Project X Evenflow Riptide Shaft Review

Project X Evenflow Riptide Shaft Review

With so many different shafts available for your clubs, choosing the right one is never easy. This becomes even harder when you have a premium brand such as Project X.

These guys have been producing quality shafts for some time now, so just how good are they, and what sort of difference will they make to your clubs?

Project X EvenFlow Riptide Hybrid Shafts - Graphite - 85g - 370 PT 6.0 Flex

The Variety

Let’s address the variety of shafts that they produce as the starting point. They come in different flex levels, and they are suitable for a wide range of makes of clubs. Also, you want to add in different shafts for different clubs within a brand to get a full understanding of how many options are out there.

This variety means you need to take your time in choosing the right one for your setup. However, it does at least make it more apparent that they have covered a number of bases with their shafts so you don’t feel excluded.

The Looks

There’s no doubt that this shaft is going to turn heads on the course. It has a black and grey base with some cool graphics laid over the top. It’s a major standout, so if that’s going to be important to you, then this shaft by Project X is perfect.

Project X Evenflow Riptide Shaft

How it Plays

But onto the important stuff now, and that’s how the shaft plays.

Project X has stated that their Eventide shaft is designed for players with more of a moderate swing speed, and also those that typically produce more of a moderate amount of spin.

In other words, they are dealing with pretty much the average player.

The shaft is viewed as being relatively smooth through the swing while offering you a whole lot of stability. This is different from older versions where the stability of the shaft was in question.

However, in this instance, Project X has decided to use something called ‘Torsional Stability Optimization’ and this is the key. With this technology, the walls of the shaft are going to be stopped from actually deteriorating with the swing.

This deterioration is due to stress being applied to the shaft throughout the swing, and it’s all because of torque. With too much torque, it’s going to twist the graphite shaft while there could be too much flex and twist.

This isn’t good on your shaft. It changes how it plays, and Project X has sought to counteract that so it remains true to form and that you can then trust the shaft throughout your entire swing.

This optimization is intended to create an even flex throughout the shaft. However, it does manage to prevent the twisting of the shaft, and that’s going to produce a more even shot.

But that change has another important advantage, and it’s the energy transfer being higher as less energy is lost. 

The Kickpoint

But this Evenflow Riptide shaft has something else different about it, and that’s the fact it doesn’t have a full-on kickpoint. That’s because they have been able to produce more of a gradual bend throughout the shaft rather than it having more of a focal point.

While this may be off-putting for some people, it does still provide you with a whole lot of feedback and feel through the shot. You are going to be able to really pick up on what’s going on with your shot when you use this shaft.

Project X Evenflow Riptide Shaft

Using the Shaft

When it comes to using the shaft, then the way this Evenflow Riptide plays is no different from any other new shaft that you check out. What we mean by this is it will take some time for you to get used to how it plays according to your swing, but this is something that is worth persevering with.

What you will tend to find, once you get used to it, is that this shaft leads to you being able to get a tighter shot dispertion. 

Typically, you will tend to develop more of an even and smooth swing. You may notice a reduction in your swing speed at first, but this is the ideal way to use this shaft as it allows you to get used to how it plays before you then work at power.

Once you do get used to this more gradual bend, and the fact it doesn’t twist through the shot because of torque, then you can start to swing faster as your confidence increases.

The Pros

  • The Evenflow Riptide shaft looks pretty impressive.

  • The fact it doesn’t twist and rotate makes a difference to your final shot.

  • The gradual bend on the shaft makes it easier for you to trust your shots.

  • It comes in different flexes, so you can choose one that fits your game.

The Cons

  • It focuses on moderate tempo, so if you have a fast swing speed it may not work.

Overall Thoughts

Project X has been able to produce another high-quality shaft in the Evenflow Riptide, and there’s little doubt that it will be able to change your swing and possibly even improve your game. However, it does this with some simple technology, and that’s a good thing.

There’s no doubt that this shaft is excellent. It performs well, and it performs consistently, and there’s nothing much else that you should really want from a golf shaft.

Also, it can be applied to any club. You may need to adjust the flex according to whether you are putting it on your driver or iron, but that’s not a big deal.

The most important thing here is that it allows you to play the same types of shots, and get the same type of outcome over and over again. That alone is going to encourage you to let rip with your shots and to loosen up your shoulders as you know the shaft is not going to let you down.

So, is it worth it? Well, Project X has produced so many quality shafts that this Evenflow Riptide is just another one to a long list. However, with the benefits that come with it, then this shaft is undoubtedly worth the money.

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