Seemore Nashville Putter

Seemore Nashville Putter Review

Having the wrong putter in your bag can be a disaster. So, you want to know everything that you possibly can know about a putter before you go ahead and make a purchase.

Here, we are going to check out the Seemore Nashville putter because this is one brand that is certainly trusted by the pros when it comes to sinking those putts on the green. But how does the Nashville putter compare?

Let’s check it out and see what’s in store.

The Putter

  • Contains Riflescope Alignment Technology

  • Has a precision milled face

  • Crafted from 303 stainless steel

  • Comes with 11 different head designs

So first, let’s address the different head designs. By incorporating 11 different options, it does mean you should have no problem in finding the option that is best for your game. 

From blades to different types of mallet putters, they have covered everything you can imagine, so nobody will feel left out.

But here’s a slight problem.

Most of the options are going to be center shafted. That does mean those individuals that prefer a hell option may feel slightly left out by it all. However, this can be slightly counteracted by the variety of heads, and how the weight is then distributed.

But in saying that, it’s still something that may require a slight adjustment to your putting stroke, and not everyone is willing to go ahead and change such an important part of their game.

Seemore Nashville Putter

The Alignment Aspect

However, the main focus of this putter is actually with the alignment aspect, and that is where it undoubtedly excels.

This is all due to what they refer to as their Riflescope Alignment Technology, and as the name suggests, it’s all about trying to make sure you have your putt lined up perfectly each and every time.

The theory is that this should then reduce the number of putts you take in a single round, and the way they do this is by incorporating what is pretty much a gun sight concept into the putter.

Here, you use the black lower section of the putter shaft to line it up through the solitary red dot that appears on hell along the top line. 

But that’s not all.

It also incorporates two parallel white lines that appear directly on either side of the red dot. This, in effect, manages to create a frame which then means you can feel confident that the head of the putter is indeed lined up squarely to the hole.

Seemore Nashville Putter

The Feel of the Putter

Another key component with any putter is how it feels, and in this case, you have a putter that offers a soft and responsive feel, so that is fantastic if you want to improve your putting game and require a lot of feedback.

This happens partly due to the quality of the stainless steel used in its construction. It helps give that soft feel and response to your putts, but then there’s also the case that if your game is not yet at the stage where this matters, then you are missing out on what the putter can offer.

The Face

The face of the putter is precision milled, and that does mean you should be able to accurately predict what is going to happen with each and every shot.

The grooves on the face of the putter will be exact no matter where you make contact, so this does then help reduce the odds of a mishit taking place at some point. Also, the sweet spot on the putter is pretty impressive, but then the precision milling also helps with that part as well.

Overall, you will quickly learn that this is a putter you can trust when it comes to the shots you will be playing, and that is undoubtedly a huge advantage.

Seemore Nashville Putter

Who is it For?

So who is this putter for? Well, even though it is loved by pros, that’s not the only people it’s aimed at.

Instead, it can be a wonderful putter for anybody who is indeed struggling with lining up their shots on the green. That can cover anybody of any level as being unable to line things up correctly is going to add shots to every single round.

Also, while the feel aspect pushes it more towards the experienced golfer, who understands all about feedback and how to adjust their shots, that shouldn’t put off individuals who merely want to get something that helps them lining up their putts.

So, while it could be argued its more for a mid to low handicap player, even those starting out could benefit from having this putter in their bag. It could very well help their putting game to progress faster than with other putters.

The Pros

  • The precision milling means you have a true roll each and every time

  • The alignment aid does make a huge difference to your potential shot

  • The variety of putter heads means you aren’t forced into something you don’t like

  • The balance of the putter is exceptional, no matter your type of swing

  • The sweet spot is impressive, so that removes stress in your putt

The Cons

  • Even though it is an amazing help, the alignment tool takes some getting used to in order to get the maximum out of it

Overall Conclusion

There is little doubt that the Seemore Nashville Putter is an amazing club to have in your bag. The creators have decided to focus primarily on one key area, the alignment, and they have gone all out in delivering a putter that does indeed make a difference.

But that aside, this is still a perfectly reasonable putter. It is well-balanced, the milling helps with the ball roll and knowing where the ball is going, and ultimately this putter is not going to let you down on the green.

So if you want to sort out the lining up of your putts, then you will be hard pressed to find a putter that is better than this particular one. For that reason alone, this is one putter that we have to recommend to anybody struggling in that department.

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