How To Take Golf Clubs On A Bike?

How To Take Golf Clubs On A Bike?

Now this is a great way to get that blood flowing and body stretched before golfing. Nothing beats a nice bike ride to your local golf course. One of the only issues is, “how are you going to lug all those clubs with you on your bike?

You can use backpack straps to attach your golf bag to your bike. A rear bike rack can be used to strap down the bag to the rack and carry it. Another option is with a bike trailer or rear bike carrier which will easily hold your golf bag and clubs without causing strain to your back.

I have a super light golf club bag that I believe is just called a lightweight golf club carrier. It is made to hold a couple clubs and a zipper bag to hold balls, tees and other golfing accessories that I want to use for that day.

These super light weight golf club carriers have a single or double strap that you can wear like a backpack, messenger bag or purse depending on the style of the carrier itself. That is what I found cool about this option.


How Should I Carry My Golf Clubs On My Bike?

I have tried a few different options over the years. By far the most difficult option is to try and toss your golf bag strap over your head. If you have ever tried to ride a bike with a full sized golf bag filled with a complete set of golf clubs then WOOHOO did you feel as stupid as I did when I tried LOL.

Talk about a dangerous situation going down the road. With a single strap tossed over your head, your bag will sway back and forth as you peddle and continue to throw you off balance. This is not a safe way to carry golf clubs on a bike BUT you can do it. I would just suggest that you lighten the load and only take your “go to” golf clubs.

The best way to carry your golf clubs on your bike is to use a golf bag carrier or golf bag trailer that is made specifically for carrying golf bags. This is the easiest and safest way to get you, your golf gear and your bike safely to the golf course.

You can also take an older bike trailer normally used to take toddlers and kids in safely. These are built solidly since they are meant to have “babies on board”. You can easily modify one of these kid trailers into a golf bag carrier trailer.


Why Would Someone Ride A Bike To Golf?

In this day and age there are a million reasons to ride a bike to go play golf. Why not get a little workout in BEFORE you go golfing? With gas prices these days, riding a bike is starting to look like a great idea for many of us.

People will ride a bike to golf for many reasons. Some like how peaceful a bike ride is compared to a car ride. Enjoying that fresh air and getting your heart going is a great pre-workout before any activity. Riding a bike is also great for the environment and your bank account.

Now the key is to get a couple golfers together to meet at a location and ride bikes from there. That would actually be a funny thing to see going down the road. A group of guys towing or backpacking their bags and clubs down the road in their golf attire lol. Sounds great to me!


Is Bike Riding Good For Golf?

Of course riding bikes is great for your golf game. Anytime you ride a bike you are working on your legs, flexibility as well as hand eye coordination. Many golfers can be older in age ( me included ) and if there are activities that are low impact on your body like riding bikes then it is a huge positive for golf.

Golfing can wear out a players legs and lower back over the course of a day. Riding a bike can actually help with increasing leg strength, flexibility as well as longevity during an entire game of golf.

I would suggest riding a bike versus walking or jogging hands down. It is low impact on your knees compared to jogging. Riding a bike will also get your heart pumping faster and longer compared to walking. It is less stress on your body but will provide better results compared to walking or jogging.

man riding a bike with golf clubs

Are There Bikes Specifically Made For Golf?

I didn’t know if these existed simply because I haven’t seen one in person yet. Now I did end up googling if there are bikes specifically made for golf and well… There are a couple options out there.

There are bikes made specifically for golfers that you can buy online. These golf bikes have a purpose built golf bag carrier and some models can fold up to be capable of being placed in a vehicle after use.

I saw one online called literally “ the golf bike” and while it looks gimmicky to me, I haven’t tested it out myself SO I can’t tell you whether I like it or not just yet. I do not see me tossing down a grand on a bike personally BUT I would like to test drive one and make a decision from there.

For me to pretend like I won’t spend a grand on golf…. I should look at all my golf club sets and oh yeah that new golf cart I just bought…


How Do You Carry Golf Clubs On An Ebike?

Most ebikes have trailers and rack options to carry items. E-bikes have been used in cities for a few years now to lug stuff to work, door dash food etc. There are also many hunters who use ebikes when hunting because it allows them the ability to ride quiet and be able to trailer out their buck, deer etc.

Ebikes are heavy duty compared to a regular bicycle. Most have oversized tires which offer more stability and are battery powered which will allow you to carry your golf clubs without any effort on your part. You can strap them to the back of the ebike or use one of many trailers purpose built for ebikes to carry golf clubs.

You can also get an electric conversion kit for a bike you currently own as well. I  have seen a few on eBay and amazon that will convert any bike to a 36v or 48v electric bike. No more peddling up hills unless you want the work out (-;


How To Make A DIY Golf Bag Bike Rack or Trailer?

All you are wanting to do is create a stable platform or strap to safely carry your golf gear on your bike. If you try the backpack strap idea you could end up losing a club, hurting your neck/back or even worse wrecking on your bike and harming yourself.

You can make a rack or trailer for your golf bag by find someone who has an old “kid bike trailer” that is normally used to carry one or two toddlers in. You can easily modify the trailer to hold one or two sets of golf clubs. There are also mountain bike racks on the back of bikes that are wide enough to strap your bag down to it.

Just make sure that your clubs are not loose or you might lose one or more on the ride. There are golf club trailers purpose built for bikes that are worth looking into as well.


What Is The Best Golf Bag Bike Trailer?

Now these are going to end up going mainstream especially if gas prices keep going the way they are. We might see people towing golf bags with bikes all over the place soon.

The Travoy Bike Cargo Carrier or the ZiZZo Compact Folding Cargo Trailer are two purpose built options to trailer your golf clubs to go play golf.

If you have tested any golf club trailers or carriers that you feel work better than the above two, please let us know so we can look into reviewing that brand/model as well.

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