How to Choose the Right Golf Bag?

Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag-How to Choose the Right Golf Bag?

If you are looking to buy a new golf bag you might have been amazed by the sheer amount of different options available to golfers nowadays. So, how can you possibly choose the right golf bag?

There is no simple solution for deciding the single best golf bag. It entirely depends on what type of golfer you are and what the needs of your golf bag will be.

We will take a look in more detail at each of the different types of golf bags available and then hopefully help you decide what golf bag you need.

Staff Bag

Commonly also referred to as Tour bags, these are the largest golf bags available. You will have seen these being lugged around by Professional Tour caddies. It might look impressive on television, but these bags are heavy and if you want to occasionally carry your bag this is definitely not the best option.

Staff bags have tons of storage space designed for all the additional equipment and accessories required by professionals. So, if you like to carry lots of extra accessories and apparel then they can be useful.

Typically the most expensive golf bag option, staff bags are made of more luxurious materials and have plenty of space for sponsorship too. If you have your own business then staff bags are great for personalizing with your branding.

Staff bags are unlikely to be the best value for recreational golfers shopping on a budget. If that does not put you off and you just want to use the same as the Professionals, then make sure you have your own push cart to use when you play.

Cart Bag

As you can probably guess by the name, these golf bags are designed for a cart. Slightly smaller and less robust than a staff bag, they still boast an impressive amount of storage.

A cart bag will be the perfect choice for a golfer that likes to have plenty of extras with them on the golf course, but never likes to carry their own bag. Although slightly lighter than a staff bag, it is still not recommended to carry a cart bag on the golf course. So, you should have your own push cart or always hire a cart when you play golf.

There is plenty of variety between manufacturers, but cart bags will typically only have one shoulder strap and no stand. All of the pockets are designed to be forward facing or designed to be easily accessible from a golf cart.

Stand Bag

The stand bag is the most versatile golf bag. They are designed to be carried the majority of the time, but can also be used on a golf cart when needed.

As the name suggests, these golf bags feature a two-legged stand that springs out when you rest them against the ground. This allows you to keep your bag from getting wet or muddy on the ground, but also easier retrieval of golf clubs and better pocket access.

There is possibly more variation in style and design between different stand bags than any other golf bag. Most will have a double shoulder strap for easy carrying, but from here it is important to know your priorities. Consider how much storage you need, how regularly you will be carrying and if you are just a fair weather golfer.

If you have the budget, there are some premium stand bags available that are waterproof, lightweight, durable and have decent storage. If you are looking for better value for money, be cautious the stand is still good quality for stability and the bag sits comfortably on your shoulders when carried.

You might also come across hybrid stand bags. These are stand bags that have been specifically designed to fit golf carts. They are often a little heavier and with more storage than standard stand bags, but are still meant to be carried as well.

Carry Bag

Compact, extremely lightweight and easy to carry. The carry bag, also commonly called a Sunday bag, is perfect for golfers that only take the bare essentials. You won’t find as much storage space, but these bags are designed to save the burden of any unnecessary weight.

Designs will vary massively again, but many carry bags will still allow you to carry a full set of 14 clubs. They do not have any lining structure, so they are perfect to fold up for simple storage and easy traveling. You will want to pack this bag away during the wet winter months too, because you will get almost no waterproof protection at all.

Carry bags can be found at a cost effective price and are perfect for casual golfers that just want a quick 9 holes in the summer.

How do I choose the right golf bag?

To decide on what golf bag to choose, you need to make a realistic determination about how you are going to be using your golf bag the majority of the time. Below are some things to consider before choosing your golf bag.

How often do you carry vs. using a push cart vs. riding a golf cart?

Answer: I only ever carry

Consider a lightweight stand bag if you play in all weather, but if you only play during the summer months a carry bag would be perfect.

Answer: It depends, I like to carry and use a push cart sometimes

A stand bag is the best option to give you more flexibility

Answer: I only use my push cart or ride in a golf cart

A cart bag will be the most suitable, but if money is no object then consider a staff bag too

Do you play during the winter, but your golf course bans the use of carts?

This is a common problem many keen golfers are faced with when the weather turns wet every year. In this instance a lightweight and waterproof stand bag will always be the best solution.

It is certainly worth paying slightly more for a premium product here to ensure your clubs and accessories stay dry. Plus, a stand bag can then be used on a push cart again if you prefer during the dry weather.

Do you have the budget for two golf bags?

This might sound like an unnecessary extravagance, but you can find relatively good quality carry bags for $50 or less. A carry bag and cart bag combination is a popular choice among golfers that like to vary their bag depending on the golf course or time of year.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a golf bag to cover all your golfing needs is difficult. If you are currently playing golf, think about how you use your current golf bag and what you put in it.

Golf bags can be an expensive purchase, but you will be using it every time you play golf and  picking the right one can make your golf experience far more enjoyable.

Hopefully this article has helped you to understand the pros and cons of each style of golf bag and make a more informed decision when buying your next one.

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