Mitsubishi MMT Shaft Review

Mitsubishi MMT Shaft Review

With so many different shafts out there on the market, getting one that is suitable for your game is not easy. In this instance, we are going to focus on just one, and it’s the Mitsubishi MMT shaft.

Our aim here is simple. We want to determine just how good this shaft is in comparison to others, while we also want to make sure that you are able to draw your own conclusion as to whether or not it could prove beneficial for your game.

Getting the right shaft is more important than some people realize, so how does this particular shaft by Mitsubishi match up?

  • Made of individual strands of stainless steel

  • Available in different flexes

  • Available as both a driver or iron shaft

  • Highly responsive and finely tuned

Mitsubishi MMT Iron Shaft

As a manufacturer of quality shafts, Mitsubishi Chemical has been able to build a reputation for itself that is difficult to beat. The MMT shaft is just another one to add to the rather long list of amazing products that they have been able to produce.

In this instance, what you have is a shaft that is available in different flexes, and that’s going to open up the market in an instant. You are looking at it coming in a ladies form, senior, regular, and stiff, so there really are a number of options there.

But let’s get more into the construction of the shaft.

With the MMT shaft, what you have are layers of prepregl where there’s also metal mesh integrated into the shaft as it moves toward the tip. 

Now, if you don’t know what prepreg is, then it’s just a fancy name for resin that is impregnated with carbon fibers. This gives it some added strength, and yet it also keeps its flexibility and is exceptionally light.

So, it’s lightweight and strong which is just what you want from your shaft.

This MMT shaft looks like it means business, and that’s because it does. It comes with a matt black finish, and the graphics are not too in your face. That just means it’s going to work well with almost any grip that’s out there, and that’s pretty cool.

Mitsubishi MMT Iron Shaft
Mitsubishi MMT Iron Shaft

The Feel of the Shaft

But with a shaft, you want to know how it feels since this affects the way it plays. In this instance, what you get is a shaft that comes across as being exceptionally well balanced. 

With the MMT shaft, this sense of being balanced applies even when you have a slower swing, and it still came across as being exceptionally solid. However, up the speed, and the stiffness of the flex really stands out.

Overall, the shaft feels as if it all works in harmony from tip to butt. The tip section in particular feels excellent, and there’s no doubt that this is due to 304 stainless mesh that’s incorporated into its construction.

Overall, the shaft is going to make itself easy to use no matter your swing speed, and that’s a great thing.

How it Performs

But what about the performance aspect? Well, you would expect a Mitsubishi shaft to not let you down in the way of performance, and the MMT shaft is not going to buck that trend.

With the MMT irons, you are looking at shafts that are designed to really promote a mid spin and mid launch approach. However, do look to see if you are checking out the MMT iron shafts, or the MMT taper shafts. If it’s the taper shafts, then they are for a lower launch and lower spin.

The one thing you can be sure of with these shafts is that they add a sense of consistency to your shots. You should be able to generate the same sorts of results over and over again, and that builds confidence into your game.

The main focus is on the ball flights you are able to achieve. However, even the way in which your shots are dispersed won’t have too much variation, and that’s going to help you when out on the course.

The only thing to mention is that a number of people using the MMT shaft do report that the spin aspect is slightly higher than they would expect. In saying that, it shouldn’t make too much of a difference to your overall shots.

Mitsubishi MMT Iron Shafts

Who is it For?

This shaft is going to be for everyone, and that’s because of the array of options that are out there. However, as we said earlier, make sure it’s the iron shafts and not the taper shafts as that does change things.

The swing speed for this shaft is going to be around the mid-range, but that should mean it covers the majority of the market. The shaft is suitable for mid to high handicap players as those with a lower handicap may prefer the ability to add more spin to their shots.

The Pros

  • The feel from the shaft is excellent

  • The shaft feels exceptionally well balanced

  • It comes in an array of stiffness levels

  • It’s suitable for mid to high handicap players

  • It will make a difference to your game

The Cons

  • If you want a high degree of spin, then this shaft won’t help

Overall Conclusion

There’s no doubt that the Mitsubishi MMT shaft is an excellent product. The feel and balance is out of this world, and that’s the sort of thing that’s going to improve your game.

The shaft also looks the part as well, but it’s the way in which it helps to deliver consistent results that really makes this shaft stand out from the crowd. If you add it into your irons, then you should see a noticeable difference to your shots.

With Mitsubishi, you know you are getting an excellent shaft, and the latest MMT version is not going to disappoint. If you are serious about taking more control over your game, especially while you continue to work on your swing, then this shaft is going to hit the spot perfectly.

In fact, anybody should be capable of noticing an improvement apart from those that seek more spin on their shots. However, if that’s not a concern, then go for the MMT shaft.

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