Compression refers to how the ball will compress against the clubface when you strike it. Having the ideal compression allows you to build up enough force to propel the ball forward. The compression you choose depends on the swing speed.

The slower your swing speed, the lower compression you want. A lower compression means the ball is softer which gets it off the tee much better and could improve your distance. Manufacturers used to have numbers like 70, 90, or even 100 on the golf balls. These would indicate compression. While you could still find golf balls that indicate compression, it is not as popular in the modern game.

Number Of Dimples

Much like a racing car moving through the air, aerodynamics is an important part to help the golf ball slice through the air and give you improved range. While the number of dimples is not commonly indicated on golf balls, the Titleist Pro V1 is one of the golf balls that still show this. The number 392 refers to the number of dimples on the golf ball.


Nowadays, golf balls are sleek and all the information is explained on the box. The player does not need the numbers anymore, but some still find it as a lucky charm. You can have these numbers added from the manufacturer as your lucky charm. We would love to see which numbers you consider lucky in the comment section.

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