What Are The Yellow Ribbons On Golfers Hats?

What Are The Yellow Ribbons On Golfers Hats?

In 2022, the yellow ribbon can have multiple meanings actually. At the moment most yellow ribbons or yellow and blue ribbons are in solidarity with Ukraine. Before the Russian escalation, the yellow ribbon was mainly used in support of those fighting leukemia.

Originally the yellow ribbons on golfers hats was in support of Jarrod Lyle and his fight with leukemia. Jarrod used to wear his trademark yellow bucket hat when playing golf. You will see golfers wear yellow pins, yellow ribbons as well as yellow bucket hats in remembrance of the Lyle family.

Just like with most “colored ribbons”, they can actually take on different meanings. It really does depend on what is going on politically, socially ( online especially ) as well as with specific monthly holidays.

Most of these holidays are to fight a certain disease, ailment or disability. Within golf though, the yellow ribbon started due to Jarrod Lyle. There are many who wear yellow ribbons for childhood cancer. This can be seen normally during the Play Yellow campaigns that are held to help fight childhood cancer.

What Are The Purple Ribbons For At The Honda Classic?

The official color for the Alzheimer Awareness Movement is purple. During the 2022 honda classic, you will see golfers and those in the gallery with purple ribbons, purple hats and other related items on.

The purple ribbons are to help raise awareness about Alzheimer and to raise donations to help work on therapies and treatments to help improve those suffering from it. Purple ribbons have been used for other awareness golf events including raising funds to help fight pancreatic cancer and epilepsy.

I enjoy that we are able to blend an amazing sport like golf with a common goal like reducing Alzheimers. This is something that we might be able to finally be able to fix in the coming years. I still want to see what Elon Musks neuralink will help solve.

Not to sidetrack too far BUT, imaging how many golfers we could have IF that brain chip of his can really fix things like memory loss, blindness and other neurological issues. We can end up with plenty of new golfers as well as golfers who will be able to play the sport again that they thought might never happen in their lifetime again.

Advancements in one area can lead to innovation in others. Until we get our superman chips though, why not play at local events in support of raising money for charities, childrens hospitals and other worthwhile efforts.


What Is The Play Yellow Campaign In Golf?

Jack Nicklaus and his wife Barbara launched the play yellow campaign with the help of the PGA Tour and various childrens hospitals within the Childrens Miracle Network of Hospitals.

They worked hard to focus on raising $100 million dollars through the overall span of 5 to 6 years. I think that the ability to raise that sort of money so fast just goes to show you just how dedicated Jack really was

Apparently the whole yellow shirt thing came from when he met a son of his wife’s pastor. This little kid was a huge fan of Jacks but was suffering from a rare bone cancer.

This little kid told Mr Nicklaus that he knew he was going to win because he was wearing his lucky yellow shirt. From then on, yellow became an almost uniform for Jack going forward.

Seems like the perfect movie pitch idea hmmmmn.

There really are times in life where what you might consider “small things” can direct your whole life direction in a new path. It looks like that is what happened to Jack and his golfing career.

Talk about amazing.


How To Get Involved In A Golf Charity or Tournament?

Now that things are opening up fully, there are plenty of events going on all over the place. If you are looking at charity specific types of events then the cancer.org website has a current list of golf specific charity events that you should check out right here. Last I looked, there were over 40 events happening right around the corner.

You can get involved in many golf charity events locally as well as nationally. Most childrens hospitals and cancer specific treatment centers will have local contact information for you to locate events in your city.

I went to the cancer.org website and found plenty worth attending. My only issue is the amount of gas prices right now WOWEE. I am still trying to figure out the best way to convert my old gas golf cart into an electric one to help reduce SOME of the gas costs. Darn you PUTIN! Lol


Do All Colored Ribbons Mean The Same Outside Of Golf?

I actually looked into this and some colors are used for 20+ different reasons. For example red is used for blood drives, hiv awareness, fire awareness just to name a few. All I would suggest is that when you see a ribbon on someone, feel free to ask them what they are supporting.

It might surprise you AND who knows maybe they might tell you about an up and coming event that you might want to attend.

Colored Ribbons are used for all sorts of charities and awareness fund raising drives. Most ribbon colors have 1-3 main supporting efforts like purple being for Alzheimer, epilepsy and certain cancers.

I still think the best ribbons to sport are red, white and blue ones. Amazing country with so many people with hearts of gold. The amount of charities that I have seen in the golfing community is enormous. I never thought there were so many supporters of so many different charities.

It really does show you that as you get older ( golfers tend to be on the older side, shocker lol ), being kind and charitable is a worthwhile effort. Send a ton of positive golfers karma out to the world and maybe some will come right back to you.


My Top List Of Golf Charities For 2022

  • TGR Foundation – Tiger Woods  charity that is purpose built to encourage kids into STEM fields
  • PGA Hope – Military based charity to introduce golf to disabled vets.
  • Environmental Institute for Golf – Provides funding to help golf facilities become more environmentally sustainable
  • United States Disabled Golf Association – Ranking organization for competitive disabled golfers
  • Youth On Course – Allows younger golfers reduced golf related fees and costs to increase youth golfers
  • I Got This Foundation – To help those with intellectual disabilities to learn how to play golf
  • LPGA Foundation – Launched the Drive On for the Future campaign to increase female golfers
  • Golf Fore Africa – Helping build clean water wells in Zambia
  • Adaptive Golfers – Making golf accessible for disabled golfers


There are of course a ton of different charities worth getting involved in. I just found myself looking through a few of them and MAN there are some worthwhile efforts going on in our golfing community.

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