How To Wash Golf Gloves

How To Wash Golf Gloves

If you have been searching for ways of getting your golf gloves clean then I highly appreciate your effort. One of the parts of equipment that seem insignificant is these protective and breathable gloves. Although the methods for removing dirt and other materials from them are simple, several do not consider going for one of these steps and opt for purchasing a new pair. It is both time-consuming as well as a reduction in their savings. There is a possibility that for some the idea of cleaning never struck their minds.

There are multiple ways of washing golf gloves. Some of the most convenient ones include washing them with lukewarm water in the sink, washing a glove while wearing it by rubbing on the surface, placing them in the washing machine and using cold water, and applying leather cleaner indirectly on gloves.

Gloves indeed get damaged in case you use them regularly. Why wash them when you can get new and attractive ones? Yes, you will need to replace them after a couple of weeks but washing will increase their shelf-life and the ability to serve the purpose. This post mentions some common methods that are highly effective and less tiring.

4 Methods To Clean Dirty Golf Gloves:-

Washing Golf Gloves In Sink:

Undoubtedly, dropping water on golf gloves in the kitchen or washroom sink is the easiest task to perform. In this situation, you will not require any expensive cleaning agents and will be able to achieve what you need.

In this method, you will require lukewarm water to fill the sink completely and dish soap. First, open the tap and continue to pour water until it is full. Now, wait for a few seconds so that its temperature becomes equal to the room temperature. If the available water is highly cold, it is better to take some in a saucepan and warm it on the stove.

Next, place the gloves in the water and submerge them for about 20 to 30 minutes. After this period, remove the hand protection from the water and shake them slightly. Wear them on each hand. Let them dry in the air. The entire process will complete in almost 50 minutes.

Washing Golf Gloves Using Towel:

There are days when you do not spend much time on the golf course or do not get to play much. Sometimes you take a longer break when it is lunchtime. In the meantime, you can clean your gloves and use this period effectively.

This procedure involves using a towel with water and then drying the gloves. Here, you do not need any cleaning material like soap. Wear the glove in one hand and pour enough water on each side. By using your free hand, remove the dirt, sweat, and other unwanted materials that are present in the spaces and curves.

After cleaning thoroughly, wipe off the material on the outer cloth of the glove the present using light force with a towel. Note that your palm is used and has greater contact with anything when you pick it. Therefore, you must focus on this area too.

In the fourth step, you have to remove the glove and place it in a warm place. In case you have to play again the same day, hang it in the sunlight outside which will speed up the evaporation process. It is necessary that you wear hand protection after it dries up from every side. Otherwise, the gloves will be moist, will easily catch dirt and smoke, and give you an uncomfortable feeling. I suggest placing them on the dash of a golf cart or the hook for the towel which is fit in the goods bag.

Cleaning Golf Gloves In Your Washing Machine:

Many readers have to consider deep cleaning especially if they spend several hours on a golf course. It is an excellent choice to use the washing machine for gloves once in a while. To begin with, you will require a garment bag, washing machine, and detergent. I recommend that you choose a mild cleaner here to get rid of dirt and grease.

In the initial step, you have to put the pair in the bag without attaching the strips. Add cold water and a small quantity of detergent to the water. Here it is better to pour cold water but normal temperature works as well. Now set the timer for short period.

As the cycle completes, take out the item and open the fingers a bit to put them on. Now let some air pass through them so all the moisture is evaporated. Finally, store them in a bag that you use to carry.

Cleaning Gloves Through Leather Cleaning Agents:

If you have leather gloves or are about to purchase a pair of one, this step will be effective for you. I will only suggest following the steps below if you have some experience with cleaning leather items. For this process, you need a brush with soft bristles, leather cleaner, and fabric moisturizer.

Spray or pour some cleaner on the wet cloth. Now press the cloth gently against the stained or dirty areas of the glove. Do not rub across the whole material since it will help the stain to spread around.

Through dry parts of the cloth remove any excess liquid that is present on the glove surface. Now carefully dab the cleaned surface using cloth after applying leather moisturizer on it. It keeps a glove from drying out quickly and maintains the texture of leather. After the stains are removed, hang your glove outside and let it dry.


Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Gloves:-

Can you wash a golf glove in the washing machine?

Yes, a person can wash the golf gloves in the washing machine to remove maximum dirt. However, it is necessary to choose a short cycle and add cold water to the machine. It prevents the sensitive material of the equipment from getting damaged and from wear and tear.

Are golf gloves necessary?

No, a person doesn’t need to wear them. However, it is highly recommended that golfers wear them whether they are beginners or professionals. Wearing a glove on the hand provides a secure grip while making a move. Moreover, the hands stay clean while picking up the ball or while touching other items.

Do golf gloves shrink or stretch?

The golf gloves are made from material that stretches to some extent over time. Thus, it is suitable to buy the one that fits your hand rather than choosing a loose one. After washing it, it can change its size but it will retain its size when you dry it properly.

Final Thoughts:-

I have included some effective washing methods that are not time-consuming and produce great results as well. While washing, it is essential to avoid rubbing the gloves aggressively. So make sure to be gentle while discarding dirt and sweat. Moreover, I advise you to keep another glove with you when you travel to the club. Replacing the glove with another on hot summer days is extremely beneficial and does not let a glove absorb excessive dirt.

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