Is Golf Club Shaft Pureing Worth it

Is Golf Club Shaft Pureing Worth it?

The question we are going to answer here is whether or not pureing a golf club shaft is actually worth it. However, it may be the case that you are not even aware as to what pureing is, at which point we need to explain that as well.

The Basic Introduction to Pureing

When it comes to pureing a golf shaft, then something very precise is going to happen.

Basically, this process involves removing the shaft from the golf club, checking it over, analyzing it, and then placing the club back together with the shaft at a very particular angle.

Now this sounds like a lot of work for nothing at all, but that’s not entirely the case.

You see, a brand new shaft can come with some imperfections. There may be times where the shaft has a split or some slight damage, and most people gloss over this type of thing and don’t even check the shaft.

The act of golf club shaft pureing means you take the time to study each and every part of the shaft to ensure that everything is indeed perfect.

But there’s a problem.

These small imperfections can have a major negative impact on your ability to play your best game. It can affect the flex and overall strength of the shaft, and then you are standing there wondering where that distance has gone in your shot.

Spining and Pureing is the Same Thing

Now, even though we are using the term pureing here, it is also known as spining, but it really is talking about the exact same process.

However, spining is referring more to the act of putting the club back together at a specific angle rather than dealing with the potential imperfections.

The Art of Replacement

The key to this entire process it the art of replacing the shaft and basically putting the club back together again. 

You see, there can often be a problem when it comes to a golf club shaft, and most people are blissfully unaware of it all. Often, you want the actual spine of the shaft to be aligned perfectly to then allow you to get the maximum benefit out of the club.

But this is not always something that the manufacturer is going to do when they put the club together to then sell to you.

This is where putting the club back together in the correct manner will be important.

What you are looking for here is to have the actual spine of the club doing downline from the club head. That is the perfect position. It should help to provide you with the maximum benefit of the club along with eliminating a whole host of inconsistencies as well.

But there can be some confusion here.

People automatically think that everything should be in a perfect line through the club head. However, in the case of most clubs, that will not only negatively affect your inconsistency, but it can also shorten the distance you will achieve in your shots.

But Does it Work?

So here is the question, does this actually work? Well, it has people both in support of the process, as well as those that are against it and say that this is completely pointless.

However, you need to think about things in this way.

Pureing the golf club shaft has been shown to improve consistency and distance for some players. It slightly adjusts how a club will play, and that can make a significant difference for some people.

You see, those two areas of distance and accuracy are what you are aiming for when pureing a golf club shaft. You aren’t seeking to change feel too much, or even the trajectory you will be hitting. Instead, it’s all about accuracy and distance.

A number of golfers state that having their clubs pured does make a difference.

However, there’s some additional evidence that you may like to know about.

A Study Showed a Difference

A study was carried out using a number of golfers who were asked to hit the same shot using two different clubs. One was pured, and the other was not.

Of course, the golfers had no idea which club was which. There was no noticeable difference in how the club felt in their swing to even tell them which one they were using.

However, at the end of the study, it did show that the clubs that had been pured were hitting some 7 yards longer than those that had not gone through the process. That in itself is pretty amazing as 7 yards as an average is a huge deal in a round.

So what that study appears to show is that there is a direct link between these clubs and what you are able to achieve from a distance point of view. However, there is a bit less evidence on the accuracy side of things even though numerous players do report this to be the case.

Who Needs it?

But who should go ahead and do this with their golf clubs? To be honest, if you are new to the game and merely working on your swing while getting your handicap down, then this is not for you.

Instead, it’s aimed more at those individuals trying to eek out every last drop of their shot and making micro gains with their game. If that sounds like you, then it may be worth giving it a try.

Overall Conclusion

Golf club shaft pureing has been shown in studies to make a difference when it comes to the distance you can achieve on your shots. It does this be eliminating slight discrepancies in the shaft that throws off the entire club, and also what you are able to achieve with it.

However, there is a bit less evidence when it comes to accuracy. In saying that, anything that improves the distance you can hit, and still maintain control over the shot, is certainly something you need to give some serious consideration to.

It does cost money to have this done, so it is something you need to think about before going ahead. 

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