TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls Review

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls Review

Choosing the correct golf ball is not always as straightforward as we would like to think. Instead, we can look at the array of options in front of us, and then struggle to come to a conclusion as to which one is best for our game.

While we completely understand your predicament, we are going to focus on just one single ball, and that is the TaylorMade Distance Plus golf balls. As the name suggests, it seems that these balls have one thing in mind, but do they reach expectations?

People can often be guilty of overlooking TaylorMade when it comes to balls, and that’s a shame. They put the same effort into developing balls as they do their clubs, and the result is something that pulls no punches in what it offers.

So, onto the review of their Distance Plus golf balls.

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

The Balls

  • Designed for speed

  • Creates lower spin compared to other balls

  • Comes with their react core

  • Aerodynamic design leads to less drag

  • Two-piece ball works even with moderate swing speed

TaylorMade produce a number of different golf balls, and their Distance Plus range is just one of many that are available.

As the name suggests, this ball is all about getting added distance to your shots, and TaylorMade is able to do this thanks to the technology and overall design of the ball.

First, this ball comes with an ionomer cover. However, TaylorMade has played around with the cover to a certain extent, and the aim is to increase the distance you can achieve.

In saying that, TaylorMade has targeted getting the absolute maximum driver distance from this ball mixed in with a mid-launch. Basically, they are attempting to achieve the optimum distance without sacrificing power or speed which, as a result, negatively impacts the distance.

They do this thanks to the React Core along with a 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern. The aim here is to reduce drag through the air as drag can rip several yards off a shot with absolute ease. 

Compression Rating

The compression rating is a huge deal with a golf ball, and this one comes in at 77. According to TaylorMade themselves, that does mean you can expect something of a soft feel to the ball, while it also comes with something of a mid-high wedge spin.

But that’s not all.

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

Added Tool for the 2021 Version

If you manage to find the 2021 version of the Distance Plus ball, then you can take advantage of the added alignment aid that comes printed on the ball. This will help you on the greens with your putts, and it’s a very simple idea that works very well indeed.

Having this alignment aid on the ball will not only help with lining things up, but also in letting you know all about the roll and what is happening with the shot.

How the Ball Plays

This ball is designed to help people with a slow to moderate speed swing. That is because it sees this sector as lacking in speed, which translates to lacking in power. This ball hopes to counteract that particular problem.

It also seeks to eliminate spin, and that is something that all beginners should be looking at when it comes to their shots. Of course, it does mean it’s harder to gain a sense of control around the green, but when you are new, then this is not such a problem.

But also, if you are an experienced player, then you may come to the conclusion that this ball does not have the same sort of feel around it. However, that is also something that people starting out in the game should not worry about.

Overall, this ball is all about being hit straight, true, and over an increased distance. This is something it does exceptionally well.

TaylorMade 2018 Distance+ Golf Ball, White (One Dozen)

Who is it Aimed at?

This ball is aimed at people new to the game of golf, or those lacking in distance with their shots. However, these two points are often interlinked, so this ball is going to score in a number of ways.

In saying that, these balls focus only on one thing, so if you are trying to get more control over your shots via spin and how the ball acts, then this is not the one for you.

So, we can sum things up by saying this ball is more for the person lacking in power, and also those new to the game where keeping a ball nice and simple is the important thing.

The Pros

  • It really will add extra yardage onto your shots

  • It offers a mid-launch to get those extra yards

  • It is perfect for people with a slow swing speed

  • It has reduced drag thanks to the design

  • It is very consistent in how it reacts

The Cons

  • If you want feel from your ball, then this is not the one for you

  • If you have a fast swing speed, then it’s easy to lose control

Overall Conclusion

The TaylorMade Distance Plus golf ball is an excellent ball, and it pulls no punches in what it is trying to do with helping your game. 

This ball is all about just one single thing, and that is power. It has no intention of trying to help your game in any other way aside from adding some yardage onto your shots.

In saying that, it does perform well, and even though it’s a basic golf ball, there’s no doubt it will benefit the game of anyone starting out with golf. It doesn’t rely on you having a lot of power, or a fast swing. It just wants you to make contact, and then allow the ball to help you out as much as it can.

But be warned. This ball is not for more experienced players, or those that are not struggling when it comes to distance. It could result in you effectively losing some control over your shots, and then other parts of your game will clearly suffer.

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