Tour Edge TGS Wedge Review

Tour Edge TGS Wedge Review

In this review, we are going to focus on just one club, and this time it’s the Tour Edge TGS wedge.

Now, having a wedge in your bag that you know you can rely on is something everyone should seek to attain. However, with so many options out there on the market, knowing which wedge is good, and which one should be avoided, is not always easy.

So, how does the Tour Edge TGS wedge line up in the general scheme of things?

Tour Edge TGS Wedge

The Club

  • Comes with a triple grind sole

  • Available in different lofts

  • Contains CNC milled grooves

  • Has two different finish options

The first thing to mention about this wedge is the triple grind sole. That in itself has a very specific purpose in this club, and its aim is to really seek to eliminate as much of the bounce in your shot as possible.

Now this is something that covers the club from heel through to the toe, so there’s no escaping it, and that’s undoubtedly a good thing.

This sole also changes how the club plays. It allows you to really get to work on improvising your shots. This becomes easier as you know the club won’t create any extra bounce that you then have difficulty controlling, so you can have some fun knowing the club is there to support you.

But now let’s look at the milled grooves on the face.

These grooves are pushed to the absolute legal limit, and that does mean it adds some real grip to the ball. Once again, that makes it easier to just let go with your shot. 

The grooves will hold onto the ball, and that allows you to go ahead and give you some control over your shot. This is something you need when dealing with your short game, and this wedge will certainly help you out.

Tour Edge TGS Wedge

A Difference in the Head

But here is where things are different with the Tour Edge TGS wedge, and it’s connected to the head. A piece of the flange has actually been replaced by a TPE insert. Now, TPE stands for Thermal Plastic Elastomer and it sounds elaborate, but it’s there for a reason.

This insert is going to dampen a lot of the vibrations that can throw off your shot. That means you get significantly better feedback from the feel of the shot, and that allows you to then change your entire approach.

But this insert has another reason for existing.

Weight Distribution in the Club

Thanks mainly to the insert, it has allowed Tour Edge to play around with the weight distribution in the club head. They have managed to add extra weight to both the heel and the toe of the club. 

By doing this, it provides the club with better balance. Also, it means you have some extra forgiveness thrown into the equation, and that also results in a larger sweet spot across the face.

All of this adds up to you being able to go ahead and let rip with the club. You can launch into your wedge shot knowing the club is there to really help you out.

Tour Edge TGS Wedge

How it Plays

The Tour Edge TGS wedge is a pretty well balanced club. It’s going to be true to form when you hit, and the weight aspect is certainly going to play a role when it comes to how you address the ball.

The grooves on the club offer significant control over your shot. It has a consistency about the club that you would often expect to see on wedges that cost more. However, that’s not the case here.

As soon as you pick up this wedge, you will feel that it is something that sits well in your hand. It doesn’t feel as if it twists in your grip, so the club will sit square on with the ball when it comes to addressing it.

Who is the Club for?

This club is aimed more at those individuals with a high handicap, or where there is a struggle with their short game. 

In saying that, even people with a middle of the road handicap will find that they can benefit from this particular club. This is due to the way in which the triple sole allows you to play around with shots knowing the club is there to help.

It will also be perfect for people with a tendency to produce too much spin on their wedge shots. The grooves will reduce that with ease, and that will then go ahead and make you more confident with your shots around the green, or even with your approach shots.

Tour Edge Tgs Stainless Wedge (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, A-Flex, MRH SS 58 UST VTS Gr)

The Pros

  • The club is highly forgiving, so you can go ahead and let go with your shots.

  • The grooves on the face reduce the spin effect offering more control.

  • The wedge is very well balanced throughout the swing.

  • The triple sole offers a reduction in bounce throughout the shot.

  • A number of players can benefit from this club.

The Cons

  • The grip is not the best, so you may need to change it.

Overall Conclusion

The Tour Edge TGS wedge is a wonderful club, and the fact you can purchase it for a bargain price is just another huge advantage. 

It doesn’t go big on technology in the club, but then it doesn’t have to. It covers the basics with ease, and then you have to just believe in what the club can do for you. 

It is highly forgiving, so those mishits won’t be punished as much as they would have otherwise been. The balance and overall feel of the club is also something you will get used to pretty quickly.

If you are finding it difficult when it comes to your short game and using a wedge, then this can be an inexpensive way of perhaps fixing those issues, and do so while you keep control of your shots. It is an excellent club for the price, and one that could certainly be worth adding to your bag.

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