Ping G400 Max vs Callaway Rogue

Ping G400 Max vs Callaway Rogue

It’s always nice to compare two different clubs against one another to determine which one is best. In this instance, we are looking at two drivers, the Ping G400 Max against the Callaway Rogue.

Now both drivers are pretty decent clubs to have in your bag. They are also manufactured by two well-known names, so this is a good thing to do. So, let’s check out the clubs.

Ping G400

Ping G400 Max Driver, Men's, Right Hand, 10.5°, ALTA CB Graphite Shaft, Regular Flex
  • Often comes with 10.5 degrees of loft

  • Has a thin forged face for better weight distribution

  • Increased friction on face reduces spin

  • Deep CoG in the club

The Ping G400 is an impressive driver to have in your bag. Thanks to the deep CoG, and the reduced spin, it’s pretty easy to get consistent drives with this club time and time again.

The Ping G400 Max is also highly forgiving, so even if you have those mishits, this driver is not going to crucify you in the process. That alone can be a great reason for buying this particular model as it should help cut down the odds of going way offline from the tee.

The general loft degree is around 10.5 degrees, and that’s pretty standard and will mean you should get the pretty perfect trajectory off the tee.

Overall, this club will allow you to relax with your drives. It will give you confidence that the shot is going to go where you want it to go, and that’s only going to be a good thing with your tee shot.


  • The club is highly forgiving

  • The reduced spin means better distance

  • The club is easy to use, and makes hitting the ball simple.

  • You get a wonderful trajectory off the tee

  • The club is consistent


  • It doesn’t offer the chance for adjustments

Overall Conclusion

The Ping G400 Max is a decent driver to have in your bag. It will help with distances off the tee, and the consistency it offers is a huge bonus.


Callaway Rogue

Callaway Golf 2020 Men's Rogue Driver, Right Hand, Alidila Synergy 2.0 50gr, Stiff Flex, 9 Degrees , Black
  • Available in different lofts and flexes

  • Technology included pushes higher ball speed and better flex

  • Speed step technology offers better airflow

  • Large address footprint gives stability in the shot

  • Lightweight meaning faster swing speed

The Callaway Rogue is another amazing driver, and it comes equipped with so much of the Callaway technology that comes in pretty much every driver they produce.

What you get here is a driver that is all about boosting speed, and also offering real stability on your shot. It has a larger footprint and that’s where the stability comes into its own. Couple that with a lighter club, and you also have a faster swing speed, and that means better distances.

The face of the club acts more like a cushion here, and that means there’s less energy lost when transferring between club and ball. That alone means speed won’t drop, and those distances should also increase.

Overall, the Callaway Rogue is certainly a driver that is worth considering if you are looking at replacing what you currently have in your bag.


  • It offers increased speed from your tee shots

  • It flows well through the swing offering real stability

  • It is pretty forgiving

  • The face of the club loses less energy between club and ball


  • It is a bit less forgiving than the Ping G400

Overall Conclusion

This is another excellent club by Callaway. It performs consistently well, and it will certainly make a difference to your driving game and the distances you are able to achieve.


Comparing the Two

So what we see here is that you have two excellent drivers, but they go about their business in slightly different ways.

The Ping G400 Max is all about consistency. You should be able to hit pretty much the same shot over and over again. It is also highly forgiving.

The Callaway Rogue is more about boosting speed through your swing and reducing the energy lost when you address the ball. That leads to better distances, but you do forego a bit of consistency, at least from the club.

This is where there’s a need to balance what you want from your driver. If you don’t have an issue with speed, but lacking in consistency, then it would lean you toward the Ping G400 Max.

On the other hand, if you are short in yards, then the Callaway Rogue would certainly be the better option.

Who are the Clubs for?

While both clubs could be used by any player, the Ping G400 Max is perhaps best for those with a high handicap struggling with mishits and not being consistent.

If your handicap is in the mid-range, then the Callaway Rogue may be a better call for you as it often means you have better control over the ball, and can really go for those distances.

The Scores

Ease of Use: G400 - 95  Rogue - 95

Forgiveness: G400 - 96 Rogue - 92

Distance: G400 - 92 Rogue - 95

Speed: G400 - 90 Rogue - 95

Consistency: G400 - 94 Rogue - 90

Overall Conclusion

The overall conclusion is not an easy one to reach. Both have their clear advantages over one another, so trying to come to some decision as to which one wins is not easy.

Once again, it all boils down to what you are looking for from your driver. Like we said earlier, if consistency is your thing, then the G400 is the best. However, for speed and distance, the Callaway Rogue is the one that reigns supreme.

So if you are a high handicap player, then we would opt for the Ping G400 Max. It will help you out more in your game compared to the Callaway Rogue, but that’s not to say the Rogue is a bad club.

Perhaps the key here is to have an understanding of where your own driving game is at, and then choose between these two models. Neither will let you down at any point, and you should see a noticeable improvement in your driving game with either model.

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