Ray Cook Putter Review

Ray Cook Putter Review

Ray Cook putters have managed to make a real name for themselves over the years, and as soon as you get your hands on one, then you will understand why they are so popular.

These are not your basic putters. Instead, it’s clear that so much thought has gone into their development, and that’s something you need to pay attention to.

You see, the Ray Cook company basically overhauled their putters back in 2012 when they relaunched themselves into the market. So, was it worth it? Well, we need to check out different putters in order to come to some sort of a conclusion.

Now, we could just list each and every putter they have made, but that list would be far too long. So, we are going to look at three completely different options as a way of showing the variety of putters out there on the market that are made by this company.

So let’s get on with it.

Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray Select SR550 Putter Navy Blue 35"
  • Comes with oversized mallet style head

  • Provides a unique alignment approach

  • Offers a mid-size grip

  • Provides excellent balance throughout the putter

The entire aim of this SR550 putter is to provide you with a putter that feels exceptionally well balanced in your hand, and also one that gives you some sense of control over your putts.

While those are big claims to make, it’s clear that the SR550 does indeed deliver on them. 

In this instance, the putter is going to be face balanced, so that takes some getting used to when it comes to using the putter in the first place. It may involve a slight change in your stance to really get the most out of this club.

When it comes to the shaft, then they use steel, and there’s a bend in the shaft. This is going to really promote the concept of addressing the ball in a hands forward position.

As is the norm for a putter, it comes in with a loft of 3 degrees, and the alignment aids on the top of the putter make it easier for you to assess where the ball lies. That should make a huge difference when it comes to setting up your shot.


  • The face balanced approach may force you into making appropriate changes.
  • The bend in the shaft makes it easier for alignment.
  • The alignment aid on the putter itself allows you to line up the ball.
  • The putter feels comfortable in your hand.


  • It’s a mallet putter. Not everyone appreciates what it does.
  • You may need to learn about a change in stance.

Overall Conclusion

The SR550 putter looks the part, it performs well, and there’s every chance it could make a positive difference to your putting game. 

As mallet putters go, this plays well, and even if you are not used to this style of putter, it could be an inexpensive way to try it out.

2. Ray Cook Golf Ladies RC PT02 Putter

Ray Cook Golf Lady RC PT 02 Putter 33" [Gold]
  • Blade style putter.

  • 33” in length.

  • Heel/toe weighted

  • Premium casting

  • Looks stunning

We also have this option for female players, and the RC PT02 putter is another exceptional example from Ray Cook Golf.

This time, we have a blade style putter, and it is heel/toe weighted while providing perfect balance both in the hand, as well as through the stroke. It has a classic design as well, and that’s before we even talk about how it looks.

This timeless putter is made from premium casting, and that means it’s of solid construction with no weak points to speak of. It flows well from the grip through to the end of the blade, and that feel makes a difference when it comes to your shots.

It is also relatively lightweight, so do keep that in mind when considering if this is the putter for you. The grip is firm enough to prevent too much rotation, but you can always change your grip if required.


  • They are very lightweight.
  • A blade style is a classic design that works well.
  • The putter feels exceptionally well balanced.


  • Not everyone loves a blade putter.
  • It may be too lightweight for some people.

Overall Conclusion

What this putter shows is that Ray Cook can produce quality blade putters with ease. The weight distribution, along with the COG, means this putter is smooth through the swing, and that means it produces a shot you know you can trust.

Overall, this is the type of putter that could easily shave some strokes off your round.

3. Ray Cook Golf Limited Edition Gyro Putter

Ray Cook Golf- Limited Edition Gyro Putter Red 35"
  • Available in 35” length

  • Crafted from stainless steel

  • Comes with CNC precision milled grooves

  • Provides a soft feel to your shot

  • Contains weight port screw at rear for adjustment

Next, we have this limited edition gyro putter by Ray Cook Golf, and this putter is going to add in some extra technology for you to mess around with.

It’s back to the mallet style of putter, which they do seem to prefer as a company, but this version is indeed different to the rest. So, we have included it to show how putters created by Ray Cook Golf can vary in what they offer.

In this instance, you are going to have a putter that comes with CNC precision milled grooves on the face. That’s going to provide you with a whole lot more control over the shot, and that breeds confidence and trust in your putter.

Thanks to these grooves, you will tend to find that your shots become far more accurate, and that’s probably going to lead to a reduction in the number of putts you have in a round.

