Should You Lift Your Golf Cart?

Should You Lift Your Golf Cart?

The question about lifting a golf cart might have been stuck in your mind as you heard your fellows having a discussion about lifting theirs. Some must have noticed lifted carts on the golf course and now considering making modifications to their cart too. But is it worth it? It is better when you have prior information about this field rather than doing what seems attractive in a rush.

Lifting a golf cart completely depends upon personal preference. In general, this process has multiple beneficial outcomes that include an increase in speed and clearance, more convenience while moving uphills, and improvement in power. There are some limitations to it too that an individual should consider before modifying the cart.

Many suppose that increasing the level of this vehicle just involves inserting big tires and replacing regular ones. However, this is not the case. In this piece of writing, I have mentioned all the advantages along with some setbacks. Fortunately, there are minimum chances of facing problems if one takes care of certain things.

Advantages Of Lifting A Golf Cart:-

Increase In Speed And Clearance:

In the last decades, the companies developed and designed golf carts specifically to be used on courses by golfers. However, with the passage of time, the span of applications became broader and now people ride them on sloppy areas, beaches, and for off-road traveling. There is a chance that you come across uneven terrain. In this situation, standard and small tires are not preferable and can ruin your experience.

If your golf cart is lifted, it will help you to move through these land types more easily. Also, you can fit large tires in a lifted cart. The larger tire size will enhance the velocity while adding to the power of that vehicle.

Pulling And Towing A Trailer:

A lifted golf cart, especially a gas one, is also helpful in pulling and parking a trailer to the desired location. The large tires not only enhance the speed but also the power of the overall machine. The strength of an engine combined with that of the overall unit will allow you to perform towing in no time.

More Stability:

When you increase your golf cart’s height to two inches or more using a lift kit, it offers more stability as compared to the previous version due to larger and broader tires. This property makes it more secure to climb a hilly spot. Furthermore, lifting gives you an opportunity to install offset wheels in the vehicle.

Cost-Friendly Option:

What could be better than boosting the appearance with several benefits at an affordable price? Well, doing all the modifications needed for lifting will cost you a few hundreds of dollars which included the cost of a lift kit. One of the least expensive ways to do this is by purchasing a block lift kit.


Disadvantages Of Lifting A Golf Cart:-

Less Safe For Older People And Children:

If you have some fellows who have reached the age of 60, it will be less safe for them if they try to try riding a lifted golf cart. This is because of increased height than the regular height which makes it difficult for older people to enter. The same is the case if teenagers or children enter. Thus, if you are biased towards this change, you should avoid this by keeping them away or telling them about your concerns beforehand.

Risk While Turning:

Though improvement in speed is beneficial, it also has a drawback. A fast-moving lifted cart has a risk of bending inwards while turning a corner. There is a chance of injury as well as some damage to the outer body of the golf cart. Hence, it is essential to be cautious and slow down when you see a corner approaching. It is not a major issue and you can avoid it by being careful.

Requires More Power:

One should not forget that the cart is originally designed for specific tires with a particular weight. Once someone replaces them with new and larger ones, the entire vehicle has to bear the extra burden and thus execute more power to drive. Eventually, it will use excessive force that can result in damage to the motor in the long run.

If it does not seem significant to you then you should go for this modification. In case you have a gas golf cart with good horsepower or an electric cart with a high voltage supply (such as a 56V cart), it will do minimal wear and tear to the engine.

Other Activities Can Cause Damage:

Several people after lifting their carts think of attaching and lifting goods through them. They either attach heavy weights or pull large containers since the clearance has been improved. The main problem is that the battery or engine present in the vehicle is original and will lose charging or power quickly when they face more pressure than usual. Therefore, the battery will deplete faster than it should and you might have to replace it early if you continue to perform these tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Carts:-

Is it worth lifting a golf cart?

There are multiple advantages of lifting a golf cart such as enhanced speed, height, and clearance. It is due to the larger tires. Other than this, it also makes it more convenient to move on rocky and rough terrains. However, it can have a slightly negative impact on the battery since it has to exert more power. Generally, the benefits are more than limitations.

How hard is it to put a lift on a golf cart?

It is easy and convenient to lift and customize a golf cart using a lift kit. There are multiple kinds of kits available in the market such as spindle kits and block lift kits. However, it can be tiring and time-consuming if you are doing the entire procedure on your own without these tools.

Does lifting a golf cart make it faster?

Yes, lifting a cart a few inches helps to increase the speed. This quality is attributed to the bigger than usual tires. Generally, the more the size of the tires, the more the improvement.

Final Thoughts:-

I hope that I have assisted you in your thought process regarding increasing the height of your golf cart. If you think that the advantages that it offers will assist you in the future, you should go for it. I highly recommend purchasing an appropriate toolset that will make it easy for you. However, you should keep the limitations in mind and try your best to avoid certain things that can cause harm to the vehicle.

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