How To Tow A Golf Cart?

How To Tow A Golf Cart?

You can actually tow a golf cart with any vehicle that has a hitch. To be honest you could easily tow golf carts using a tow rope or chain as well. Just make sure whoever is in the golf cart is paying attention and knows when to apply the brakes correctly.

Golf Carts are on the light side when it comes to towing. You can use a ball and hitch with any vehicle to tow a golf cart safely. You can easily fit one or two golf carts on a utility trailer and tow them that way as well. They travel straight and true on the highway from my experiences.

I have a small utility trailer. Since I have a jeep rubicon, my trailer is lifted as well. It looks pretty bad @ss to be honest. I find golf carts are easier to load onto trailers than atvs or snowmobiles hands down.

The only thing you need to work on is the ability to back up a trailer with a golf cart on it. This part took me a minute or two to get the hang of and NO I swear I didn’t hit anything along that journey (-;

What Can You Use To Tow A Golf Cart?

I like to use my tank, wait no I don’t… Yeah I don’t own a tank, forgot that part. I have used my jeep and actually a subaru forester with a hitch and it made it down the freeway no problem. The funny part is, I went and searched this on google and I have to say that there are some very creative and inventive people in our world.

Best Ways To Tow A Golf Cart

There are plenty of ways to get your golf cart to the course. You can tow your golf cart behind any vehicle with a hitch and trailer or tow strap.

1. Truck Bed

2.Truck and Trailer

3. Car and Trailer

4.Van and Trailer

5. RV / Motor Home and Trailer

6. Travel Trailer With Hitch

7. Tow Bar attached to trailer or vehicle

8. Tow Strap attached to trailer or vehicle

9. Magic

Now, #9 might not work for everyone but hey it could be possible

What Is The Easiest Way to Tow A Golf Cart?

By far the easiest way to tow a golf cart is with a decent sized truck and a large enough trailer to where it travels straight when it is going down the freeway. There are some very small trailers that the golf cart barely fit on, those can be somewhat unstable when traveling down the road compared to a larger ( heavier ) trailer that is built for larger payloads.

The easiest way to tow a golf cart is using the vehicle that you feel most comfortable with driving WITH a trailer attached to it. If you are brand new to towing your golf cart, just take it slow at first especially when backing the trailer up.

How To Load A Golf Cart On A Trailer For Towing?

 If you golf cart can move on its own ( not broken down or dead battery bank ) then the easiest way is to drop the loading gate or attach loading ramps to the back of the trailer. Make sure that the ramp itself is stable before trying to drive the golf cart up it and onto the trailer.

When you are loading a golf cart onto a trailer that is attached to a vehicle you need to make sure to set your parking brake.

I have seen too many golf carts going up the trailer ramps and end up watching the vehicle that “wants to “ tow it start to roll forward lol. It isn’t funny but at times it does surprise me how often it happens.

This issue reminds me of people trying to load and unload boats at the boat ramp at the lake. Now those are some great youtube videos to check out for sure.

What Is The Best Way To Secure A Golf Cart Loaded On A Trailer?

Most times I use a couple tow straps on the 4 wheels and tighten the ratchets down until the golf cart can’t move at all ( minus the shocks compressing that is ). There are various types of wheel straps that you could use.

The key is to make sure that you have the golf cart over the axles or wherever you feel is the best position for the golf cart for the best “highway ride” possible. If you haven’t seen videos explaining what happens when you put a “load” on a trailer too far forward or too far back then you really should give it a search.

Just make sure that the straps or chains that you use to tighten your golf cart down are not frayed, worn, torn or damaged in any way. The last thing that you would want to happen when going 90 down the freeway is a strap or two to rip, break or come loose.

Should You Take The Windshield, Body Panels Or Roof Off Your Golf Cart When Towing?

This is a question for your golf cart HAHA. Does it think that it could take 75-90 mph winds flying at it. If it is an older model then I would suggest strapping or tying down the golf carts roof ( especially if it is a removable top ). There also are various body panels or golf cart accessories that I suggest you strap down or put in a tote.

If you have an older model golf cart it is best to tie down your roof and body panels. Newer models of golf carts normally do not need to have their roof, windshield or body panels strapped down unless “modifications” have been done to it.

Newer designed 2022 golf carts are built solid. Now I am not saying that older golf carts weren’t built like takes because most of them were. I am just talking about about a decade ago, the quality of golf carts wasn’t really the best. The fit and finish and quality has definitely gone up quite a bit in the last 10 years.

What Happens If You Flat Tow A Golf Cart In Run Mode?

Most golf carts have a run mode and tow mode button or toggle switch on them. You set it to tow when you are towing and run when you are using it ( driving it around like a mad man woohoo! ). If you are wanting to flat tow your golf cart behind your vehicle you MUST make sure that it is switched to TOW.

The main reason to make sure your golf cart is put in RUN MODE is due to newer golf carts having regenerative braking which allows the golf cart to charge itself as it runs. If you flat tow or push a golf cart with this type of setup it will generate voltage and WILL harm the electronics of the golf cart itself.

There are plenty of older machines and gas golf carts that you do not have to worry about this issue. Like most things I would suggest that you talk to the manufacturer of your golf cart OR refer to your owners manual on best practices when towing your golf cart.

Do You Have To Put The Golf Cart In Tow Mode When Towing?

Yes, you must put your golf cart into tow mode when flat towing it. Flat towing refers to having 1 or more wheels on the ground as it is being towed behind a vehicle. Most towing options are either 2 wheels on the ground or flat towing with all 4 on the floor.

The last thing you want to do is to leave your golf cart in run mode when towing on any of the wheels. I have heard of way too many people literally destroying their golf cart motors, batteries, and a ton of different expensive electronic components in the golf cart.

Towing Golf Cart Stories

If you have any funny or crazy golf cart towing stories feel free to post it as a comment below. We would love to hear some of our readers experiences on the roads when towing their golf carts.

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