PGX Offset Golf Driver Review

PGX Offset Golf Driver Review

The PGX offset golf driver promises to be a pretty impressive driver in what is an already tough market to try to conquer. However, perhaps the inclusion of the concept of an offset driver is confusing so, at which point this review should help to answer your questions.

Knowing if a driver is able to help your game off the tee is essential. So, what does this club offer, and who is it going to help? That is what we are going to find out.

PGX Offset Golf Driver

The Club

  • Comes with 10.5 degrees of loft

  • Contains anti-slice technology

  • 460cc clubhead

  • Club helps to square up when striking the ball

  • Available in both right and left hand

The first thing to know about this club is that it has a 460cc head, and that means it is pushed up to the top of what is legally allowed. Now, this is the common volume with a driver, but it’s the anti-slice technology that we are most interested in here.

What you get is a driver with a built in offset to the design. That means it is going to be square onto the ball when you are coming up to address it. 

This is key because hitting the ball straight on leads to the actual ball flying straighter off the tee. This club is designed to counteract the slice, and it has to be said that it does it extremely well.

You see, the slice is caused by the club face being opened up when the club comes down and hits the ball. This driver counteracts that problem, and it does so without you needing to change any part of your swing.

But there’s more to this club than just the anti-slice technology.

It does come with 10.5 degrees of loft, and that is pretty standard. It should mean that the ball is going to get up into the air, but it won’t overdo it. That’s because it sits in the middle of the loft angles, so it should cover most people.

The CoG in this club sits at an angle to help when it comes to getting the ball up off the tee and into the air. However, it also allows for reasonable energy transfer between club and ball, so it also has the ability to add some yardage onto your drives.

PGX Offset Golf Driver

How it Plays

These drivers play in the way you would expect from an offset driver. The only problem is that it does mean if you do not have an issue with a slice that this club would create the complete opposite problem.

There’s no doubt that it manages to square off your shot, and the fact it does this without you needing to worry about doing anything yourself is an added bonus.

The sweet spot on the club is also impressive, but then that’s to be expected when it is actively correcting a slice. It means you can let rip with this club, and know that the driver will still be there helping you out even if you aren’t hitting the ball in the middle of the club face.

It doesn’t give you too much feel though when it comes to the sound at the connection. However, that fits into who this driver is primarily aimed at. 

Generally, the club is more for those individuals with a need to focus more on just hitting the ball and trying to get it on the fairway. Control and feel is often less important at those times, and that is reflected in how the driver plays.

PGX Offset Golf Driver

Who is it For?

It’s easy to understand who this club is aimed at since it deals with a very common problem for players with a high handicap off the tee, and that is the obvious slice. If you have never hit a slice, then you are so lucky.

If you don’t have a tendency to hit a slice off the tee, then this club is not for you. It is very specific in what it offers, and it will only help in this narrow area.

So, only consider buying this club if you know you slice the ball. If you are unsure, then ask your local pro to help you out and determine if this is a real fault with your driving.

Now, you may wonder why they should focus on just one thing, but a slice off the tee is going to spell disaster for so many people starting out in the game. If you are able to correct the slice, even through these means, then it should lead to vast improvements in your overall game.

The Pros

  • The driver will correct that slice every single time

  • It will allow you to hit straight and true off the tee

  • It has a huge sweet spot

  • It has an average loft meaning reasonable trajectory

The Cons

  • If you don’t hit a slice shot, then this driver will be bad for you

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular)

Overall Conclusion

PGX have managed to outdo themselves when it comes to this driver. They have realized that beginner players will tend to have an issue with slicing their shots off the tee, and they have sought to remedy that.

There’s no doubt that this driver is capable of doing just that. It lets you stand there on the tee and put all of your power into your drive, and this club will be standing there with you all the way.

However, we do need to stress that the club must only be used by people who know they slice their drive. Anybody else, or those who only hit a slice on a rare occasion, will not do well with this club. In those instances, it will mean you are likely to make a mess of your drives.

So, prior to buying this club, make sure you have had your drive checked out to see if this is a problem area. You will then feel if you are best positioned to take advantage of this driver and if it will indeed benefit your game.

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