Oversize Golf Grips Benefits

Having the correct golf grip is clearly important for your entire game, but have you ever thought about an oversize golf grip? To some, the very mention of something being ‘oversize’ confuses them or makes them afraid to try it out, but should this be the case with a golf grip?

So, to answer this question, we are going to check out what we mean by an oversize grip, and also take a look at the benefits that it could offer you.

What is an Oversize Golf Grip?

The first thing to know is that an oversize golf grip is usually something that is up to ⅛ inch bigger than the normal grip. That may not sound like much, but the difference it can make to your grip can be pretty substantial.

Now, you are going to be quite correct if you think that an oversize golf grip is best for players with large hands, that in itself makes a whole lot of sense. You don’t want your hands to be sliding off the grip at any point during your swing.

By installing a larger grip, it then gives you some confidence to go ahead and put all your effort into your swing. You know your hands are going nowhere, so let loose and see the difference it will make.

The Main Benefits of An Oversize Golf Grip

Aside from being suitable for people with larger hands, there are a number of other advantages associated with this type of grip. 

An Improved Wrist Action

You will notice an improved wrist action thanks to the different grip. Once again, this is linked to the security you feel throughout the swing, so you lose some of the stiffness that comes with anxiety.

However, if you notice you have too much wrist action through your swing, then adding an oversized golf grip, even when you have small hands, can make a significant difference. 

Less Grip Pressure

People have a tendency to hold the grip too tightly when it’s too small, and that’s only going to lead to poor shots, and also less control over the direction. A larger grip gives you more freedom, and people automatically loosen the grip they have, offering better control over the shot.

Also, holding the grip too tight is going to reduce mobility throughout your entire swing. Don’t allow that to happen to you by making sure you use a larger grip and allow your swing to flow.

Trajectory is Improved

The trajectory of the ball should also be improved when you use an oversized grip. This makes sense when you consider you have more general control over your shot thanks to the grip pressure issue being sorted out.

When you have larger hands, and trying to play with a small grip, you hold onto things in an awkward manner. That makes your swing close up, leading to mishitting the ball and reducing the trajectory. By changing the grip to something that is larger in size, your hands open up, as does the rest of your swing, and the trajectory will be vastly improved.

Greater Comfort and Less Pain

Perhaps one of the best benefits of using a larger grip is the way in which it provides you with greater comfort in your grip and, as a result, suffering less pain

This in itself makes so much sense yet again. If you are gripping things in a more natural way, then there’s less tension going through your wrist, shoulders, and back. It puts less strain on the entire swing, and your body is going to benefit from that as well.

But also, if you have arthritis in your hands, then a larger grip means there’s less need to wrap your fingers around the club. It gives you greater flexibility, and that does mean that your arthritis is going to be less likely to flare up after a round.

Make Sure The Grip Works for You

But while those are the real benefits linked to an oversized golf grip, you still need to make sure that it is the correct grip for your needs. You want it to feel comfortable in your hand, while also providing the correct amount of grip due to the tread.

Also, think of the size. If it is substantially larger than you need, as there are varying sizes on the market, then you may help your swing in some ways, but also hamper it in others.

It’s all too easy for you to end up effectively hanging the ball out to the right or left when the grip is too large. It can cause too much rotation when you aren’t used to the grip itself, and then your game is going to suffer as a result. 

Check the Club

The final point we need to mention here is that you must check the club and make sure the oversized golf grip is for that particular club in your bag. That’s because there are varying sizes depending on whether you are looking at adding it to your driver, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges or putters. Each one is going to be slightly different in nature thanks to the different reasons for using those clubs.

Just double check you have the correct grip for that club. If not, you will be making life significantly harder for yourself when it comes to your shots, and that’s not a road you want to be going down.

The Conclusion

If you have larger hands, or are struggling with your grip due to arthritis, then adding oversized golf grips could very well change your game. They provide more space, better control, and your swing will feel significantly more relaxed. Also, being in less pain throughout your round will help you to relax, and a relaxed player is always going to be a better player.

With all those benefits, is there a reason why you wouldn’t go ahead and add in these larger grips to see if they can indeed improve your game? Just remember and don’t go too big or you will be opening up other difficulties, even though your swing is going to feel much better than ever before.

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