PXG 0311 Forged Wedge

PXG 0311 Forged Wedge Review

PXG may not be one of the first names you think of when it comes to clubs, but that’s not to say that this company is one to be ignored. In fact, they are responsible for some decent options out there on the market, and they are well worth checking out.

In this instance, we are focusing on the 0311 forged wedge, and as you are about to find out, this is a club that could very well be worth you paying a bit more attention to.

PXG 0311 Forged Wedge

The Club

  • Forged version is different to their milled version

  • Produces a high level of spin on your shot

  • Very compact head, which makes a difference when addressing the ball

  • Forged version provides a straighter edge to your shot

The first thing to mention with the PXG 0311 forged wedge is that it does look rather traditional when it comes to its appearance. Now, some people love it while others are against it, but we say you need to go beyond how it looks.

In this instance, it feels like a solid wedge. It has a reasonable weight to it, and that’s going to help build your confidence in how the wedge is going to act with your shots. 

The Feel of the Club

So much of using a wedge is related to how it feels and the way in which it gives information back to you, and this version is not going to disappoint.

It’s crafted from 8620 carbon steel, and that means it delivers something of a medium-soft feel to the shots, and that’s going to work well for pretty much everyone to a certain extent.

But it’s important to stress that this wedge is perhaps slightly more to the medium side of things than leaning more to the soft end. 

PXG 0311 Forged Wedge

The Design and Performance

From a design perspective, this wedge is only available in the sole design, but don’t let that put you off. Instead, it has far more versatility than you would expect, so it does provide you with that gap at which you can play around with your shots and experiment with the end results.

Actually, with the sole shape, it’s going to lead to you getting more of a bounce with your shots, and that’s something you need to keep in mind when it comes to the shot you play.

With the performance aspect, then you have a club that is going to produce a healthy amount of spin, and it’s all thanks to the COG. However, even PXG themselves accept that the COG is not perfect in this model, whereas they feel it’s perfect on the milled version, but even so it’s still good.

The Weighting

One cool aspect of this wedge is that it uses its weighting aspect to perfection. In general, the weighting is all pushed to the rear of the club, and they also make sure that the weighting that is used is done so in an efficient manner.

This means it feels very well balanced and it sits well in your hands. You won’t feel as if the club is going to move around too much in your hands either, and that gives you added confidence in your shot.

PXG 0311 Forged Wedge


This wedge is available in a range of lofts starting off at 50 degrees and working up to 60 degrees. That’s a lot of scope, and it should mean you can have a couple of wedges in your back capable of getting you out of all sorts of trouble.


This club is going to be quite forgiving, but it certainly won’t do all of the work for you. At times, it acts a bit more like an old-fashioned wedge, back in the days when you had very little help at all, and even though it doesn’t go to that extreme, it still requires some precision from you.

Of course, the sweet spot is still going to be perfectly reasonable, but that’s helped by the weight distribution and how it sits in the club head. 

Who is the Club for?

So, who do we think that this club is aimed at? Well, it does produce a lot of spin and bounce on the shots, so that does tend to mean you are looking at a player capable of controlling the shot a bit more.

This wedge is also more on the upper end of the price range, and that does tend to mean it lends itself to people more experienced in the game, and not those just starting out and trying to get a feel for it.

Basically, this wedge is going to be perfect for mid-handicap players who don’t want to have a wedge that will do too much for them, but rather help them out just a bit. It still leaves things open for you to take more control over your shot without leaning on the wedge too much.

PXG 0311 Forged Wedge

The Pros

  • The club gives a good amount of feel back to you

  • The weighting is well distributed leading to a balanced wedge

  • Being available in different lofts makes a huge difference

  • The sole design leads to a reasonable amount of bounce

  • If you love spin, then this wedge has a lot to give

The Cons

  • The precision milling is not as fine as it is on other PXG wedges

Overall Conclusion

The PXG 0311 forged wedge is a good club that is going to swing well, and also feel good in your hands through the swing. It is well-balanced, and it also gives you more than enough feedback from your shots to let you adapt how you are playing.

The wedge is best for more experienced players, but not only those with a low handicap, and if you are looking for something with more of a traditional approach to the design and how it plays, then this club could be perfect for you.

Overall, this wedge doesn’t hit you with a surprise, so if you want relative consistency and more say in your shots, then this is going to work well for you.

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