Tour Edge Hot Launch c521 Review

Tour Edge Hot Launch c521 Review

The Tour Edge Hot Launch c521 may not be one of the first names you think of when it comes to irons, but if you are ignoring this brand, then you are missing out.

So, just how good is this set of clubs? Well, that’s what we are going to seek to find out.

The Clubs

  • Viewed as being game improvement clubs

  • Irons are cavity backed

  • Highly forgiving

  • Shafts tend to have low kick point

  • Focus on improved trajectory leading to better distance

The first thing to know is that the c521 range covers everything from drivers, to woods, to hybrids, and irons. Basically, you can get the complete set, and it does then mean you have a consistent form of technology helping you out on the course.

One thing to really point out with the c521 range is that this is all about improving your game. It doesn’t overload you with technology in the process, but there’s enough there to keep you interested and to see noticeable changes to what you can do on the course.

The clubs are, in general, highly forgiving and that will make a huge difference to the way in which you will even approach your shots. The sweet spot on the driver, as an example is impressive, so you can really let go knowing the club is there to help you out.

However, that applies to all of the clubs in the range, and not just the driver.

Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 Lob Wedge 59 (Aldila Rogue, Stiff) Golf

A Focus on Angle and Distance

With this range, there’s less focus on speed and power, and more attention is paid to the trajectory of the flight angle to improve distance. It also seeks to provide you with a certain amount of consistency with your shots.

Look at the irons in the set as an example.

They come with a cavity back and the aim here is to go and get the ball up off the deck and into the air. This is helped by the shafts that come with the clubs having a lower kick point, so if you struggle in that area, then there’s no doubt that this club will make a difference.

Generally, the clubs come with a wider sole as well, and this helps when we get down to the way it moves through the grass without really dragging on anything.

The wider sole makes the transition from swing to addressing the ball a whole lot smoother. It can reduce twisting and turning through the swing, and that leads to more consistency and accuracy with your shots.

Also, if we look at the feel aspect, then the sound this club produces is pretty reasonable, and it will act as a good enough indicator as to what is going on with your swing. However, any changes need to come from you rather than playing around too much with the club.

Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 Lob Wedge 59 (Aldila Rogue, Stiff) Golf

Other Key Aspects of the c521

Looking at other aspects of the c521, then what you have is a series of clubs that provide you with smooth contact, and that is such a pleasant thing to encounter on the course.

Also, if you do catch a divot with these clubs, then the wider sole that we mentioned earlier will help to partly counteract those problems. This does help you out when producing divots is a regular event, so at least it means you won’t worry about things the same.

In addition, the shafts that come with these clubs will be suitable for most people. That’s because of the way in which the clubs are designed to help you focus on other areas of your game instead of getting into these intricacies.

Overall though, these clubs feel well balanced, and they will inspire and give confidence to people who are perhaps struggling with different aspects of their game.

Who is it For?

These clubs are going to be perfect for people starting out, or those looking at trying to get their handicap down not long after starting to play the game.

The reason why we say this is because of the forgiveness factor and the fact you cannot play around with the shots too much. By doing this, it means you can focus on the key things that you need to do at the start of playing golf, which is making a good connection.

Also, focusing more on consistency and accuracy over speed, even though the clubs are light, is another sign it’s best for people with high handicaps. Just getting the ball more on the fairway will make a huge difference to your game.

Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 Lob Wedge 59 (Aldila Rogue, Stiff) Golf

The Pros

  • The clubs are designed to help by giving you a better angle from your shot

  • The clubs are highly forgiving, so mishits aren’t as big an issue

  • The wider sole makes a smoother connection

  • The wider sole also reduces vibration, so it has better feel

The Cons

  • Even though the clubs are lightweight, they won’t boost speed too much

  • They don’t provide you with too many shot options

Overall Conclusion

The thing that strikes you with the Tour Edge Hot Launch c521 range of clubs is their consistency across the board. That alone will build your confidence when you come up to address the ball, and being able to relax in that way can make a huge difference to the end results you can achieve.

These clubs will make it easier for you to hit the ball, and also to have some faith in your shots. This lets you open up with your swing and trust that the ball is going to do exactly what you wanted it to do.

Tour Edge do produce quality clubs, and they can do so without it breaking the bank. This is just another example of that carrying on with the range of clubs they have to offer. 

So if you are looking for consistency, help with getting the ball in the air, and not having to worry so much about your shots, then this could be the perfect solution. The fact you can also buy individual clubs does mean you can pick and choose depending on areas of your game where you feel this club could help.

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