Top-Flite XL 13 Piece Set Review

Top-Flite XL 13 Piece Set Review

When starting out in golf, you want to have a strong set that is going to help you when it comes to getting to grips with the game. While there are many brands out there that will be able to do this, you also need to strike a balance between assistance, and value for money.

With that in mind, we are going to look at one set in particular, and that is the Top-Flite XL 13 piece.

Why Top-Flite?

Just before we head into checking out this set in some detail, why have we chosen Top-Flite as opposed to other brands? 

Well, Top-Flite has built a stellar name for itself when it comes to manufacturing high-quality golf clubs without a high price. It strikes that balance between offering you more than enough for your needs as a beginner, but without breaking the bank at the same time.

So, that’s why. It’s nothing complicated or fanciful when it comes to a reason apart from the fact that the company itself is well-known for producing brilliant clubs.

Top-Flite XL 13 Piece Set

The Top-Flite XL 13 Piece Set

  • Comes with 460cc Titanium composite driver

  • Driver has massive sweet spot

  • Easy to hit hybrids included

  • Single fairway wood

  • Mallet putter included

The Top-Flite XL 13 piece set does provide you with everything you will need when it comes to getting yourself around the course in one piece. Providing you with a driver, #3 wood, #4 and #5 hybrid, 6 iron down to a pitching wedge, and a putter, you should find yourself using every club during the round.

However, what about the actual clubs themselves?

Top-Flite XL 13 Piece Set

The Driver

First, let’s look at the driver. It comes with a 460cc head, so it’s at the volume you would expect. It’s made from a titanium composite, so it’s quite light, but not too light that it’s going to end up with you swinging out of control. 

However, the one thing you do want to be aware of is that this club has a massive sweet spot. That alone is going to make a difference off the tee as the driver in this set is extremely forgiving, so you can let loose a bit even when you are still trying to really learn the game.

The Fairway Wood

The #3 fairway wood is going to be your go to club on those long par 5 holes where you still have some distance to go, or even if you are unsure about using your driver off the tee. 

What you have here is a club with a steel shaft. This provides the club with a bit more strength, and a bit less flex as well, so the ball won’t fly off at all angles. 

The Hybrids

Hybrid clubs are extremely popular, and this set is slightly unusual in that it includes both a #4 and a #5 hybrid in the set.

However, in this instance, both of these clubs should come in useful at various times. Top-Flite has moved the weight in these clubs to the perimeter, and they have also opened up the face of the club as much as possible. 

These clubs also come with a steel shaft to provide a certain stiffness while also adding a bit of weight to proceedings. It just makes it less likely that you will be able to let rip with your swing and end up way off course.

The Irons

This set comes with a 6, 7, 8, 9, and pitching wedge, so they have you covered for those shots coming into the green. 

The key here is in the construction of the irons. What Top-Flite has done is to move the weight around in order to make sure that it’s more evenly distributed. However, let’s explain why this is so important.

Perimeter weighting is a design feature in the modern golf club that is specifically designed to help those players just starting out. By taking the main mass of the club away from the heart while pushing it to the edges, it means the sweet spot of the club becomes massive, and that’s the sort of help you want.

By making the irons way more forgiving, it means you have a better chance of hitting a more precise shot. When just starting out, that is something that will drive you crazy, so the fact these irons help with this is a real bonus. 

Also, with these irons, it does mean they have a cavity back, and that’s another key point.

With cavity backed irons, as opposed to bladed irons, they are going to be easier to hit. Knowing that this is the case, you can switch your mind away from stressing about the shot as the irons are on your side.

The Putter

Top-Flite XL putter

This set comes with a mallet putter, but that’s not the best part. Instead, it’s the fact that the putter comes with alignment lines on top. That makes it easier for you to line up the putt, and know you are hitting the ball square on the face. Ultimately, it should make a difference with the end result.

Top-Flite XL 13 Set Specifications:

ModelLoftLieLengthBounceHead VolumeHead Weight
3 Wood15°59°43.5"N/A200cc210g
4 Hybrid21°60°39.5"N/A115cc235g
5 Hybrid24°61°39"N/A110cc240g
6 Iron30°61°37.5"N/A266g
7 Iron33°61.5°37"N/A273g
8 Iron37°62°36.5"N/A280g
9 Iron41°63°36"N/A287g

Who is the Set Aimed at?

Before we go into our thoughts on the set, let’s get one thing sorted out, and that’s who the set is aimed at.

There’s no doubt that the set is designed to help those starting out in the game. Also, we are talking about the adult male set here, so that makes a difference when it comes to the length and weight of the clubs.

However, if you want to know how we reach this conclusion, then we will tell you shortly.

The Positives of the Set

The Top-Flite XL 13 piece set has a number of real positives associated with it. 

  • The irons have a simple cavity back design with no added extras. This simply makes it easier to hit them.

  • The putter has a counterweight. This provides stability through the putt.

  • Having two hybrids provides you with greater shot selection.

  • The driver has a massive sweet spot helping you off the tee.

  • Even the bag is lightweight and easy to carry around.

The Negatives of the Set

There are also a couple of negatives associated with this set, but they aren’t major hurdles for you to overcome. 

  • The set doesn’t come with a sand wedge. However, you can add one in on your own.

  • The set doesn’t come with a 5-iron, but like the sand wedge you can add it in yourself.

The Overall Set

So, what do we make of the overall set? Well, quite a lot to be honest.

Perhaps the key here is that it deals with the basics, and it does them well. The collection of clubs is sufficient for most people. Actually, the only thing that we can see as a problem is that issue of the sand wedge. However, like we said, you can add a cheap one into your bag.

The key here is in the way that the set plays. In that respect, it’s very good.

As a beginner, you need that help with hitting the ball and trying to keep it somewhere near the fairway or green. With that, this set does everything it can to make life easier for you.

The balance and sweet spots work well. The face of the club opens up, making it easier for you to get a firm contact even when you are still working out your best swing.

Also, we do like the irons and putter in this set. They don’t do anything fancy or elaborate, but the weight distribution and balance means you only need to focus on making a connection. The putter has its alignment help as well, and considering you are still mastering putting, this is a welcome thing.

In short, this set gives you everything you are looking for without over-complicating matters by bringing in details on reducing spin or being able to change lofts. 

How the Set Scores

Finally, how does the set score? For this, we look at key areas such as sweet spot, the swing, and ability to keep control of your shot. For us, the Top-Flite XL 13 piece set scores the following.

Ease of Use - 92

Sweet Spot - 95

Feeling Through Swing - 88

Control of Shot - 90

Overall Score - 92

We feel that this set performs well. The reason why it has a slightly lower score through the swing is due to the fact that as a beginner you aren’t even really sure as to how it’s supposed to feel to you. For some, the weight distribution can feel a bit off, and that can disturb your swing.

However, overall this set is brilliant. As a novice player, it’s going to help you to work on things like your swing mechanism due to the way in which the sweet spot pulls your shots back with the clubs being ultra forgiving. 

If you are new to golf, and are looking for a set to get you on your way, then this option by Top-Flite is certainly one you should seriously consider buying. 

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