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What Are the Most Expensive Golf Balls and How to Find Them?

Are you still figuring out the reason why so many people buy high-end golf balls? Some of the most expensive golf balls are also some of the best-performing picks. It’s an understatement of what you think they can do for your golf game.

Endorsed by some of the biggest names in the industry. If cost is no concern to you - don’t think twice before buying these amazing golf balls right away.

The golf ball has the potential to impact golfers more than you think. If you don’t play the right golf ball, it will cost you strokes. Finding the needle in the haystack is tough. But I’m here to help you find a better and most expensive golf ball.

Top Most Expensive Golf Balls to Purchase


1. Dixon Fire

Dixon Fire Golf Balls (1 Dozen)

This is at the top bunk of the most expensive golf balls to buy. The reason you want this is not only because it’s performance-driven. But you’d also be happy to know that it’s eco-friendly. Every layer that makes up this superior golf ball is eco-friendly.

A recyclable urethane cover, high-intensity green core, and a precise dimple pattern. All these features combine to give you energized and controlled performance.

Golfers buy Dixon golf balls because they are different. And in the world of golf balls, different is always better. The Dixon Fire is intelligently-crafted, durable, and speedy. Ideal for any amateur, semi-pro, or tour-level player.

2. Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation 2 Dozen Golf Balls 2018 White 2 Dozen

It’s hard not to think of these golf balls when talking about superior golf performance. It calls the shots in the golf ball market. And with good reason, some of the biggest golf players endorse Titleist as a reliable brand.

So what makes the Titleist Pro V1 so expensive? And is it deserving of that rank? Can beginners and entry-level amateurs use them?

You can use the Titleist Pro for a short game and long game. It has great control and trajectory on the greens. And it will cater to both your swing speed and skill level. No matter where you are!

3. TaylorMade TP5X

TaylorMade TP5X Prior Generation Golf Balls (One Dozen)

The TaylorMade TP5X is protected by 5-layers of high-quality construction. It’s a speed-driven golf ball for those with hasty and wobbly swing speeds. And this is exactly what makes it one of the most expensive golf balls on the market.

On top of it all, this is also a tour-level golf ball selection for the win. This adds plenty of value and reliability to the brand name. And since the TP5X is the brand’s most refined golf ball. It elevates the overall performance for entry-level and intermediate players.

The urethane cover and dynamic core make the TaylorMade a sophisticated pick. The way it plays is so unique and refined that the high price is hardly a compromise!

4. Titleist AVX

Titleist AVX Golf Balls, White, (One Dozen)

This golf ball has an energized and low-compression construction. It’s high-priced in that it gives you incredible control backed by Titleist years and years of experience. Expertise and knowledge, in golf, are crucial. And this brand knows what’s good for golf players.

The Titleist AVX is a soft but equally effective tour-level choice. It’s good for reducing golf spin. It significantly improves distance. And balances out speed in the middle to lower your scores.

If you need assistance in your golf shots, these golf balls will help you out. The advanced urethane cover offers good traction and stability. It’s hard to skip out on this pick especially when you want a long game with low spin.

What Makes A Golf Ball First-Rate?


The first thing you’ll see in a golf ball is its type. The type of golf ball really impacts the right price. All the most expensive golf balls you see are tour-level selections. They have multiple layers to suit mid to low handicappers.

Tour performance golf balls are superior in every way. They are not soft which is a huge dealbreaker in golf balls. The softness of a golf ball influences speed. Simply put, a soft golf ball is a slow golf ball. And it will take you down.

If you’re used to playing with a soft ball, you’re used to shorter distances. This also means inaccurate spin, slow swing speed, and overall, bad scores.

Expensive golf balls are firm, tight, and sturdy. It’s more about how the ball performs rather than how it feels. Even if you appreciate the feel of soft golf balls, it’s probably costing you your game. If you want to see real performance and improvement, switch to firmer balls.

This is the secret sauce that makes a golf ball so great!

Refurbished Golf Balls - Is It Really Cheaper?


One of the largest golf retailers online sells refurbished golf balls. Can you believe it?

This American retail store sells golf balls that have been picked up from golf courses. These are lost golf balls that have been harvest and refurbished for sale. A top competitor in refurbished golf balls is also the Titleist Pro V1s.

All this is great but is refurbished golf balls as good as new? Let’s find out.

But first, let’s talk about why you might need to buy refurbished golf balls. Simply put, golf is an expensive sport. You cannot buy cheap golf equipment and expect to play your best. So to save money, you decide to buy refurbished golf balls that are cheaper and still high in quality.

I’m going to answer some common queries about new vs. refurbished golf balls. I hope this clears up any doubt you have about their quality and reliability.

Will I be able to distinguish between an old and new golf ball?

No, when you buy high-quality refurbished golf balls, you won’t. They are still good to use. They feel the same as brand new golf balls. And in testing, they come out as high-grade and durable choices.

Can refurbished golf balls work well with wedges/irons/drivers?

Yes, they will be just as consistent and dependable. A misconception about old or refurbished golf balls is that they’re a waste of money. That they will work well for the first few rounds. And immediately after that, their quality deteriorates.

But that is not so. You will not find any difference between a refurbished and brand-new golf ball. At least in terms of how you launch the ball using a wedge, driver, or hitting an iron.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Do I need to buy the most expensive golf balls?

One of the reasons why people prefer high-priced golf balls is reputation. Brands like Dixon, Titleist, and TaylorMade are exceptional competitors. And they’re also endorsed by famous players like Justin Thomas. It’s price over quality especially when the quality is so good.

Having said that, the golf balls Pros use may not always suit your skill level. It also depends on what you need as a golfer. And also on what’s the best approach for your game. The only takeaway here is that if your golf scores are average, a tour-level golf ball may not be the right solution for you.

So it’s necessary to find your exact fit rather than blindly buying what Pros play with.

2. Does compression affect the performance and price of a golf ball?

Yes and no. Compression is an important competent in golf balls, and golf, in general. It refers to the core of the golf ball which is its center. It impacts spin, velocity, swing, and ultimately, distance.

Golf balls with compression more than 100 are expensive. And golfers with compression less than 90 are relatively cheaper. A high compression rating suits golfers with high swing speeds. And a low compression rating suits golfers with slower swing speeds.

So the ball construction is greatly-defined by the compression of the core. And that also affects the performance of the golfer and the price of the golf ball equipment.

High swing golfers are intermediates and professional players. So they require a high compression rating to match their skill level. Beginners have slower swing speeds and so low-compression golf balls are the most suited for them.

By this, you will have already figured out the price point of high and low compression golf balls.

3. What’s the average price of a golf ball?

A golf ball that’s not too expensive costs around $10 to $20 per dozen. This is what is considered affordable and ideal in the golf market. You can buy golf balls in a variety of colors and brands.

The reason why high-end golf balls are super expensive is because of their construction. They are made from premium urethane covers. So they’re longer-lasting and improve a golfer’s short game tremendously.

Final Thoughts

The enhanced technology of these beauties is why golf is such a tempting sport. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro-level player, never miss out on what’s popular. If that means buying the most expensive golf balls by the dozen, then so be it.

With the right equipment, you can play your best game. This applies to any sport, right? But golf, when compared to all else, is not a cheap sport. So if you find yourself yearning for something upgraded then get ready to pay for it (literally)!

That’s why you need this article to keep you informed. With the right set of golf clubs, balls, and gear, you can make the most of your time weekends playing golf. Because, believe it or not, golf balls are the number one priority for golfers. And you can’t afford to take any risks!

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