What Are “The Tips” In Golf

What Are “The Tips” In Golf

If you play golf regularly, you will often come across a few terms that many people use and you have probably never heard of it. One of these terms that professional players often refer to is “The Tips”. While it does not have a significant bearing on the game you play, it does give you an indication of distance.

There are two possible meanings when players refer to “the tips”. The first meaning refers to the rearward set of tees on each golf course. However, it could also mean collectively playing the golf course at its longest possible distance. You will have the greatest amount of work when you are playing from the tips.

Aside from these two situations, the tips can also be a synonym for other golf terms. These terms will all refer to the longest distance you have to play. It can refer to a set of tees that are specifically located on the golf course. These include the back tees, championship tees, and tournament tees that offer the greatest distance.

How Professional Golfers Can Use The Tips

One example of the tips is if a golf course has a total range of 6000 or 7000-yards and a player starts their game from the furthest most point, they are said to be playing from the tips. While professional golfers might not choose to play from the tips, you often find many casual golfers that choose to play from the tips.

The tips can offer a new dimension to a hole and extend the range, it could give you a different approach to how you should consider playing shots. It is often used for practice to help players extend a hole and see if they can improve their game. However, it is not something the professionals would choose to do.

Who Should Play From The Tips?

If you are extending the range of the hole or the golf course, you better be sure that you know what you are doing. It is not always that easy to play from the tips and by extending the golf course, you are making it much harder for yourself. Low-handicap players are often the best when it comes to utilizing the tips.

As a beginner, you don’t want to start your golfing journey from afar. You want to make sure that you can get close to par on your golf shots. Not only will this help you to build more confidence, but you will notice that you feel more positive when it comes to golf. Playing from the tips can also make the game slower and for many people, it is not as enjoyable as simply playing the game.

As a rule, each golfer should choose a set of tees that matches their skills and brings them to an understanding that will make their life much easier. If you have the opportunity of shortening the golf course for your game, you are better off sticking to this. You should eventually see your handicap improve significantly.

Benefits Of Playing From The Tips

Whether you choose to believe it or not, there are a few small benefits that you can expect when playing from the tips. Yes, it might take plenty of practice, but we have identified a couple of reasons for you to at least try playing from the farthest most point at some stage in your golfing journey to get these benefits:

Changes The Golf Course

As mentioned, the tips will significantly extend the golf course and you will have the opportunity of extending your range. If you are accustomed to a certain golf course, you can use the tips to help improve your shots and give you different shots to think about. You might even find that you build a different strategy for your game.

Having More Challenges

Playing from the tips will be far more challenging than simply playing a traditional golf shot on a standard course. If you want to have a harder time playing golf and you want to make the course more challenging for yourself, you could potentially consider playing from the tips. It might negatively affect your handicap, but once you play the course from the standard tee locations, you could see a significant improvement.


The tips can be a daunting place to start and it should be something you try at least once in your golfing career. It might take you some time to be accustomed and comfortable with playing from the tips, but it has its benefits. We would love to read some of your comments if you have considered playing from the tips.

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