What Are Oversized Golf Clubs?

What Are Oversized Golf Clubs?

The oversized golf clubs were some of my favorites when I first started golfing. While it felt like I was wearing golfing “training wheels” playing with them, it really did help me improve my game and confidence.

Oversized golf clubs allow new players forgiveness when it comes to less than perfect contact with the golf ball. Oversize golf irons have larger heads and longer shafts which allow for further distance and accuracy. These type of clubs are favored by beginners as well as driving range distance sessions.

If you haven’t played with oversized irons yet you should give it a shot. Even those with years of golfing experience can learn from swinging them a few times. It will also make it easier for you to show others who are new to golf how much fun our sport can be.

No one likes to try and tee off and find it next to impossible to make solid contact with the golf ball the first few swings. With an oversize club a newbie to golf will have a much higher probability of hitting the ball.

Man does that bring back some painful memories when I first started. Oh boy did I swing and miss so many times. I ended up being told that my stance and grip was WAY OFF and after a few “local pro” tips, I started connecting with the ball each and every time.


What Is The Difference Between Oversize and Oversized Golf Clubs?

This was actually bugging me enough to where I had to google what the difference was between oversize golf clubs and oversized golf clubs. I also went my bags full of clubs to see what any of the oversize golf clubs I have and if they were named oversize or oversized.

Most golf club manufacturers use the term Oversize Golf Club compared to Oversized Golf Club when it comes to branding on the club itself. When it comes to golf terms, they are interchangeable and both mean the same style of golf club.

Yes this is pretty much a “potato patato” sort of situation. Now the clubs are marked as “oversize” from all the ones that I have personally seen. If you have a club that says “oversized” please take a picture of it so we can check it out.

There are also plenty of oversized clubs that are not labeled as such. Odds are there are a few reasons why a manufacturer would do it this way. Some players do not want the “oversize” pressed in or imprinted on their clubs.


Are Oversize Golf Clubs Good For Beginners?

These golf clubs are exactly what all beginners need and should want. I didn’t know what they were until someone with golfing experience explained them to me. Once I learned how much they can assist in my golfing learning curve, it was a no brainer for me to snag a set of oversized golf clubs up.

Oversize golf clubs are easier to use for beginners to golf than any other type of golf club available. Having a larger club head and longer golf shaft allows the golfer a higher probability of hitting the ball solidly off the tee.

This is also a great way to get your girlfriend or your wife out on the course with you one of these times.  Yeah yeah I know that normally this is the time to get away from the house, the old lady and work stress BUT you can also put a huge smile on her face by inviting her.

If this isn’t something that you want then hide those oversized clubs from her a.s.a.p. LOL This idea can also work for anyone who is brand new though, but this could get you some brownie points at a later date (-;


Are Oversized Clubs Easier To Hit?

These clubs are totally easier to hit especially for people who haven’t ever swung a golf club before. Think of it like a wiffle ball bat compared to a regular baseball bat. Now it isn’t THAT oversized HAHA but the clubs head is larger and normally the shaft of the club is longer to allow more powerful shots.

Using an oversized club will allow anyone including novice golfers better contact with the ball which allows for a longer straighter shot. These types of clubs are perfect for anyone who has difficulty swinging the club smoothly.

These are the main clubs I bring when I take friends and family to the driving range. Why give them a high end club that they are going to keep digging divots with? Give them a chance with a club that will give them the highest probability to get that little golf ball off of the tee and actually go a decent distance.

Who hasn’t watched newbies try and hit the ball and swing wildly and the wind is the only thing that makes the ball fall of the tee. Be patient with these players or they might not ever want to come back out with you.

Give all newbies the best chance possible to actually want to come play with you again. Playing golf by yourself can get pretty boring and leads many to just go to the driving range or play in mini golf competitions.


How Much Bigger Are Oversized Clubs?

These clubs are not freakishly large or noticeably different compared to any other golf club. Now someone who golfs regularly will of course know right off the bat but the average joe wouldn’t know or care less even if he did.

The majority of oversize golf clubs are 1% to 5% larger when it comes to the golf clubs surface area. The oversized golf club shafts tend to be 3% to 7% longer depending on manufacturer.

You can actually go to your local golf pro shop and test out a few different brands. I found a bombtech one that I really loved that I really need to pick up one of these days. Pretty looking club for sure.

Not that I recommend pawn shops, I do know there are some clubs that get unloaded for next to nothing in pawn shops that haven’t even been played. This is also perfect for any beginner to golf and a way to not spend too much money getting into the hobby.


Are Oversize Golf Clubs Legal?

There are plenty of tournaments where using an oversized golf club that isn’t regulation size, weight, material etc will make using one illegal. You will need to check with the local rules at the courses you play at if they allow them or not. Most times this is specific to competitive play only.

Oversize golf clubs are illegal to use during most golf competitions and tournaments. According to the USGA any golf club head sized larger than 460cc or a club shaft longer than 48” is considered illegal.

If you are just hitting balls with the buddies then buy whatever golf clubs you want. Just understand that if you invest in and only play with oversize irons, it will mean that you need new drivers if you plan on ever entering a golf tournament or competition of any kind.

Unless you are competing then use any type of club you want. Tee off with a putter if you want to but if you do make sure and take a video because we would love to watch.


What Are The Best Oversized Golf Clubs?

This will depend on which brand of golf club you personally like. Each name brand golf club manufacturer has an oversize club option that you should check out. Just like most golf club selections, you need to get your hands on them and then locate the best price whether local or online.

I do my best to support my local golf shops as best I can and hope you do the same. When you pick up an oversize golf club don’t forget to let us know which one you landed on.


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