Pinnacle Golf Balls Review

Pinnacle Golf Balls Review

Pinnacle is arguably the original two piece distance golf ball. It is owned by the same company as Titleist, Achushnet, and was created as an affordable alternative to the premium golf balls used by elite players. Since it was first released in the early 1970s, Pinnacle became one of the best known golf ball brands and established itself as the go-to budget ball for amateurs. It owes much of its success to the innovation of the Titleist Balata and then the Titleist Professional, which first revolutionized the ideas of golf ball technology.

Pinnacle only produces two piece golf balls. These balls will feature a large solid core with a thin Surlyn outer layer. This design typically reduces spin to generate the longest distances and provides a noticeable hard feel, especially on shorter shots. These characteristics, as well as being more budget friendly, mean that they are usually most popular among high handicap and beginner golfers.

As more brands have entered the golf ball market and technology has moved on, Pinnacle has a smaller share in the golf ball market than it used to. However, they are still producing excellent distance golf balls that are commonly cheaper than their competition, offering good value for money. 

Currently Pinnacle is selling two different models of golf ball, Soft and Rush. Below I will take a look at these golf balls, how they perform and what type of golfer they will suit best.

Pinnacle Golf Soft 15-Ball White

Distance: 90 | Feel: 85 | Control: 75 | Durability: 95

The Softer Feeling One

Pinnacle Soft is, unsurprisingly, designed to provide a softer feeling two-piece golf ball. This has been achieved through a low compression core and a softer ionomer cover. A high energy core produces low spin for maximizing distance, whilst a 332 icosahedral dimple design produces a consistently optimized ball flight.

These golf balls are ideally suited for mid-to-high handicappers or a beginner golfer that is looking for a budget soft feel golf ball. The low compression core ensures the golf ball will compact even with a less powerful impact. This creates a spring-like effect, meaning that even slower swing speeds can benefit from improved distance. Perfect for newer golfers, ladies and seniors. 

The downside of a two-piece ball is that the lack of spin creates a struggle with short game control. An ionomer cover is firmer than urethane alternatives, but the softer ionomer cover used on the Pinnacle Soft at least offers a nicer feel when putting. Pinnacle Soft golf balls are available in both white and pink.


  • Soft feel on long game shots due to low compression
  • High energy core achieves long distances
  • Great value for money


  • Will not suit faster swing speeds or lower handicap golfers
  • Lacks spin control for shorter shots

2. Pinnacle Rush

Pinnacle Golf Rush 15-Ball White

Distance: 95 | Feel: 75 | Control: 75 | Durability: 100

The Longer Distance One

Pinnacle Rush uses similar technology to the Soft model, however it has a slightly higher compression core and the cover is not quite as soft. This translates to a golf ball that feels a bit firmer, but travels longer distances. The high energy core produces low spin and fast ball speeds for maximizing distance, whilst a 332 icosahedral dimple design produces a consistent and powerful ball flight.

High handicap and beginner golfers that are looking for a distance golf ball that offers excellent value for money should definitely consider the Pinnacle Rush. Compared with similar budget distance golf balls, it does not feel completely like a rock and travels just as far. It does lack some spin control and feel, but that is to be expected in a two-piece distance golf ball. The Rush golf balls are available in both white and yellow.


  • Ionomer cover is very durable
  • Really long distances off the tee
  • Excellent value for money
  • Softer than some distance golf balls on the market


  • Lacks feel and spin control on short game shots
  • Not suitable for lower handicap golfers

Should I Buy Pinnacle Golf Balls?

There are currently loads of great golf balls on the market to choose between. Pinnacle have positioned themselves as one of the best affordable golf balls and should be considered an excellent option for a wide range of golfers.

Beginners and high handicappers are the main target market and they should seriously consider playing either of the Pinnacle golf balls as their all-around ball. Both the Soft and Rush offer many of the qualities that these golfers should be looking for in their golf balls; low spin, distance and value for money.

There are lots of mid handicap golfers that should also consider trying out a Pinnacle golf ball. Despite lacking some of the short game control of multi-layered golf balls, mid handicappers can often benefit from prioritising the qualities of a two-piece golf ball. The low compression Soft model will probably appeal to more mid handicappers because of its softer feel on full shots. The Pinnacle Soft is also a good option for slower swing golfers, which will include many ladies and seniors. 

Pinnacle golf balls are unlikely to appeal to low handicap golfers, because they will benefit more from the qualities of a multi-layered urethane golf ball. However, any golfer regardless of handicap that is looking to add distance to their game could still benefit from the use of a Pinnacle golf ball.


It can be difficult to find the perfect golf ball to suit your game with so many different brands and models on the market. Pinnacle have simplified their strategy by only having two golf balls available. Both these balls are great value for money and will compete with any of the two piece golf balls released by the biggest brands. 

If you are currently looking to pick your next golf ball, then the Pinnacle is definitely worth trying out.

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