Titleist t300 vs t400

Titleist t300 vs t400

When it comes to golf clubs, Titleist are known for producing some quality products that could very well make an impressive difference to your game. 

But that in itself can pose a problem.

If you love the Titleist name, you then need to choose between the different options that are out there on the market, and that involves knowing what they are capable of doing. In this instance, we are going to focus on two ranges, the t300 and the t400.

Now, you may think that surely there won’t be much of a difference, but that is what we are going to check out. You may be surprised at what you will find out.

Titleist t300

Titleist t300
  • Max impact technology for better ball speed

  • Polymer core reduces vibrations

  • Tungsten toe weighting for more forgiveness

  • Longer blade for better MOI

  • Delivers straighter ball flight

The Titleist t300 set of irons are impressive, and you will quickly discover why they are impressive as soon as you get your hands on them.

These irons are all about boosting speed and accuracy, so if you have a slower swing speed, then these irons could be perfect. However, they have also not managed to forget about forgiveness, as these irons also have you covered in that way.

This forgiveness is thanks to the tungsten toe weighting and the high MOI. This high MOI is due to a longer blade on the iron, and combining the precise weighting with this longer blade means less turning of the club and a better connection.

This does then mean the t300 irons should hit straight and true. That is a huge deal since it means you should have less tension in your shoulders through your swing, and even that alone will increase your speed which is then transferred through the club and onto the ball.

But then there’s the feel with these irons.

Titleist decided to include a polymer core, and that has the impact of absorbing vibrations within the club, and it’s not transferred over to you. It means you get substantially better feel via these irons, and it makes it easier to gain a clear understanding of what is going on with your shots.

Overall, the t300 range plays true, and you know what to expect when it comes to striking the ball with these irons.

Titleist t300

Who is it For?

The t300 is clearly suitable for a wide range of players. Those with slower swing speeds will benefit from the improved energy transfer between club and ball resulting in not only increased speed, but increased distance.

The high level of forgiveness and size of sweet spot means people with a higher handicap can also benefit as these irons will pull your shot back into line more often than not. As we said earlier, it reduces tension in your shot leading to a better swing overall.

Titleist t300

The Pros

  • The added speed to your shots is a huge bonus

  • The irons hit true and straight

  • The size of the sweet spot will help you out

  • The reduced vibrations makes life easier

The Cons

  • If you have a fast swing speed, you could lose some control with your shots

Titleist t400

Titleist t400
  • Comes with a super fast thin face

  • Has a split sole design for better grass interaction

  • Comes with hollow body construction

  • Low CoG due to split weighting in heel and toe

  • Lower launch as a result of the weighting

The Titleist t400 was actually designed to be the range of irons that would take over from the t300, and yet they are completely different in what they offer.

The t400 range comes with a super fast thin face, and that is going to deliver some real explosive power when addressing the ball. These irons will easily add a signficant amount of speed to your shots, and it will do so without you having to change a single thing.

But speed is not everything with the t400 series.

The design is different in that it has a hollow body construction, and that is where it gets the higher MOI. It keeps the club very well balanced, and there’s next to no twisting or turning at the point of addressing the ball. 

That does mean the t400 series does hit straight and true, which is always a good thing.

But sticking with the design, it does have a split sole design, and this is intended to result in better interaction with the grass. The key here is that it will allow the club head to glide through the grass without sticking. 

By not sticking, it means the club makes a smoother connection with the ball, and even the amount of power lost at that point of contact will drop as a result.

And then there’s the low CoG in the t400.

By adding in a split balance between heel and toe tungsten weighting, it has allowed Titleist to push the CoG lower than ever before. That low CoG has addressed any balance issues you may have been fearing, and it also affects the launch.

The t400 will not result in you being capable of pushing your shots too high. That just cannot happen. The lower CoG takes care of that, so if you tended to get too much air on your shots, then this will become a thing of the past. 

Overall, the t400 range manages to increase speed and general smoothness of your shot. It pushes things lower to the ground thanks to the low CoG, and if you have these issues with your iron shots, then the t400 will counteract those problems.

Titleist t400

Who is it For?

This t400 range will be ideal for people with slow swing speeds and where they get too much height on their iron shots. Both of these areas will result in a drop in distance from your shots, and that is where the t400 will come into its own.

It is perhaps not as forgiving as the t300, and yet the control you have over your shot via the club is undoubtedly superior. If you have been struggling with the interaction between grass and club, then this t400 range will also help in those areas.

The Pros

  • It has better interaction with the ground

  • You will have a smoother swing with the t400

  • You will have increased speed and distance

  • You will undo any excess height

The Cons

  • If you already hit low to the ground, then this will make it worse

Comparing the Two Clubs

As you can see, both the t300 and t400 have a different way of going about things, and that is where drawing a comparison is key.

So, let’s look at certain key points.


Both the t300 and t400 deal with increasing speed, but they go about it in slightly different ways. However, if you are struggling with a slow swing speed, then either option will be beneficial for you.


As with speed, both aspects will help with distance, but they also go about it differently. 

The t400 reduces height, but that will only help people who struggle with too much height. The t300 focuses more on the speed aspect and a cleaner connection to improve that distance.


The t300 doesn’t focus too much on trajectory whereas it’s a key component of the t400 series. The lower CoG in the t400 changes the attack angle of the club and that alters the angle. 

With the t300, it’s connected more to the MOI and stopping the club from twisting. However, it does leave it more up to your own swing as opposed to the t400.

Who is Each Set for?

So who will benefit from the t300 or t400? Well, it’s different people for different clubs.

Both will benefit a wide range of players. However, the t300 is slightly more forgiving than the t400, so that pushes it more to mid to high handicap players.

Both will help individuals with slow swing speeds, but the t400 is more attacking orientated than the t300. 

For height, the t400 does push things lower to the ground, and that’s important for some people.

Even identifying these few differences will help you decide which set is best for your game.

Comparison Table

Finally, let’s look at a comparison table to help you with your decision.




Ease of Use















Overall Conclusion

It’s a close run thing between the t300 and t400, and that’s because they are both excellent clubs. They do tackle things in a slightly different approach, and that is why we have stressed the need to understand your game to decide which one is right for you.

Titleist has managed to excel itself with both of these clubs, and either one should benefit at least some aspect of your game. However, take the key points we have mentioned and apply it to how you tend to strike the ball, and the various issues you have.

Only by doing that will you decide which one is best for you, but if we had to opt for one, then the t300 would slightly edge it, and that’s merely because of the level of forgiveness and doing more of the basics well.

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