But that’s not the end of the technology.

Instead, this putter also comes with a weight port screw in the back of the club. That’s going to allow you to change the MOI to more of your liking. That does mean that this putter is aimed more at those individuals with a superior understanding of weight and putters.

But it still doesn’t end there.

It also comes with alignment aids on the top of the putter. Now, there’s nothing fancy or elaborate here, but adding in those dots for alignment will make life a whole lot easier.


  • The ability to change the MOI can revolutionize your putting game.
  • It has a soft feel to the club, and it provides a lot of feedback.
  • The grooves on the face offer a lot more grip and control.
  • The alignment aid does exactly what you would hope it would do.


  • This putter is not for the novice as it’s a bit more complicated than most.

Overall Conclusion

What this putter shows is that Ray Cook Golf is capable of producing a high-quality putter that is crammed full of useful technology designed to aid your putting game. Of course, that means you need to understand how to use it, but that’s down to your own individual ability.

However, this limited edition putter is fantastic. It does help you out with both accuracy and control. It does provide a lot of feedback that allows you to make adjustments to your shots. It does also aid you with lining up your shots.

But Why Ray Cook Putters?

Now, you may be sitting there wondering why you would go ahead and purchase a Ray Cook Golf putter, so perhaps we can sum things up for you.

The three examples mentioned above are not the only three putters that this company manufactures. However, the three do show you the variety of putters available.

Basically, no matter where your game is at, there will be a Ray Cook putter that fits into your game at that moment in time. 

That is something we love. We also love the fact that putters for high handicappers, or even mid handicap players, keep things simple. They don’t try to confuse people with technology and jargon, and that’s a good thing.

Also, even with putters for the more advanced player, they are not going to add in too much to then make the putter extremely difficult to use. That would defeat the purpose.

So, you should consider a Ray Cook Golf putter for the following reasons.

  • They are easy to use, and make putting significantly easier than before.

  • They cover all of the basics, and only get complicated in certain putters.

  • They are also inexpensive even though they are exceptionally well made.

  • They are all well balanced putters that offer incredible feel.

  • There is a putter available for any player of any ability.

You should also be aware that this brand constructs their putters from the best of materials. Also, you can change the grip if you want to something you would prefer. 

That’s not to say the grips on this putter are bad. That’s certainly not the case. However, some people prefer taper to non-taper, or vice versa. Some prefer a grip with more tack than others. 

The good thing is that they have made it easy to change the grip if required, so you can personalize the putter to a certain extent.

How to Buy a Ray Cook Golf Putter

So, you are contemplating buying a new putter, so how do you go about choosing the right Ray Cook Golf putter for your own game?

This depends on your own understanding of how you are putting. Also, do you prefer a heavy putter, or a light putter?

But then there’s the question of mallet or blade? Most people will prefer one over the other.

However, here’s the good news.

Ray Cook Golf has produced a variety of putters, and that means every eventuality is covered. All you need to do is to look at the different options and find the one that is right for you.

The key things that you need to think about is to make sure you have the correct length, and to then look at your game and how it fits into the putting options provided by them. 

Make life easier for yourself by going to your local pro and getting some advice on your putting game. This will help you to narrow down if you need a malley or blade putter. It will help you to better understand the grip with the club.

Basically, the information you can get about your putting game is going to completely change the club you then end up owning. However, at least you know you can stay within the brand thanks to the array of options.

The Best Features

But here’s a final important point. These putters have a number of positive features.

They focus primarily on helping you with lining up your putt while also giving a soft feel. That means their putters are highly responsive, and that is the sort of club that then makes it easier to adjust your game and correct mistakes you are making.

Also, by creating putters that are basic, and then others that are more complex, it allows you to focus on other key areas of your game without stressing about things. 

That is why we recommend checking out all of the ins and outs of a putter before purchasing. There’s no point in owning something that is allowing you to move the weight around if you don’t know what that means.

Overall Conclusion

With this brand of putter, you know instantly what you are going to get. That means you have a putter that is balanced, helps with alignment, and performs well on a constant basis.

That’s the kind of things you need to be thinking about when buying a putter. Is it going to help my putting game, and will it do so on a regular basis? At least with this brand, you know that the second part is going to be correct, and that’s a huge deal.

So, which Ray Cook Golf putter would we recommend? The answer to that is whichever one fits in with your own individual needs. 

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